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Inman, South Carolina Map

I met an old man with white hair who was carrying a backpack and tools. He knew the area well, and was very informative about trails in the area. He also works to maintain the trail and spray paint obstacles. Definitely recommend talking to him if you see him and you have any questions. The only complaint I have was that it was a bit muddy for dogs a couple days after a lot of rain.

Well, the trail is very clearly marked off which is very nice. It is a little harder than expected, but still not hard. It does not require any snacks to be brought in, but a water would be a nice thing to have. We went in the morning so it wasn’t super crowded but on the way out it got kind of full. Overall, I think it was a very fun hike.

Be aware of hunters when you plan your hike. I saw a couple of guys with guns walking on the trails in the middle of the day (December). It’s legal in this preserve, so consider wearing bright colors if you go during hunting season.

This is a great trail for a walk in the woods with your dog. It lacks any great views. Even worse there is a waterfall nearby the end of the trail. It teases you with its roar, which you can hear from the trail, but you never get a glimpse of it from the trail. It's a well-maintained and fairly heavily trafficked trail. It does have a variety of environments as you hike along the creek and then climb the hills.

Other than a few places that were very narrow the trail was very good. I would recommend it.

Love this trail and I personally love all the unleashed dogs being able to get in and out of the creek and explore. I’ve never had a problem with any of them. The sign says a dog must be kept under your control, not that it must be leashed. Obviously if a dog is not under your control or doesn’t greet people with civility you should use the leash.

The trail is easy until you get to some “stairs” a good way in. And there’s water for the dogs all along the way. But if you go up these stairs you lose the creek and it gets a lot more strenuous. So be prepared to take water for the dog with you if you want to hike the whole thing.

Backpacked this trail on a day that it had been raining so I can not speak to the amount of people or the dogs. We saw no one at all and the forest was still very sleepy. If you want beautiful vistas, this is not the trail for you. Imagine being constantly surrounded by foliage, if you enjoy that, this is for you. There is a waterfall on the map but it is about .2 of a mile from the stream that the trail ends at. We didn't venture across the stream due to the threat of flash flooding that day and did not see a trail. There are no blazes at all however the trail is well worn and easy to follow. Couple spots are close to being eroded away but it appears trail maintenance has come through recently as alot of dead-fall had been cleared. All in all a fairly unremarkable trail but it was time well spent.

This trail is easy for kids and dogs so in that regard I really enjoy it. However, the views are ok and the real payoff is at the very end so it’s a bigger commitment. The day we went it was very buggy. You do follow a little stream for a bit. I would walk it again because it’s close to Landrum. We didn’t do the whole trail this outings but have in the past.

Currently marked “Trail Closed.” Best we could tell is some erosion at the river/creek
crossing (.75m) and a grouping of felled trees blocking the path (1.75m). Nice stroll.

Nice trail however , unleashed dogs , sometimes in large groups , continue to be an issue as people just seem to be ignoring the signs and rules . This is a shame as it can put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable hike .

We went on a beautiful evening and were the only people on the trail. Because this was our first trip here and we also have young children (6&10) we only did a 1 mile in 1 mile out but it was great, and we will be back again to try for more distance. But we will definitely remember the bug spray next time!

9 months ago

Love this preserve but it can feel pretty crowded on weekends. Folks let their dogs run loose- not ideal.

Excellent hike with moderate climb

Spectacular day for a hike - dogs loved it. Well trained dogs have no issues at all, we had a blast!

Beautiful well maintained trail - great workout. Downside is lots of hikers w untrained dogs let them go off leash. We were charged by dogs twice.

Probably one of my favorite trails so far... so much change in scenery. I went right after it had rained, there was no one else out there, the the creek beside me was full. The incline changes frequently so you end up getting a pretty good workout, and there is a beautiful river at the bottom.

Good short hike.

completed in about two and a half hours. A great trail close to home, yet apparently a well kept secret! Much snow was still on the river side, making the trail very slippery. It was the first time I'd ever hiked with my shirt off while stepping on snow! you have to love southern weather! I'll be back! By the way, if you recently lost a pair of gray eyeglasses, I hung them on the bulletin board at the main entrance.

Decent hike. Wasn’t too hard. Theres a river at the end of it where you can relax a bit before heading back.

Great Sunday morning hike

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Awesome hike today, started at 10AM, about 17F, got up to about 33F by the time we were done. Saw 5 people out on this hike, will definetely do it again.

trail running
Friday, December 22, 2017

Last minute trail run with my neighbor. Not bad at all. First run in a long time so I’m looking forward to running this entire trail.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sucks. Old road is hard to find. Road walking for a while. Not fun.

trail running
Thursday, November 02, 2017

I first tried the trail for a fishing trip which turned out not as well as I wanted due to unleashed dogs jumping into the river. So I began running it and to my surprise it still continues to have unleashed dogs. I think it’s because of how remote the area is, people feel no one else will be on the trail. This is my only complaint. While running a trail it surely doesn’t sit well with some dogs...

Always a quiet trek.

Great easy hike and beautiful big wide river at the end. Perfect for a summer hike and river dip at the end! Wide flat trail. About 2 hours out and back.

Beautiful trail parts were fairly strenuous but overall I had a peaceful exhilarating hike. The woods were lush and the rick formations and river were beautiful.

Great workout.

Fallen tree! Happened this morning just before reaching the creek. The tree contain a huge yellow jacket nest, and they were not happy campers about their home being upset.

Not sure who to contact about the trail maintenance. The tree will need to be cut. It was a really big tree and no way around it. Had to turn back. It's about .25 miles from the creek. Beware of the bees!

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