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Great hike with the pups! Nice wide trail that was well marked. Once we got the stairs, the trail got much narrower, but still manageable. Pretty views.

start your hike at Chimney top gap for a decent uphill hike to get to the summit overlook. Most sites have the trailhead starting at the summit.

1 month ago

This is actually the foothills trail that goes to Table Rock via Hickory Nut. About a mile in there is a choice point between palmetto trail and foot hills trail. There is a map and information at that choice point. Foothills trail remains a trail the few miles I've walked on this section. Palmetto trail turns into a logging road, which can get a bit boring.

Went there last week. Awesome and difficult hike. Headed back in June. I didn't bring my camera as it was supposed to rain. Did it in 3 days.

Great trail. One of the best I’ve done yet!! Trail had a lot of great views, waterfalls, and much more. If you do this make sure you take plenty of protein to help your muscles recovery from all the climbing you will do. This only took us about a day and half. We ventured a little off course to get the overview of table rock as well.

Great hike. Beautiful waterfall.

5 months ago

Great trail. It should be noted that there are no campsites in Table rock state park and it is against park rules to camp along the trail, so plan on doing the whole loop without stopping? We went in January and completed this in three days and two nights. We saw about twelve day hikers and I have been told that TBRSP is very crowded during the peak season. There is evidence of a previous forest fire throughout this whole trail. There are lots of rock caves. Water is not an issue except along the ridge trail.

Tough hike but fun and challenging. Not much to see along the way but great to see the view at the top of Sassafras Mtn. Did this hike in mid September.

Awesome Trail

I parked at Table Rock state park, hiked up the Pennacle trail 4 miles, then hopped on the foothills trail over to Sassafras Mountain. Ate a peanut butter sammich then back tracked the foothills trail to Pennacle trail, left up Pennacle then did the Ridge Trail over to the Table Rock Summit. Then back down Table Rock Trail to the parking lot. Roughly 23 miles in 9 hours. Besides my knees bothering me comming down Table Rock it was a great day.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Nice hike, took me an hour each way. my trail didn't match the AllTrails route. I started up the road from the foothills trail parking lot, at the metal gates. The trail is marked with yellow blazes. The hardest part is coming back up from the overlook, but even that wasn't terrible. The hike along the ridge had a nice view of the mountains since the trees are still bare. Only saw a handful of people, even on a Sunday. The Narrows itself is pretty. Too bad you can't get closer to it.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lovely, not too challenging hike. Very nice 'narrows' waterfall at the end.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

this hike was pretty easy to the narrows. coming back, I broke a bit of a sweat. we started the trail around 4:30 pm and ended up having the whole area to ourselves, although we walked back in the dark. the end viewpoint is definitely worth it.

Beautiful view. A little challenging getting up to the trail parking area, but then again I drive a Jetta :D
Overall, beautiful view, fresh air, and great trails! Definitely need some stamina to get up some of the inclines, but so worth it!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

trail was marked well and had some nice spots down at the gorge such as The Narrows. steep toward the end but good hike.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Beautiful as always. As of today (5/15/16) camping is still prohibited. :(

Great day hike. This one is more about stamina than scenery although there's several great lookout points from rocks. Save yourself the steps and avoid the spur to the top of Pinnacle. Much better views other places and you'll likely need that energy and time. Lots of water and creeks to enjoy just watch for the slithering critters enjoying them too.

We actually hiked up to the summit from one of the foothills trail heads located at a bridge on route 178. We parked at the foothills trail parking lot on horse pasture rd. From the bottom at the river it is about 2.5 miles to chinneytop gap, there you will cross the main road to the peak and continue about 2.2 miles until you cross the main road to the top once more. From there we actually just followed the road to the top but we did see a sign that said the trail would be 3 more miles to the peak. I would say the road route was just under a mile to the peak. Excellent views from the top but the peak itself could use a little cleanup. Took us a while to actually find the the sign with the elevation. It is located near the high pointers bench near the middle of the peak on a small rock on the ground.

Well marked, plenty of water. Great winter views. Nice camping spots along the way. If you take trail to Pinnacle and on over to top of Table Rock, expect tough up and downs!

I did the hike with my brothers and nephew Feb 14, 2016. Started out at 26 degrees but sunny. The trail is great in that there aren't too many rocks. Water sources are well marked if they are needed. Our decision came at the Table Rock summit trail as to go or not. We chose to and paid for that up and down plus the 2 miles down to TR Nature Center. The many stone steps down took their toll but we survived. I would recommend this hike for the views but be ready for some serious declines.

Very difficult backpacking uphill. Made camp at the old house area, but it was certainly a difficult hike in one day. The view from the top was awesome at sunset!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Easy hike to a lovely creekside campsite.

Easy walk to top, the views would be fantastic on a clear day.One can make this as long a hike astounding like because it is on the Foothills Trail.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This is where I decided to take my wife on her first overnight hike. It was the perfect trail for a good experience with primitive camping.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hiked on Saturday (5/24). The trail is relatively easy. However coming up from the gorge can be a bit of a workout. Camping is now prohibited near the creek due to the risk of dead trees falling. There are lots of places to sit and enjoy a lunch.

The foothills trail that leads to Caesar's Head has had the brush cleared off so it is much easier hiking now. The first two miles are very strenuous and then it flattens out to a moderate hike and eventually becomes a logging road. It's not that scenic, but it's a good work out.

Sassafras mountain has part of foothills trail on it that leads to Cesar's Head. I walked about 2 miles on that trail. It very steep at first, then very brushy, then becomes a nice strolling path.

Unfortunately, I got lost for about 3 hours after sundown on the trail. As I returned to the brushy area, I got lost and could no longer find the markings on the trees. I walked over a couple hills, thinking I was going in the right direction, but no I wasn't. Then I decided to walk toward a signal tower. I went over a couple more rugged hills and still was no closer to the signal light because I would lose sight of it in the valley and I had to walk in places that were easy to pass through. Eventually, I spotted some man made steps and discovered the trail again.

I was really worried I was not going to make it out alive. There is hardly anyone up there and there is no cell phone service. There are no rangers and there is not a station to leave a note about being on a trail. It got down to 27 degrees that night. My leg got all scabbed up walking into branches. I've had the experience of being swallow up by the ocean before and this time I felt like I was being swallowed up by the mountains, which all look the same at night. I may take a machete to clear away the brush on that trail next time. It was not for that, I would have made it back on time. I'm leaning that mountain hiking can be dangerous. You have to estimate how long it will take to get back before sunset correctly on an unfamiliar trail.

Monday, April 23, 2012

We hiked this trail today. Weather was partly cloudy with occasional rain showers. This trail was really quite easy in my opinion and I rarely hike. The falls at the narrows was worth the hike. We didn't see a single person on the trail. Would suggest it for a family hike!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Have done this trail a few times always for the purpose of camping. Will be going back. It offers so much for so many, day hikes along the sluice, fishing, or just plain relaxing.

2 days ago

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