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Longcreek, South Carolina Map

Great hike for the entire family. Note the trail head is 75 feet from sign where you park your car; trailhead is marked by large boulders on both sides of trail start. When you reach the river you have to take a hard left in order to reach the waterfall. It is another .3 passing two streams.

One of my favorite waterfalls! The river was beautiful and the falls were roaring. I feel like the trail is varied and fairly easy for the first bit. On the way back up, it is quite steep for a ways. Very secluded and peaceful in late spring. For beginners who like a challenge!

1 month ago

Nice, well marked trail. Beautiful waterfalls. Stop by the beach on your way out.

Great workout with a beautiful view the entire hike.

Great short hike along a well marked trail slow descent path past a river bend sand into the falls. Little not to like. Falls in full flow after all the past weeks rain.

The falls at the end of this trail were beautiful and worth the hike. Finding the trailhead was a little confusing. The actual trail was 75 yards back up the road from the trail marker.

Did this trail for the first time today. I’ll rank it up there as one of my favorite hikes. The 2.2 mike walk down to the Chatooga was beautiful. A gradual descent in a forest setting next to a creek. Lots of wildflowers and beautiful green ground cover. Finally it empties into the Chatooga. We didn’t see anyone on the trail going down but a couple of campers at the river. Great beach!!! Back up was a slow gradual ascent that was a decent workout but not at all difficult. Saw three others on the way up. Can’t wait to go back!!

This is one of my favorite spots, especially during summer bc it’s a great place to swim. The hike isn’t anything fancy unless it’s wild flower season and the butterflies are going nuts but the destination is worth it. Waterfall and river in one. Can’t beat it.

4 months ago

Beautiful waterfalls, flowing about a hundred yards right into the Chatooga River. Like past reviews state, the trail really isn't hard. It's mostly a gradual descent, about a mile and a half down an old two track. It can be confusing as it is not well marked. Go right at the fork just after the start. About a mile in, the trail veers north, you'll see an arrow made of rocks on the ground pointing the way right. You will be just over the river now on your left, and its loud. There's a side trail down towards the river, but keep going further to the red flag the left side of the trail. Go down here, straight towards the river. The trail heads down from here, and it's steep, but there are lots of trees to hold on to. Great spot on the river. There's a path up the right towards the falls, with several boulders to sit on and enjoy the falls. Or you can wade across the creek for a better trail up to the left side of the falls.

4 months ago

Beautiful falls. One of my favorites yet. The rating is wrong. This hike is mostly moderate. The only section that gets your heart pumping is the uphill from the falls. An added bonus is Oppossum Creek Falls. Just down the main road a bit. A moderate 3 or more mile hike to another beautiful fall. Love the Chattooga River.

This is a great trail and wonderful falls. The road back to the trailhead is dirt, but well graded. Make sure you look for the trailhead sign when you park as there are several places that look like they could be the trailhead. We got a great surprise when we ended up down by the river. We will definitely go back when the weather is warmer so we can enjoy the river. We saw kayakers on the river. Make sure you go all the way to the falls. Once you get down by the river, you need to look for the trail that leads back to the falls. It is a fairly steep climb back up from the river, but the rest of the trail is a nice hike.

We hiked this on New Year’s Eve and it was 34 degrees! Our hike was incredible. We loved the terrain as it was very easy to walk it. The elevation was moderate and provided an exceptional workout. The scenery was beautiful even though it was winter and cold. Oddly we totally missed the waterfalls but enjoyed the beach area and water. This ends up being a hike on our top 5 list. Well worth the drive from Atlanta.

This trail shouldn't be rated as Hard. It's easy until the last bit down to the falls, which is steep and tiring on the way up, but not at all dangerous. This should be a moderate rating at best. It's likely the Hard rating came from going left at the fork instead of right.

There is a water crossing at the end, just before the falls. The water is only shin deep and easy to walk in most places. You can try to rock-hop your way across, but most of the rocks are slick and submerged. Best to be prepared for getting your feet wet.

Overall, great hike and amazing falls. The Oconee area and Sumter Forest have some of my favorite falls in the area.

This trail was beautiful in the fall- at times when the breeze picked up, the leaves would fall down like colorful confetti decorating our path. The trek in was very easy with mostly downhill terrain, so we knew that the hike out was going to be much more strenuous, and it was. We are in our mid-fourties and not in great shape, but we managed it with just a few pit stops to catch our breath. The whole trip was worth it though, the falls are beautiful! We went on a Monday the beginning of November, and we were the only ones there the whole day. It's quite a treat to have lunch at the falls alone with your sweetheart! We hiked in with camping stools so we we able to relax and just enjoy the beautiful oasis- we definitely recommend this trail!

Great trail! Not too strenuous with nice rolling incline/decline throughout the trail. Spectacular waterfall!

10 months ago

Pretty trail, not too strenuous with a great beach to catch some rays before you head back out

There's quite a climb coming back from the river. I enjoy sitting on a big rock and watching kayakers come down stream.

This is my favorite Sunday afternoon trek.

10 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail! pretty easy till the end. getting down the hill is easy, getting up is kind of tough. not a dangerous trail at all. there's a number of tree fallen on the trail after the 4x4 trail begins so it is best to just walk that part. no good places to hang a hammock but plenty of good rocks to sit on. If you get the chance, climbing the falls is cool too. once you grt to a point where theres a big mud hole, look to the right. you'll find a sign starting the walking trail and follow that. it won't be obvious to find the trail. just as a warning, the amount of spiders on this trail is ABSURD. bring a towel and a stick of some sort. I found three spiders on me before getting back in my truck after already wiping probably a dozen off already through the trail.

10 months ago

such a hidden gem! the falls at the end are absolutely beautiful. the trail is not well marked, so we used a guide. the very end is a steep descent to the falls.

11 months ago

Excellent views of the falls and it actually leads to the river which was such a great surprise. We absolutely loved this hike! The falls are beautiful and the difficult part was just going down to river and then our return trip back (uphill). We plan on coming back and spending more time at the river ( a great fishing or camping location).
There are no markings for the trail and as stated in another review, stay to the right. Most parts are a loop but stay right and you won't have to worry about it.

11 months ago

beautiful trail...moderate till the last bit, that is pretty steep but well worth it! One of the prettiest falls I've seen so far. trail is not well marked stay to the right at all the forks until the last then it goes down to the left.

Spring and fall bring lovely wild flowers and butterflies. The final destination is the best. The Falls run right into the Chatooga. Great for swimming in the summer.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nice hike. Falls impressive. Save some water and vigor for the climb back to the parking lot.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

I wouldn't rate this as a difficult hike; it was fairly easy until the last descent to the waterfall and that gets a bit tricky. Absolutely stunning little spot at the end though!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

I would say this is a moderate hike, not difficult. We just completed this trail with four eight year olds. What a fantastic payoff!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The best waterfall I've ever been to! However, we did run across a copperhead, so be careful!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wonderful hike. I drove in from North GA and didn't regret it. The hike itself was fairly easy. Only about 1.5m in on a old dirt road. I went straight for the falls. They were fantastic!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The trail itself isn't that impressive unless it's wild flower season but the waterfalls/river destination is fantastic. Wear your bathing suit if it's warm enough. You'll regret it if you don't.

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