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This set of falls is stunning! The hike is extremely short as well as incredibly easy. The hike takes less than ten minutes, starting from the parking area and there are a multitude of places to swim along the way if you wish. Once at the falls, there is an observation deck built to view the falls or you can hop off the side and walk directly to the water. Additionally, there is an extremely strenuous climb to the top of the falls which you can do if you wish to see the falls from above. Lots of cute critters and foliage to view at the falls and there is also some cool bits of history placed alongside the trail itself. I cannot wait to do this one again

Very poorly maintained. Trees down almost everywhere. . .so much so that I was forced to turn around.

11 days ago

These Falls are amazing and worth the trip!

Trails were not too bad. As the other reviews state, there are lots of trees to cross. The trail head is NOT marked at all, so bring your GPS or print off the directions. If you're going just for the falls, take the Lower falls trail (different site) for a better view. Be aware that there is no phone service. I would rate this trail as moderate due to the down trees.

1 month ago

Mostly an easy hike up a muddy trail alongside a creek. It was a pretty forest setting and the falls themselves are viewed from an observation area built a hundred feet or so from the waterfalls. When the water is lower you can approach the falls on the rocks right below them. But a pretty view all around.

Good hike. Nice place near the river to relax and enjoy the quiet. Small part of the trail where you can hear the traffic from the road but not that much traffic so it was fine. Wouldn’t be good trail for small children due to hills but good for older kids that can do uphill.

Good loop an well marked. Just didn't like the road noise. Places where a dog could get some water.

Great trail if it were maintained. As of 6/10/18, there are A LOT of fallen trees across the trail that make this go from an Easy / Moderate trail to Difficult. Our 76 year old very experienced hiker Grandma made it through but it was difficult. As others said, you end at the top of the falls so not a huge view but pretty falls and nice rapids above the falls.

Had a great time on this trail! Not well marked. look for the gates and reference the map on this app. We navigated a bunch of downed trees and went through a fair share of spider webs, but the waterfall payoff was well worth it!!

We did the lower trails and it’s a very short very pretty, easy hike. The falls are beautiful and there are places for some nice swimming too that seem safe!

very nice trail, however if you want a better view of the falls you need to take the lower falls trail. This trail takes you along the top of the falls with limited view of the falls themselves. lots of pretty views and easy trail grades. near the end the trail picks up a old railroad bed with railroad rail in numerous places. The trail does need maintenance with a fair amount of trees down but nothing that you can't navigate.

A fun hike! This was a prelude to my hiking the Foothills Trail four times.

The trail starts with a little grass area and red gate. It lead you to the top of the falls which is beautiful, closer to the edge you can see both the falls. We got a little lost finding the wooden gate it’s easy to walk right past if you aren’t looking. Good for cardio. There was a lot of down trees throughout the trail but overall a good hike!
Update: when You get to the top of the falls close to the edge to the right is a trail that leads straight down to the bottom of the falls

this is an easy hike. we are talking 500 yards from parking lot to the falks. the drive down into the valley is the toughest. che c k out the tree growing out of the rock!! my 4 boys loved it!

First real hike in SC. We're from Colorado so we have plenty of trail time. Nice li'l hike. The gate to the summit was closed so we respected it, but I wish we hadn't. We'll go back just to say we did it. Our first 3er! The trail was more steep than I expected. It broke my niece's will to walk. Not as challenging as the high country in the Rockies but the humidity did add a layer of difficulty. I look forward to many more of these day hikes.

3 months ago

Some road noise at first but well marked and maintained. Some not so easy uphill and downhill parts if you are trying it with 4 children under the age of 4! Nice little waterfalls.

Moderate trail with a few steep spots/stairs but nothing too strenuous. Nice lookouts across the gorge on the way. Saw a few pretty big bear tracks along the trail. The spur trail to The Narrows is a must-do. Awesome view from the lookout.

Enjoyed this trail for a quick little jaunt through the woods! Definitely suggest taking the narrows trail to checkout the ready beautiful waterfall at the end.

Great hike with the pups! Nice wide trail that was well marked. Once we got the stairs, the trail got much narrower, but still manageable. Pretty views.

Very unremarkable. Between humans and dogs, picked up at least 30+ ticks. Long moderate trail, very muggy with limited views until the very end. Falls were a nice end-reward.

4 months ago

Excellent trail for all ages! Very easy walking that ends at a beautiful gorgeous waterfall !

start your hike at Chimney top gap for a decent uphill hike to get to the summit overlook. Most sites have the trailhead starting at the summit.

This trail unfortunately takes you to the top of the falls. We had to them go to the other falls trail which is only a quarter mile walk to see the falls from the bottom. They are incredible but would’ve preferred to know that this trail didn’t go with the falls pictures posted.

This is actually the foothills trail that goes to Table Rock via Hickory Nut. About a mile in there is a choice point between palmetto trail and foot hills trail. There is a map and information at that choice point. Foothills trail remains a trail the few miles I've walked on this section. Palmetto trail turns into a logging road, which can get a bit boring.

Went there last week. Awesome and difficult hike. Headed back in June. I didn't bring my camera as it was supposed to rain. Did it in 3 days.

We hiked the 2.5 trail to the top of the falls. About 250 yards in, there is a big blowdown that obscures a wooden gate that keeps you on the blue blazed trail. Be careful, because for some reason there are a couple blue blazes headed up the hill in the wrong direction. Definitely turn right and go through the wooden gate where you will see the trail markers headed down the hill. I would rate the hike as moderate and the scenery from the top of the falls makes it worthwhile.

the 2.5 mile trail is not well marked, there are downed trees at key turns that make the trail hard to follow. the blue markers are very worn but the path is easy to follow most of the way. great hike with even better views at the end.

Great hike for the day! Wasn’t expecting such a beautiful waterfall!!

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