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Slater-Marietta, South Carolina Map

Hiked clockwise, and added rainbow falls for a total of 11.6 miles. You'll need WATERPROOF boots, not just water RESISTANT. Multiple waterfall and stream crossings, you WILL step in water or mud, or both.

That being said, there are waterfalls EVERYWHERE. On this trail. very strenuously and physically taxing. Rim part of the trail is very narrow, lots of dodging plants, ducking under things, climbing on rocks and ladders, and crossing waterfalls and rivers/streams. Not a hike with tons of views, mostly just large rock formations, water features.

Up and personal encounters with waterfalls was well worth the demanding hike.

NOTE! If it has rained recently, you'll REALLY need waterproof shoes AND hiking stick(s). I slipped in some mud and cut up my arm, sliding down hill a little bit. Watch your footing and always test your footing when stepping on deep mud or loose leaves.

This is a very peaceful trail, and definitely gives you a workout! It’s definitely not “moderate” though, because much of the trail is straight up, and involves climbing over tree roots, rocks, and areas of erosion. The top is worth it though to see the waterfalls!

over grown
27 days ago

Took us 4 hours total. It was bit overgrown but easy to follow the trail blazes. Big scary overlook gave me the heebyjeebiez. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes if its been raining recently, a lot of the trail was on trickling water.

Hiked this counter clockwise with the trail to rainbow falls. Couple places where you could get off trail. Very technical coming back. Several roots, rocks and latters that made for slow miles. Very adventurous.

Solid hike. Wear good boots with good ankle support in the fall and when it’s damp, because there are numerous roots, holes, and rocks hidden under the leaves. Some parts of the trail can be technical, I wouldn’t advise bringing a dog.

Our gps said 10.4 . Technically very difficult. Would not go again after any recent rain. The approx 8 waterfall crossings where very dangerous with the steep drop offs and rushing deep water, made my us nervous. Beautiful hike that is fairly well demarcated and we saw no one else on the trail.

This is a great place to hike with friends or family.
Surrounded by several waterfalls and many different hiking paths. So much to offer!

Great walking trail. Nothing too challenging even for a beginner like myself. Beautiful day for a walk. Did the JFA trail and will def go back and do again. Well kept for biking

This is a very difficult trail- lots of water crossing and elevation change. You definitely need a day’s worth of food and water. I’m very grateful we had poles and good boots. If you are well prepared and in somewhat decent shape, this is a phenomenal trail. I would definitely do it again.

Good workout, did it in clockwise direction.
Did not try Ishi trail version as that trail was closed about 10 years ago.
From River Walk Trail turn left in to Rim of the Gap Trail #6 yellow until start of Pinnacle Pass Trail # 20 white
This is where a strenuous 2 miles section lays ahead
Nice overlook along this way
Stayed on # 20 until John Sloan Trail #21 leads back to Rim of the Gap Trail ( Turning earlier on # 22 connector would shorten the loop by an easy going 1.5 miles )
Return on Rim of the Gap Trail is the easy part of this Loop

6 months ago

This nature walk has been a tradition in my family for years. I always loved going every year as a child and now bringing my children. Bring a good picnic and make a day.

This hike was more like walking up a drainage ditch. it was wet, muddy, and slick. The fact that it did not look like a trail wouldn't have been an issue if the trail was clearly marked, but it was not. very easy to get lost.There are ladders and slick flat rocks to walk over. I won't be doing this hike again.

Fun hike. The "rim of the gap" portion is difficult, the rest is fairly moderate. Someone needs to do some chopping on the ROTG portion though. It's more of a suggestion than a trail.

this trail is amazing definitely not for beginners I started on the Jones gap trail and then took number 6 (rim of the gap) to 15 to 7 to 3 back to 5 the whole thing took me 7 hours but I stopped to eat a couple times. I was way beyond impressed with the difficulty and absolute beauty of the rim of the gap! I only lost the trail one time and had to back track but the were a few times that I wondered if I was still going the right way which I think was the best part of this whole adventure! the trail is marked well it's just not a typical wide well beaten path like more moderate trails are. there were lots of water crossings which was fun but in the winter water proof boots would probably be a good idea! I can't put into words what a fantastic home this was!

had a great day on the this trail! definitely recommend bringing boots lot of water Crossings. I did the trail backwards see the blue then purple to the Rim trail yellow. I got lost on the trail a few times dude to following my dog and not watching the trail Blazers but easily turn around and found my way back. this Trail is very technical and not great for beginners but it is a fun difficult hike. I took a ton of pictures so look forward to seeing my dog and the trail. have a great hike, this was Justin

8 months ago

Very technical trail. Loved it. not for beginners

A beautiful but challenging hike. We took RoG to Frank Coggins to Coldspring to Jones Gap loop. The RoG section is definitely not for beginners. Be prepared for some scrambling and lots of water crossing-not so deep, but lots of it. We went after heavy rains so that may have added to the volumn of water on the trails. A couple of precarious crossings that I could see a really bad end to if you took a spill! Keep a close eye on the blazes. We missed one at about the five mile mark and had to back track. The planned route showed only being about 8.5 miles, but when we finished, my app said 10.8! The park rangers swore their maps are accurate and Alltrails was not, but I don't understand how GPS (as well as my screaming leg muscles) could be wrong!

Wonderful. Very strenuous from Jones Gap but a wonderful adventure. Dogs-not recommended unless they're well trained or cartable. Wear shoes/boots with good soles and always make sure you can see a yellow marker every 20 ft or so because it is easy to lose your way if not careful. Overall-an amazing hike. We took Jones Gap up, Coldspring Branch to Coldspring Connector, Frank Coggins to Rim of the Gap and back down. 13 Miles total and an awesome day:)

10 months ago

It's tough. ... ps. Don't fall over the chain. it's a long long way down.

Very good trail but man is it tough. We did the trail clockwise with pinnacle pass up and the rim of the gap trail down. when you reach the first peak on pinnacle pass trail, you think your at the top and have made it, haha not so much, you have about 6 more peaks to go up but none are as long as the first peak. the descent down going clockwise was not to bad at all but can see how it would be difficult going counter clockwise and coming down pinnacle pass. If you hike this trail, just know it is long and when you think you have quit climbing, you have not. just count about 6 climbs after the first and after that, you should be good.

I do not recommend yellow trail... I got lost over than 4h, trail is not well marked. Bad experience

Sunday, January 28, 2018

What a fun hike!

Warm up on Jones Gap with a steady ascend for about 2 miles, hop back and forth across the creek and then head up the mountain on Coldspring Branch (breaking a bit of sweat here!) only to end up on your backside in certain places making your way back down on Bill Kimball! After that it's all downhill back to the parking lot!
We met about 10-12 people, the majority of them on Jones Gap, 3 on Coldspring Branch, and none on Bill Kimball.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The trail shown is the LST trail, which is roughly a half mile. There are some neat little landmarks. Kids like to wade/swim here as it's not too deep.

The main trail which starts at the first parking lot is just over 5 miles and is bi-directional. Hikers walk one way and bicyclists go the opposite way. The direction is switched monthly. The big arrow in the parking lot show the current direction for that month.

If you're hiking and get tired, there are several opportunities to get off the trail and cut back to the parking lot. Just study/take pics of the map and you'll do fine.

gorgeous but ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR DOGS with multiple ladders including a 10ft straight vertical... quite a bit of rock scrambling and crossing over multiple slick ‘waterfalls’... especially difficult with wet leaves in fall... take your trekking poles, a small daypack & a trail buddy and you’ll totally enjoy the challenge!

gorgeous but ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR DOGS with multiple ladders including a 10ft straight vertical... quite a bit of rock scrambling and crossing over multiple slick ‘waterfalls’... especially difficult with wet leaves in fall... take your trekking poles, a small daypack & a trail buddy and you’ll totally enjoy the challenge!

Monday, November 13, 2017

This hike is as hard as it shows, many straight up the side of a mountain spots. I wouldn't suggest bringing dogs or small children as it is very strenuous at points. The trail has one good lookout point but overall you are in a tree line most of the time. If you want a challenge this will definitely get the blood flowing.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

very nice moderate trail. good for when you don't have all day to hike.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

One of my favorite trails. I've done it many times. It's hard but very adventurous. It's usually closed but.... nothing dangerous. I take my dogs..just be prepared to carry them down a latter.

Monday, September 04, 2017

The first part on the Blue markers was great...
The yellow marker trail was a poorly designed trail, and easy to lose your way. The trail was not well taken care of with lots of thorns, brush, and low hanging branches as well as drainage issues throughout its travel. It was also lacking in lookouts when you reach the strenuous hike to the top of the ridge. I would advise to avoid yellow trail in JGSP.
Notes: Actual miles was close to 11 miles. 7 hours hike with children.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Nice trail that up top runs adjacent to some high cliffs. Many of these have light streams which in or after rain would be amazing waterfalls. Fun to climb on and explore. There really is only one good overlook or view but still a good trip. The section along the Middle Saluda River is also nice. Definitely recommend bringing a map.

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