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start your hike at Chimney top gap for a decent uphill hike to get to the summit overlook. Most sites have the trailhead starting at the summit.

This trail unfortunately takes you to the top of the falls. We had to them go to the other falls trail which is only a quarter mile walk to see the falls from the bottom. They are incredible but would’ve preferred to know that this trail didn’t go with the falls pictures posted.

21 days ago

This is actually the foothills trail that goes to Table Rock via Hickory Nut. About a mile in there is a choice point between palmetto trail and foot hills trail. There is a map and information at that choice point. Foothills trail remains a trail the few miles I've walked on this section. Palmetto trail turns into a logging road, which can get a bit boring.

Went there last week. Awesome and difficult hike. Headed back in June. I didn't bring my camera as it was supposed to rain. Did it in 3 days.

We hiked the 2.5 trail to the top of the falls. About 250 yards in, there is a big blowdown that obscures a wooden gate that keeps you on the blue blazed trail. Be careful, because for some reason there are a couple blue blazes headed up the hill in the wrong direction. Definitely turn right and go through the wooden gate where you will see the trail markers headed down the hill. I would rate the hike as moderate and the scenery from the top of the falls makes it worthwhile.

the 2.5 mile trail is not well marked, there are downed trees at key turns that make the trail hard to follow. the blue markers are very worn but the path is easy to follow most of the way. great hike with even better views at the end.

Great hike for the day! Wasn’t expecting such a beautiful waterfall!!

Short and easy hike. Nice waterfall at the top, but not worth a long drive for such a short trail. Unfortunately, lots of graffiti... appears to be a local spot for various forms of social recreation.

Easy hike! Beautiful scenery for a picnic or family pictures!

The trail was very short and easy.

Great trail. One of the best I’ve done yet!! Trail had a lot of great views, waterfalls, and much more. If you do this make sure you take plenty of protein to help your muscles recovery from all the climbing you will do. This only took us about a day and half. We ventured a little off course to get the overview of table rock as well.

Great hike. Beautiful waterfall.

A very pleasant hike
The waterfalls were lovely.
A few fallen trees but still pleasant. Good for ages 4 and up

4 months ago

Great trail. It should be noted that there are no campsites in Table rock state park and it is against park rules to camp along the trail, so plan on doing the whole loop without stopping? We went in January and completed this in three days and two nights. We saw about twelve day hikers and I have been told that TBRSP is very crowded during the peak season. There is evidence of a previous forest fire throughout this whole trail. There are lots of rock caves. Water is not an issue except along the ridge trail.

Easy trail to top of the falls for a beautiful view!

Moderate Difficulty with lots of downed trees. Nice view of the falls!

Tough hike but fun and challenging. Not much to see along the way but great to see the view at the top of Sassafras Mtn. Did this hike in mid September.

Put “waterfall road Sumter, SC” into your GPS and it will take you right to the parking area for the easy hike.

Nice easy hike to two beautiful waterfalls.

Hard to find. When you think you've entered someone's back yard and pass a do not enter sign you know you're heading toward the trailhead. Beautiful in the spring when the water is rushing and the best when you hike (carefully) over to the waterfall and stand under it.

P.S. to the left of the main waterfall is a cool place to hike up and see the waterfalls at a difference vantage point. Also a cool/creepy cave up there.

I didn't see where the trailhead was. My GPS lead me to an area where 3 cars were pulled to the side of the road. I seen a metal gate,that was it.

There's actually 2 separate trails here. One trail is moderate and can take you up to an hour to get to the top of the falls. It's a moderate hike, there are parts that are steep. Once at the top you don't get a good look at the falls. If you are wanting cardio then this trail is for you. If you are just wanting to see the falls, Go past the spot that the directions take you to. Drive down from there and take a right on Eastatoe rd. You will see a dead end sign, keep going.You will then follow that road maybe .8 miles and there will be a rd called water fall rd. Follow that road out, it's a gravel road. Once you pass the narrow part in the road follow the road around to the left and you will dead end into the parking area. The falls are only 1/4 mile up. Easy hike. Beautiful Falls! Happy hiking!

Fun and easy hike to a great waterfall. Definitely worth checking out

There are two ways to get to the falls. You can either drive to the parking lot and walk about a quarter mile to the base of the falls, or you can do a moderately difficult trail that brings you around the mountains to the top of the falls. My girlfriend and I did the trail through the mountains to the top of the falls and it was very enjoyable. It probably a little over a mile one way with some pretty decent changes in elevation along the entire route, with a long descent at the beginning and then back up the second mountain. Once you arrive at the top of the falls, you should enjoy the streams that lead to the falls and look down to the base. It is a straight drop off the falls but you can get close to the edge on the rocks. There is a very steep path that you can take to the base, but it's not too bad we managed to get down it with our dog as well.

Brought my pup on a Monday evening and we had it all to ourselves! I wad comfortable keeping him off leash since we were far from any roads or houses. I originally went to check it out in hopes that we could camp somewhere, but there's a sign saying its not allowed near the parking area.

The hike to the base of the falls was quick and really easy. It lead to a little shelter.

If you want to get wild, there's a side trail to the left of the waterfall that brings you to the top. there's old railway beams scattered around the river, fun to balance on.

Awesome Trail

The hike there was really easy. The hike back has a little more uphill. It took me, my girlfriend, and my dog about 20-25 minutes to get back. I didn't time the way there. It was really nice and private feeling at the top. At the beginning of the trail on the right hand side before the trail forks there is a sign with directions to drive to the bottom of the falls. Definitely do that. It was so beautiful. Many more people though. Easy hike with great view.

Short, easy trail to the viewing platform. Beautiful waterfalls. It's possible to climb down to the water but the rocks are slippery.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lovely well maintained trail with wildflowers and waterfall. Not too strenuous and perfect for a short hike to the top of the falls. Trillium and dogwood in bloom mid-April.

I parked at Table Rock state park, hiked up the Pennacle trail 4 miles, then hopped on the foothills trail over to Sassafras Mountain. Ate a peanut butter sammich then back tracked the foothills trail to Pennacle trail, left up Pennacle then did the Ridge Trail over to the Table Rock Summit. Then back down Table Rock Trail to the parking lot. Roughly 23 miles in 9 hours. Besides my knees bothering me comming down Table Rock it was a great day.

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