Trail was ok, it just rained when we came so parts of it were flooded and muddy. Also, parts of it was very sandy and going uphill was a challenge. We made most out of our time there, family being together but there’s really nothing special to see aside from a few people with really pretty horses passing through.

Fun little trail for anyone.

I would recommend this trail to anyone. I enjoyed following a new trail for the last half of the trip. Easy to follow

Not well marked,definitely needed to use the map features of app. Buggy in spots.

not much variation in the terrain or elevation, so i found it kind of boring. it is also not marked very well, so it is very easy to get lost. make sure to bring a map or use an app like maplets if you’re unfamiliar with the trail.

11 months ago

great flat trail for beginner hikers. trail off to harry’s hill and the chalk cliffs is challenging but definitely worth the uphill trek.

Sun Apr 21 2019

Easy trail, with a majority in the shade. All flat with multiple trails that fork off. Popular for horses and hikers. Dog friendly. Good choice for a nice easy stroll in the woods.

Great system of trails that you can combine tons of different ways. Very sandy, so either wear tall socks or gaiters. Fun to see people out on their horses!

off trail
Sun Feb 24 2019

Bring a map! Trails are not clearly marked. I got off trail 5-6 times. You’ll definitely feel like you’re more “out in nature” on this trail than at the main Hitchcock Woods entrance near Laurens and S. Boundary. Deep sand for horses. A lot of horse poop. Some big hills. Some water. PS - Not good for new trail runners!

horseback riding
Mon Feb 11 2019

driving Andy with 2 wheel carriage

SO easy to get lost out here! make sure you know the way you came

So great!

This is a horse trail built for horses. lots of sand and horse manure. Plus lots of mosquitos, even in October.

Sand, horse manure everywhere.

We got lost. There are barely any signs for the path, and there are lots of different paths to take. We ended up not on this path until the very end of the trail. Also very sandy.

Was a wonderful day very nice place

horseback riding
17 hours ago

21 days ago

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