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I took the Mountain Bridge Passageway trail, it was a decent workout-it’s mostly uphill. The waterfall is not easily seen from the trail, but if you go off to the side and adventure down, you get better views. One of the bridges is where one of the waterfalls descends, and on the side was an awesome view-but definitely be careful as it was slippery. I only saw two other people who were really friendly. Tried to take the oil camp creek trail-but it was extremely overgrown and kind of spooky. My dog loved this trail!

5 days ago

nice easy paved walk. Lots of birds.

nice well marked trails

trail running
10 days ago

Beautiful fall views along the trail. Great places to take pictures. Trail was marked and very easy run.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail anytime of the year. My son and I love this place. Very quite and peaceful. Birds and alligators galore.

12 days ago

Did this trail with my two year old son. Had to pick him up twice for some tricky parts. (Rocky hills and some tree root steps), but for the most part it’s easy to navigate. Loved walking close to the lake. Towards the end you can branch off onto other trails to make a longer hike. Five dollars a person or 49 a year for individual and 100 for families fee. Beautiful place with much to offer.

Super fun! Pretty easy hike and we saw a few people camping

13 days ago

Easy hike for the afternoon. Lots of low rocks and tree roots to navigate. Beautiful lake views and steady breeze. We saw several bikes and runners along the trail. Everyone was polite and left no trace.

Love the view! Very flat concrete path across the dam. Of course, I found the one piece of broken concrete when I went walking at sundown and came back across in the dark. Twisted my ankle a little. If you park on the Lexington side, it is free and you can make a bathroom stop and rest under one of the covered picnic areas on the Irmo side.

hike/ trail run combo great views and trails

love it!

Went on a hike with my wife and six and seven year old girls on 10/19/2018. The hike was pretty easy and quite enjoyable but we were disappointed in the view of the waterfall. Be aware that when you actually get close to the waterfall, you’re pretty much just hiking parallel to the falls and gradually making your way down the mountain and never actually heading to the base of the falls. We started at the Bad Creek parking lot and didn’t even complete the entire hike. Maybe about 80-90% of the hike as marked on this app. On the way back, we took the gravel road instead because we were in a hurry to head back due to losing daylight with my two young girls. Overall, the difficulty of the hike was easy. No climbing involved and the trail doesn’t get too steep at all. The trail is marked well enough and maintained. Easy enough for six and seven year old girls. Like I mentioned, the only reason we didn’t make it was due to losing light.

We just went got back from what we thought would be a thru hike but weather was about to set in and I am more of a fair weather hiker. Overall the trip was great. We went from Oconee and made it to upper whitewater fall. Called Jim Simpson who was a saint and took us back to our car. Definitely will do this hike again and try to finish it. My hats off to all those people who maintain the trail. Overall it was in good condition

23 days ago

The trail it’s self is poorly marked. Forget blazes. There are posts with Maps posted on them but they are posted at the junction and you don’t know whether to go right or left thus you can end up going in a circle. My recommendation is to keep taking the left-hand turns and once you reach the directional post after number 17, go straight if you go left you’ll end up at the back gate of someone’s house. I combine this with the lake trail also because it looks like this trail walks out in the open alongside Clemson road and the traffic sound alone would make it unpleasant.

The All Trails app was great in showing me when I made a wrong turn and because I am somewhat familiar with the area I was able to extend my trip by not taking the entire perimeter trail. All Trail app helps keep you aware of what Trail you are on or if you have left it. I have found it extremely helpful.

It’s a nice walk through the woods. Can’t complain

24 days ago

I tried to bike this trail, which was impossible due to a massive fallen tree. Very disappointing...the park itself is beautiful and the trail was fun up until that point. Hope they clear it up soon because I would love to revisit and take another pass at it.

Beautiful hike! Just a little disappointed when the lower falls went to a overlook!! Does anybody know how to reach to the base of the whitewater falls?

took a good hike on this Trail today but I did it differently. I went against the traffic so that I could see bicycle coming towards me. I find a lot of cyclist do not announce their approach until they're almost on you and startling you. When you startle someone they made jump the wrong way and right in the path of a bicycle. So I hiked going towards the oncoming traffic. Great hike and a beautiful cool day to do it. took me approximately 2 hours and no major stops. Not hard to go the other way you just have to check and make sure that you are still seeing the blue arrows occasionally

Just got back from another church hike. Hiked from whitewater falls to Oconee Park. Trails in perfect condition.

lake walk in the woods shaded easy peaceful love it. safe. great trail for family outing.

awesome easy sweet short trail.
along the lake with few bridges beautiful views of nature.

I love it. easy and short. good for kids. follows water bank. relaxing and peaceful. no bikes no distractions.

This is unquestionably a bike trail, no where near a hike. The majority of the paved path is adjacent or eye shot away from the main roads. This is definitely more enjoyable if biked and stopped along the way at the quaint areas, like Traveler’s Rest for food and drink. Overall this path is more about the distance and less about the scenery.

Left the trail and beelined it down slope towards the falls. Immediately got attacked by yellow jackets, found a crashed airplane, got right on the lower falls and had a blast. Climbing back up through the dense foliage after the yellow jacket attack wasn’t fun but the day was great with lots of amazing photos.

Nice hike, first part alongside a creek. Nothing spectacular but a pleasant walk.

Great trail. Well marked and easy to follow. Excellent view points over seeing the lake.

great way to get some fresh air.

I am fortunate that I live close enough to this trail to walk it on a regular basis. Don't miss the rose garden near the student center or the koi pond near the amphitheater.

This is a very easy trail. Good for families

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1 month ago

Cool place!

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