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First of all, there is no marking that says there is a hike. You have to follow the map on the app and keep driving to the arrow marker. You will see a gate that says “no vehicle beyond this point “ and an open field. Once you cross the field, you have to cross a creek which leads to another open field and another creek. After another two fields, you will enter the jungle and can see a trail. It’s not marked except for few ribbons tied to the branches. After around 1 mile of hike, the trail will become less narrow and you have to pass through dense bushes. The final 0.2 miles of the hike is tricky and u have to crawl and jump the rocks. The waterfall at the end of the trail is really fantastic and rewarding.

Cons- don’t take children with you as it can be a little tricky for them. Wear long pants and boots as u have to walk through grasses and trees and god knows what u can find there. Also there is a big safety concern. You have to park in the middle of nowhere and when I did it, I couldn’t find a single soul on the entire hike. So be mindful when taking your family to this hike.