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From Oconee State Park the first mile and a half was extremely easy, after that was a little more up and down hill but still fairly easy. Beautiful waterfall at the end! Great place for a rest and picnic. Did this hike in about 2 hours.

Cool trail with a ton of Native American history attached to it. Tons of shells and crabs! The boardwalk is damaged sadly...but great views. MUST BRING BUG SPRAY

This trail had major damage from the two recent tropical storms. Although very muddy and lots of trees down, the trail was interesting. Look forward to going back next year to see how it recovers.

Beautiful, quiet trail! Went in the morning and saw no one. A little slippery since it had rained the night before but loved the challenge. All downhill to the rapids. Definitely worth doing!

Just to be clear in case someone else gets confused LoL.... when you park in the pull off gravel road you came up on, you will see a trail marker not far. on the trail marker you will see "74 yards" written in marker with an arrow pointing to the left. Walk back down the road you drove up on about that distance to find the actually trail beginning. Do not think it's the opening right next to the trail marker.

dont bring small dogs. DEF USE A LEASH

3 days ago

This trail was so beautiful. Plenty of views of the river and rock cliffs. Plenty of places to camp.

Nice place! It’s a community trail. Paved.

7 days ago

I had the most miserable hike that I've ever had on this trail (or half a hike, since I turned around halfway out). I didn't know that there were that many mosquitoes in the entire world! The mosquitoes on this trail are not only numerous, but highly intelligent. They quickly figured out that it isn't possible to spray mosquito repellent around your eyes, so I now have a ring of mosquito bites around my eyes. My upper back is also covered with mosquito bites even though I was wearing a shirt. If you want to hike this trail, do it in January.

Short walk to an absolutely beautiful fall! My Jeep Compass performed perfectly on the dirt drive to the location. Lots of mushrooms and pretty ferns to view along the walk. Overnight camping is permitted in select areas surrounding the waterfall if you wish. I cannot wait to walk this one again in the winter!

This is unquestionably a bike trail, no where near a hike. The majority of the paved path is adjacent or eye shot away from the main roads. This is definitely more enjoyable if biked and stopped along the way at the quaint areas, like Traveler’s Rest for food and drink. Overall this path is more about the distance and less about the scenery.

Very poorly maintained. Trees down almost everywhere. . .so much so that I was forced to turn around.

on Lick Log Creek Falls Trail

nature trips
8 days ago

Great hike in and out with beautiful spots all along the way. For those who are inexperienced with hiking, I would consider this moderate instead of easy for the distance and the trail itself with a good portion of it being uneven terrain with roots coming up from the ground and some parts that are narrow with cliff drops. The hike back out would be the more difficult with an incline all the way back up. Bring plenty of water on hot humid days.

8 days ago

Great trail, but watch for the turns. It is largely unmarked. There is a large stone arrow on the ground at one junction that directs you the correct way. As previously reviewed, the last bit of the trail leading to the Chattooga River is STEEP! The views of the falls and the river make the climb worth it.

Left the trail and beelined it down slope towards the falls. Immediately got attacked by yellow jackets, found a crashed airplane, got right on the lower falls and had a blast. Climbing back up through the dense foliage after the yellow jacket attack wasn’t fun but the day was great with lots of amazing photos.

Nice moderate hike. did 2 miles most of which was along the river with many little spurs down to the water. Passed several great looking swimming spots and many places for kids to wade and play. Stayed at campground which is well kept, Friendly park staff, nice clean bath house and very quiet. 1st weekend in October and only about 8 campsites being used! . I'd definitely come back. * Is a little tricky for very large and or 5th wheel type campers! Call directly to get a site for very large rigs.

This trail or system of trails is so close to my house, that I really wanted to like it. But I would have to say for my first time there today, I was a little disappointed. The concept of the trails is great! It’s a very large area that prior to being turned into trails was just sitting there swampy, unused and unknown. Now it brings a lot of people out. And that’s great. There are a variety of trails: paved trails, boardwalks, and dirt trails. So far so good, but the signage to tell you where to go is confusing. And the Maps saying “you are here“ are strangely disorienting. Go and try it out yourself. I certainly will go back, even with these concerns.

I enjoyed this hike and will do it again. Took about 2 hours taking our time. There are a few benches along the way to stop for a break if needed. Everything was well marked.

Easy hike with total round trip of 1.1 miles. Wide path and heavily traveled. Many mini waterfalls along the way and an easy flowing one at the end.

The scenery on this hike is quite attractive and the hike going to the falls is easy. Moderate on the way back since there is a lot uphill walking. Very good hike it want to have plenty of time left in your day afterwards.

My group and I did The Great Wall Loop, which is about 7.5-8 miles. It is a challenging hike with the up and down hills. Some parts are a little steeper, and you will feel the burn the next day! I recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water. We went when it was muggy outside and about 84 degrees. I went through 2 liters of water and another liter I put my electrolytes in. We took breaks every mile or so - take as many breaks as you need! It’s not a rush!!

I really enjoyed that scenery changes a bit, there is this cool part where it’s like a forest, a part that is kind of jungle like, and another part that is more barren. September is also wild flower month so keep your eyes open and look out of the little flowers along the trail!

Well maintained trail through beautiful trees and flora. Trail is well marked.

we went all the way to the dam and old factory and the back. over 4 miles. But really appreciate the improved trails and boardwalk. Wonderful hike!!

More for long walks and exercise than it is actual hiking or backpacking. Trail is paved the entire way, very well maintained. I love their exercise circuit area, wish they had a pull-up bar. It is long so take a couple bottles of water and a couple snacks and enjoy the day.

14 days ago

The falls are beautiful, the fields of deer food plots you have to go through not so much. They've just been planted, and heavy rain on our way back turned them into rice paddies.
The way is confusing. The entrance to the woods is currently marked with a vertical stick with blue surveyors' tape. If you're hiking with dogs, just follow them.
We did not get stung by stinging nettle this time, but did see some -- watch out.
We were told by an Oconee native that the old rock structures visible along the trail are gold smelting pits.
I hiked in Tevas and got my feet wet four times going in and the whole way back (fields became seas of mud).

on Chau-Ram Falls Trail

14 days ago

Great to go on a weekday.

Great hike. Many down trees on Fork Mountain section

One of my 7 y/o son’s favorite trails to hike. Has a small “wetlands” area where you’ll see many frogs, turtles, and the occasional snake.

The trail is very narrow in places and many areas were flooded. After marker 10 it is not well maintained in some areas. If you stop to look around the bugs take advantage to try to devour you. I had to wade thru a flooded section that was mid thigh deep which was pretty unnerving considering all of the alligator signs that are posted. Maybe I'll go back during a drought.

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