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2 days ago

The directions link took me on a wild goose chase inside of Oconee State Park. We did find a lake but we did not find any specific trail that went around the lake.

Awesome trail.. plan to get your feet wet.. with rain the past 4 days, we could not find the rock due to high and fast water. maybe next time. the trail is awesome, and the scenery is better. You can see and hear the river most of the way.

the waterfall was absolutely breathtaking

There are some well established camp sites right at the beginning of the trail, once I got past those it was complete solitude. Saw 3 people over 24 hours. Trail itself runs along the Chatooga and there are about 6 dispersed camping sites Allen g it’s banks. There aren’t any huge inclines/declines but plenty of fallen trees, washed out trails, etc to keep you on your toes. Would recommend it for those looking to get away from the crowded North Georgia areas.

After hiking the Foothills Trail four times I have seen this one enough. Besides I like Upper Whitewater Falls better..

Great trail with scenic views. Only did 8 miles and back. Found several great spots to fish and swim in the river. Several campsites located along the river. A few trees had fallen along the trail, but they were easy enough to step over or crawl under. A very small portion has been washed out along the river bank but it wasn't dangerous. I highly recommend it for camping. Overall not difficult, would be good for all skill levels.

The trail was in overall great shape. We hiked four miles in hoping to find big bend falls. It’s practically non-existent, we couldn’t find it and the trail boss said it’s really hard to find and not worth seeing. We ended up setting up camp about 4.2 mi in from the Burrell ford parking lot on a GREAT beach spot. Hiked back out the next day and stayed at the campgrounds there which were in good shape. Fishing was decent. Water was great for swimming. All around awesome. Definitely make sure you hit kings creek fall while you’re there it was the highlight to the trip.

The trail is lovely and not too difficult. It was a perfect first backpack trip for my 10 year old. For a mid-week trip, the trail was pretty busy and there was one large group of backpackers that left a lot of trash... There is a small section of the trail along the river that is washed out and would be more than a little challenging in higher water. We also encountered a few snakes and I nearly stepped on a copperhead in the middle of the trail. The highlight? Seeing otters playing in the river while eating breakfast.

Gorgeous river and waterfalls. Great swimming holes at the base of the initial decent. However this trail does not allow camping due to whitewater corridor protection (the reason for the 3 star rating). However we hiked to Thompson river, 2.7 miles past the turnaround. This was a spectacular 4 star hike. Next time we will start at Bad creek parking to get to Thompson river. (A lot of ticks in June!)

If you have trouble finding the start of the trail based on this apps directions like I did than drive past the cherry hill recreation center and about a mile or two up the road is a side road to the left named F708. Turn down that road and drive about 3 miles down the dirt road until you see the sign for a campground. Park in the campgrounds parking lot and walk down past the gate towards the campground and go to the very last campsite along the river. There will be a sign for the Chattooga River trail which is the trail you should follow. There will be an area where the trail splits into three directions, just keep following the green and white blazes along the trail until you see the small side trail that leads to the falls. It's not an official path so it is slightly dangerous to trek down but it will take you out right beside the falls which are breathtaking.

9 months ago

I parked at the cherry hill parking site and this trail starts down and across the road. I had trouble finding it at first. Once on the trail there were many fallen trees. I had my dog with and we had to stop about 2 miles in. We could have kept going but after hiking 3 miles on a previous trail and it being in the afternoon we turned back. There are also a few spots that are quite narrow and would be hard to navigate with small children or a rambunctious dog. I'm hoping they clear up the trees and I can go back in late spring/early summer.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To clear up the confusion about the area near the "end" of the trail:
You'll reach an area with a creek to your right and several signs and diverging trails. In order to continue on to the bend and awesome view of the rapids, don't cross the footbridge on the right, continue forward taking the trail marked with white and green blazing. You'll follow the trail for a bit above the river and eventually start switching back to descend.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

easy but narrow trail... on the way there you follow the blue marks on trees.....till the end where there are signs and pathways that split to other trails. one of the signs you could not read.....so we turned around.....we did the total 6 miles though but we never found the water/big bend falls....

I only got a few miles in, but I had kids. I didn't want to turn them against hiking. I think it's a great hike though and if u get hot take a dip in the ice cold mountain water. I camped here once before and loved it.

Camped 2 nights on the river. Did some fishing. I'll use this trail again.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Great well marked trails nearby, this one was temporarily closed.

Trail was difficult to follow but worth every minute!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Somewhat narrow but well-blazed trail. Trail maintenance was not a serious issue. Fairly easy with no real steep areas. Very secluded: I did not meet another person on my hike. Big Bend Falls is easier to hear than it is to see.

This is a great day-hike trail. It has a bit of an anticlimactic finish, but the views along the flower lined river are great the whole trail. Be prepared, though. The trail gets a bit narrow after the bridge. It also has quite a few downed trees and some slippery spots after some rain.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

My favorite section of this trail by far. Stays w/ the river all the way w/ some great swimming holes. Not a lot of trash or people to run into and not very strenuous. Check out spoon auger falls at burrell's ford on the way back to finish the trip.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Enjoyable hike, for camping and fishing. high traffic through burrells Ford area but get more than a mile out the traffic thins and you can enjoy the trail more. backpacked for about 3-4 hours, stopping to fish along the way.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hit the trail again today. One I got to the intersection with the fishing trail, I headed downhill then came up the foothills Trail. Very good walk and didn't see a soul.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Wonderful Trail with beautiful views of the whitewater river. Hiked this the first week on November and the weather was wonderful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Very nice trail. Some maintenance has been completed in the trail in the last couple of months.

Great camping and hiking!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trail is not well marked. We didn't find the falls but we did find a super cool campsite on the other side of the river. There was a copperhead snake sunning near the site.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cute little trail, the river was amazing though it was a bit low at the time.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nice trail, could use a little maintenance though considering many fallen trees were blocking the path. The water was wonderful, so clear and cool! We had a great time, even though we couldn't find the falls.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

We took 38 men from church for retreat. 4/21/16-4/24/16. Team 1 started at Upper Whitewater Falls and team 2 started near jumping branch. Plan was to meet at Burells Ford Friday night. Hiking from the falls down the trail to Burells is mostly flat or down. Hiking the opposite way from Burells to Ww falls is UP hill and very tough. Beautiful scenery (my second time on trail) but noticed many trees down from storms. Don't be afraid of broken trail marking on map as I found them to be more challenging and exciting. Bathroom is now repaired at Burells.

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