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Greenville, South Carolina Map

Loved it! The view wasn’t the best at the top, but the overall hike was great.

16 days ago

Hiked Sulfur Springs Trail with my wife on 10/27/2018. Map My Hike recorded us going 4.67 miles and at 2:46:23 long. We took our precious time and stopped many times for pictures and some moving time lapse videos so your time will vary. I recommend doing the hike going clockwise. That way you’ll climb steep at first and alongside a creek and then come down easily. The trail is well marked and maintained for convenience. The tough part of the trail starts shortly after the dam/pond and isn’t quite as tough as I thought it would be. My wife and I completed this hike rather easily and would definitely recommend it for those looking for a nice hike on Paris Mountain.

Very pretty hike in Upstate area. Loved the uphill alongside the stream. Downhill leg gets a little monotonous. Took the spur up to top of Firetower. Definitely worth it. All told we were at 5.4 miles.

It’s a nice walk through the woods. Can’t complain

Nice, easy hike. Once again enjoyed this park with my two year old on my back. He liked exploring around the old fire tower structure. I recorded this to be 4.4 miles when using "Map My Run", but I did start and end at the additional parking lot, and used the connector trail.

Easy, nothing special because you’re always in the woods and there’s no “view” to enjoy

1 month ago

I think moderate is accurate. I carried my two year old in a child carrier on my back, and we went counter clockwise. This put the more technical stuff first. The home stretch back to the parking lot was pretty much nice and easy. Like others have said, there isn’t a mind blowing look out or waterfall, but it was a nice shaded hike for me and the little fella to do. At the creek crossing, we saw a a few crawfish in the water which he thought was cool.

This is unquestionably a bike trail, no where near a hike. The majority of the paved path is adjacent or eye shot away from the main roads. This is definitely more enjoyable if biked and stopped along the way at the quaint areas, like Traveler’s Rest for food and drink. Overall this path is more about the distance and less about the scenery.

on Sulphur Springs Trail

1 month ago

Had a great time! First half was very tough for me, but after the halfway point it was mostly a gradual downhill. Completely tree covered. Nice small waterfalls. I will definitely come back!

This trail or system of trails is so close to my house, that I really wanted to like it. But I would have to say for my first time there today, I was a little disappointed. The concept of the trails is great! It’s a very large area that prior to being turned into trails was just sitting there swampy, unused and unknown. Now it brings a lot of people out. And that’s great. There are a variety of trails: paved trails, boardwalks, and dirt trails. So far so good, but the signage to tell you where to go is confusing. And the Maps saying “you are here“ are strangely disorienting. Go and try it out yourself. I certainly will go back, even with these concerns.

we went all the way to the dam and old factory and the back. over 4 miles. But really appreciate the improved trails and boardwalk. Wonderful hike!!

Nice easy hike. No view just a circle but food for trail running and exercise

we started clockwise and it was smooth going, with few mountain bikes. coming down from this direction (on the part where bikes are not allowed) was pretty technical. once we got to the dam and the waterfall the rest of the walk out was easy.

1 month ago

Both the pup and I really enjoyed this quick hike. Definitely steep enough to warrant the moderate rating. Only saw one rattlesnake. :/

Well maintained, easy stroll

This is my favorite of all the Paris Mountain trails!

Nice easy trail.

2 months ago

I did it counter-clockwise. The downhill part at the beginning (the foot-traffic only trail) was actually very challenging on the knees and toes, but my body was thanking me when I was able to do the gradual return hike up instead. It was a nice hike, no spectacular over looks or water views, but still relaxing. Only saw one biker on this Friday early afternoon.

Started at the big sign on the left and hiked it clockwise.

Leisurely as you start out, but becomes more challenging as you get near the pond and begin climbing. After that, it will gas you. Don’t let anyone here kid you, the stretch from the lake up to the road would wear out a goat.

After that, it smooths out and becomes a stroll downhill on a bike path. It twists and turns for a few miles and is a beautiful hike. Highly recommended...just have your heart right (literally) for the first 2 Miles.

I tracked the loop at 4.4 miles, so it is a bit longer than listed.

2 months ago

Moderate for sure, although steep and lots of roots to trip you up along sections. Great place to use hiking poles. For about 60% of the trail, you share it with mountain bikers. Takes about an hour or so.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Fun and easy trail to bike. There are alot of other, unmaped trails in Lake Con. aswell. All the trails there you can bike as far as I know.

Really interesting, pretty and challenging climb at the beginning. Along the stream. The 2nd half is less challenging. Pod trail for dogs. A number of accessible water spots.

road biking
2 months ago

Had a blast on the trail today with my wife, very easy ridding. Many spots are in the open sun so wear sunscreen like we didn’t XD

Nice easy loop around the lower lake.

2 months ago

I hiked this trail on a weekday and it was my first time in Paris Mtn. State Park. I think it might be a bit longer than indicated here, but it was an enjoyable hike. It took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes. As others have said, if you begin hiking upstream, the climb is steep but beautiful, and the second part of the hike is easy but relatively uninteresting after a brief tree-filled view at the top. I would hike this trail again, but I’d hike out and back so that I could enjoy the stream for the entire hike.

Easy trail if you're in shape. Cool water falls.

First time in Paris mountain park. Trail is very doable for most people. Recommend kids over 7/8. First section is quite steep and challenging but don't worry it gets much much easier after first hour and becomes flat/downhill. Nice trail with streams, trees etc but nothing too exciting. Recommended.

road biking
3 months ago

Wonderful way to explore Nature in Greenville.

Ok for a nature walk but not much of a hike or anything interesting to see. Lots of mountain bikers on a Sunday afternoon sharing the trail, so you have to be on the lookout to give them space. Probably better to go on up to the higher trails like Sulpher Springs or Brissey Ridge, if you want to hike here (although I haven't been here in many years and can't remember specifics.) Convenient to Greenville but Table Rock is so much prettier! $5/person park fee at gate unless you buy yearly pass.

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