Looking for a great trail near River Falls, South Carolina? AllTrails has 5 great hiking trails, forest trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Table Rock State Park or Gorges State Park, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Golf View Park. Ready for some activity? There are 3 moderate trails in River Falls ranging from 6.2 to 12 miles and from 1,204 to 3,129 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!


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River Falls, South Carolina Map

I wanted a good hike with my dog to start the New Year off right but got a late start so by the time I got to the trailhead I only had an hour before the park closed. I pushed it and got a bit beyond the waterfall before having to turn back. Beautiful and challenging uphill. Forgot my hiking sticks. Those would help on the downhill for sure. Can’t wait to do it again.

1 month ago

I pretty easy 11 mile trail with great views and several rapids and falls to check out along the way. The vertical doesn't seem that much when actually walking the trail as teh incline is gradual in plenty of spots. There are a few areas of greater vertical, but its not too bad.

Video Review of Trail: https://youtu.be/PIYL1m2LrBY

one of the best hikes ive been on in a while.

Wow, this place is amazing. I hadn't hiked in months so this trail was a bit painful for me but also I got there at 3:30 and the trail closed at 5 bc of sunset. So I had to rush up the trail in 30 minutes. But man was it worth it. The waterfall is stunning for sure but the whole trail is beautiful up and down through valleys with creeks and little openings to see the mountain ranges. There are a few spots were at steep inclines the trains is a little eroded but nothing to hard to pass. At top the falls are breathtaking. Rocks super algi covered so watch your step. Got there right as the sun was passing over the trees before sun set. The color was incredible. Even being a 4 mile round trip it wasn't bad at all. Can be made as a family or Individual. Also the drive up to there is full of beauty. Go!

Love this trail. Beautiful waterfall and challenging hike.

10/15/2018 The hike is medium/hard in my opinion. Definitely worth the hike. The falls are fantastic. We hiked with two adults and 4 kids(7,5,3,2). 2 year old was in a kelty kid carrier. For us it was a 2 hour hike to the falls and the trip back was 1 hr 15 minutes back. We took a few breaks. A lot of uphill on the way that flattens out just for a short break then uphill with a little downhill.

Gorgeous waterfall at the end but a long and a bit strenuous of a hike. Round trip 3 miles. Well traveled and wide path.

Great trail, nice and wide. Follows the creek which gives you a nice ambience while hiking, but the spiderwebs were insane this time of year. I must’ve hit 50, but that was the only down side.

Tried to run this trail. took two friends. broke both my legs an hour into it. Frank lost his mind after 9 hours. We ran out of food by the third day. Joey ate a mushroom and died. I lost vision in my left eye on day 7. Frank chased a squirrell of the edge of a cliff and died. i only survived because i tripped and fell and rolled down to the bottom and landed in front of park ranger. dont attempt this trail.

Short but strenuous 2 miles uphill hike to the top with an INSANE waterfall. So worth it. Well marked with purple circles on trees. Highly recommend!!

a very tall two tier falls. first section is normal plunge second is Cascade. very steep to get to falls but worth it

We didn’t believe it when we started that it would be strenuous, but it definitely was. It was a great work out that ended with a gorgeous view and one of the tallest waterfalls I’ve seen. This receives a 4/5 for me due to a few factors:
1. Parking- a little odd, and not much of it. We were the only ones on the trail so it wasn’t an issue.
2. There is a lot of shrub/logs that have fallen at the base of the waterfall and not a great area to gather for hanging out. We had brought our hammocks but were unable to find a good spot to hammock.
Over all, I’d do it again for the view and workout!

Amazing hike on a perfect day. Definitely hard. Especially, for our Yorkie, but she did really well. We followed all the purple markers even though they took us away from the sound of the river. Of course, they did lead us to the falls. What a payoff! We didn't check the bottom falls but made the climb to the upper falls and layed out on a dry rock. Gorgeous!

Amazing hike and the waterfall at the end is breathtaking, far exceeding my expectations. Well-marked trail in purple. Several very steep inclines but doable. It took me about 30 min to get in and 25 back. I’m under 30 and exercise daily and I was sweaty and pretty tired when I finished, so great little workout, too

A great short hike. The waterfall at the end is really beautiful. Gets a little hard at some places, otherwise a moderate hike. I will not suggest taking kids because there are few points with pretty steep and slippery climb.

Moderate uphill hike with roots and boulders along the way, but the waterfalls are beautiful and well worth the effort!

Hiked up on 8/4 with the whole crew of kids- 9, 8, 6, and 4- its a little steep at some parts but definitely doable for kids- great falls at the top- if you go up the right side of the falls there’s a better spot 1/2 way up to rest and have lunch/snack

Very rainy solo hike in the AM on 8/3, due to the rain the trail was completely empty. This isn't a great trail to do in the rain as the food path basically works as a slippery clay drainage creek. Other than getting very wet, it's an enjoyable short trail with some interesting boulders and nice waterfalls which were at peak capacity due to the current monsoon season. I know the trail is rated hard, but it's actually very easy as it's really short and the climbs are moderate. Up near the falls you do have to scrabble around a bit but it's not technically challenging. I think this would be a great hike for kids 8+ due to the length and interesting elements. I plan to do it again with the family in tow next time.

Loved this trail! It is fairly difficult and a steep incline 80% of the way up, but the waterfall and mountain views were truly worth it. We highly suggest doing this if you’re looking for something with some challenge. We got stuck in a thunderstorm and it was still not too bad.

Really fun trail! Almost all up hill on the way there but it’s worth it to see the gorgeous waterfall.

My 6 yr old had no problem! it was great

This trail is extremely steep going up and coming down. Once you get to the top, it’s fairly level but it’s hard to find the trail. The trail is covered with leaves, making it slippery. Hiking poles are a must for the decent. The waterfall is beautiful.

Definitely a bit challenging with the roots and some steep terrain but 100% worth it for the beautiful waterfall!!

As good as it gets for a medium hike. It is very strenuous and steep, and you must traverse roots and rocks, but there are some easy inclines and declines along the way.
It was brutally hot and bug-infested the day I went. The payoff is worth it. The trail of s decently marked and maintained. Keep to the left, when in doubt, on the way up. Look up from the bottom of the falls by taking a small steep trail.
One of my favorites in SC!

Short but tough hike. The falls are beautiful with an option to hike higher and see more of the falls! I would not recommend taking your toddler like I did :)

This trail is a great uphill workout and if you are looking for that sort challenge this is the trail for you because all your efforts are rewarded with an AMAZING waterfall at the end. It is grand - almost Undisturbed- peaceful. My 10 and 11 year old boys did this with me and we had the waterfall to ourselves for two hours. Well worth the hike. Easy access. Easy parking.

Very strenuous hike but well worth it.

Definitely a strenuous trail, as there are plenty of areas you’ll need to climb up rocks and roots on steep hills. Mostly uphill with a few areas where it evens out. But it’s worth it when you reach the beautiful waterfall. Plenty of rocks to sit and relax, and enjoy the view and cool mist of the falls before you trek back down. Would not recommend for small children (it could be dangerous in a few places). Took us 2 hours (both ways).

Not too good of hiking shape as of yet, this one got me a few times. Up hill most of the way to the waterfall. The payoff was well worth this short whooping. Felt like an ac outdoor room.

One of the best waterfalls in the upstate in my opinion. It’s a little strenuous to get to because you’re at a steep incline and basically climbing but it’s worth it. It took our group a little under an hour to reach the falls and that’s with taking two short breaks. There are two different paths you can take right at the end to get two different views. Only downfall for me was that there was not really a landing to sit down and have lunch or just hangout and also no where for my dog to enjoy the water lol but she still got a good workout in for the day. Will return.

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