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22 hours ago

Only walked the bit in TR so far. We will take the whole thing once we get bicycles.

Very nice park! Would be more comfortable if maps were clearer or an app was interactive. It was difficult to know where I was and how much further to complete the loop. Great place to bike or run with plenty of shade!

road biking
10 days ago

First time today riding on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Started at the trailhead in Traveler's Rest. Something of note is that you cannot park at this trailhead but rather at the Ingles about 1/2 mile away. This will require riding a small segment of White Horse Road as you pull out of the Ingles parking lot to get to Tate where the trail starts, or ends depending on your start point. We rode to the lake at Furman and back. Easy ride, albeit a little crowded at points, through varying scenery including woods, creeks, a lake, and cosy downtown Traveler's Rest - where you can rest on a park bench or at a locally owned restaurant.

Great trail for getting some cardio in! Certainly not a hiking trail by any means but it’s fun to explore. Great for walking, running or riding bikes. Can get really crowded in most stretches but it’s still a great way to get outside.

This is a great easy hike! Fun for dogs and little ones!

30 days ago

Absolutely beautiful even if it was a HOT, HOT day!

I would rate this trail an overall moderate one. Nothing too difficult, beautiful views around the lake! It's a great trail for training or trail running. The only strenuous part I'd say is the foot traffic only portion of Brissy ridge. Overall decent hike, wish there more views.

road biking
1 month ago

Nice variety of scenes along this trail. At the Southern tip, the wetland environment is great for birding. On the Northern side, the town of Traveler's Rest is quaint shops and restaurants. The trail is mostly flat and ideal for bike riding. Part of the trail is shared with automobile traffic, but the majority is not.

You can choose your own path. Many side trails. Lots of wildlife. Usually see a hawk

Love it! The only thing is that you have to park at the fire station which if you don’t know that makes you think your gps is wrong.... lol.... I love this place it has it all and so many trails! And a learning loop for kids! My dog loved it too! She wanted to swim so badly.. please go her pick a trail and enjoy!

Completed a full 7.5 mile loop with a group of 5, varying in experience and fitness level. The only “view” was of the lake, no waterfalls or anything of the like. Still a beautiful hike. Overall a good experience, will do it again.

We chose this trail as a conditioning trail and the following review is written from the point of view of a backpacker carrying a 30+ lb pack. Fee is now $5.00 per person and you pay at the toll booth, it was early when we arrived and no one was in the booth but they have envelopes to fill out, bring a pen. Started the trails at shelter 5 and 6. Looked like there was a nature walk for kids going on when we started with a Ranger (think this is pretty cool). We walked past them and started up the Sulpher Springs trail. Very shortly the trail came to the first lake we would encounter for the day. Saw a turtle and a lady fall (wear proper shoes guys, there is a lot of rocks and loose debris on the trail). Continuing up the trail we made our way to the waterfall at the dam and the rock tower. Really nice pictures here, the temperature was nice and cool. There are some rock steps that go up to the trail above you that will put you back on track. Once we scurried up those I was feeling good and doubting that this trail was ranked correctly at hard as nothing we had done so far was difficult but my curiosity was soon sated. The incline began and we started up, over rocks, through two streams (very easy crossings), back over rocks, up some more rock steps, leaned against a few trees, and continued on. When I finally came to the top I held up a tree for a good 15 min before the forest sounds finally drowned out the pounding of my heart. (I want to take a moment to mention this trail is very thin at points. Be careful with your four legged pals and children as you go up this section. There is a decent drop on the right side down into a ravine). After a quick break, afore mentioned, we took Fire Tower trail and made our way down this down and back trail. Once we arrived at the burned down fire tower we stopped, had a snack and a decent break. Saw a lizard that was too quick to get a picture of and not much else. Wandered our way back down the trail and picked up Kanuga. Not much here to see until you get to the lake. I do want to mention there are some back country camp sites around the lake. I didn't really venture into them all but there did appear to be enough room for two tents. There is a grated fire pit and a picnic table in the two we did see. As you wander around the lake take a look at the contrast of the evergreens and deciduous trees behind the lake. You are at a vantage point where you can see the difference in colors and it is awesome. The water was really clear as it hadn't rained in a few days but it didn't appear that big fish were not biting as everyone I spoke to only said they were catching a lot of little ones. As you continue over the dam and walk across the little foot bridge (grates) look left down the spillway. There is a lot of debris here and you can imagine the awesome power of water that moved those huge pieces of wood. Walking on around the lake I stumbled upon a couple of more lizards and spotted a duck box, recently put up it appeared, on the far end of the lake. Didn't seem to be much duck activity but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. Next came Pipsissewa trail then Brissy Ridge. At the trail marker we stopped and had lunch and another breather then chose to do the easier side of Brissy Ridge as energy was beginning to fail a little. Down Brissy Ridge the trail opened up and I did get a couple decent pictures of the vista. These were the only ones I was able to get while on the trails. Down Brissy Ridge we went and were dumped into a parking lot. Saw a nice Subaru WRX (YOHB?) in the parking lot but thought for a minute we had lost the trail. If you feel the same way let me save you a little bit of worry, go diagonally left across the parking lot and you should pick up the Sulpher Springs trail. Wandered down to the next parking lot and kept on going. Down hill we continued, passing a tiny black snake and a bunny. Singing is how we finished the trail off as energy was waning and we needed to keep going. All in all the trail is good, I only gave it a 4 star due to the lack of vista views. I was surprised by the amount of people and would expect this area to be highly trafficked during summer. Take plenty of water. Wear the right shoes. Take snacks. Enjoy the hike.

on Swamp Rabbit Trail

trail running
2 months ago

Was busy but beautiful scenery and nice people! Did a nice run and can’t wait to come again.

great bicycle ride

3 months ago

First time visiting today. Lots of wildlife which, as a photographer, I really like. Lots of places to sit and wait for that next shot. Will definitely be back.

Nice easy trails. Playground for the kiddos and dog park for the pups and dog watchers alike. Certainly a good spot in Greenville to check out and enjoy a couple hours with the family.

Loved the trails and was great to see some wildlife. There seemed to be a lot of trash on the trails and along the water. Would have given 5 stars if it had been cleaner.

My favorite part of the Lake Conestee trail system. Great lake view at the end. Very easy hike.

Fun place to hike and get out in nature. Lots of birds, turtles, and other wildlife. The loop doesn’t exist though, wish it did! Connects to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Variety of trail surfaces including pavement, wooden, and dirt (sometimes mud). Lots of little lookouts to enjoy the wildlife.

nice and easy for kids and dogs

This trail is beautiful! We got a puppy and decided to take her for her first trail walk and our whole family loved it. The wild life was so neat to see. And there was a playground for the kids on one end of it.

Very nice! The area around the lake was very pleasant. $5/person, many parking areas, well-marked trails.

love it!

Great trail for running, children and mature adults. Flat with lots of educational material and benches.

Great system of trails. There's plenty to learn. Lots of wildlife like blue heron, geese, beavers and red shoulder hawks.

Nice afternoon hike with the children.

Good trail for a Sunday afternoon hike with the family.

A fun moderately up and down, and left and right. Well cared for and friendly people. Close to city of Greenville.

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