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Always Awesome!

on Caw Caw Trail

4 days ago

Worth a trip! Had a really good time with my husband and our two boys (9 & 7). Bring water and bug spray! Baby alligators (it’s August right now), herons, orb spiders & found some crab claws and raccoon tracks. Will go back

Beautiful gardens with great art schuptures. I've done this several times while camping nearby with my twin brother. The main downside is I couldn't share it with my four Shih Tzu companions.

Can actually hike side trails for a total of 13 miles. Bring bug spray and water. Early on weekdays is the best time to avoid crowds. My favorite place in the lowcountry to hike.

A really nice walk, a bit warm at noon in July , no real shade to speak or, saw 3 alligators, many varieties of birds and several types of butterflies

First of all, there is no marking that says there is a hike. You have to follow the map on the app and keep driving to the arrow marker. You will see a gate that says “no vehicle beyond this point “ and an open field. Once you cross the field, you have to cross a creek which leads to another open field and another creek. After another two fields, you will enter the jungle and can see a trail. It’s not marked except for few ribbons tied to the branches. After around 1 mile of hike, the trail will become less narrow and you have to pass through dense bushes. The final 0.2 miles of the hike is tricky and u have to crawl and jump the rocks. The waterfall at the end of the trail is really fantastic and rewarding.

Cons- don’t take children with you as it can be a little tricky for them. Wear long pants and boots as u have to walk through grasses and trees and god knows what u can find there. Also there is a big safety concern. You have to park in the middle of nowhere and when I did it, I couldn’t find a single soul on the entire hike. So be mindful when taking your family to this hike.

The Recess Plantation Trail (3.2 Miles) is the best trail on the refuge. Park at the Wildlife Drive Entrance - East side of SC170. Walk 1/4 mike to entrance to the trail making it about 3.7 mikes round trip. Even though it is a relatively short hike, bug spray and water will come in handy.

Great main trail. More of an out and back, if you plan to stay on maintained trail. Great bird watching. Go out to White Point (less maintained) to see quiet beach full of little crabs. Saw a 3 ft shark there, too! Definitely wear bug spray.

on Lee Falls Trail

2 months ago

What a nice hike. Starts off very easy through several fields, cross the creek several times and into the woods. Approximately 0.2-0.3 miles before you arrive at the waterfalls, trees are down making the trail harder to follow. Overgrown and rocky at the end. However, very worth it for the pictures of the falls. Would not recommend for any one younger than 10. Recommend long pants and waterproof hiking boots as well as reading others descriptions here. It was an easy hike with a beautiful waterfall.

Raining hike today. This hike was amazing. First time actually following the trail on All Trails App. It was great. Walked through several open fields. You have to go through 4 plus creek crossing. Wear pants ... there is a leaf all through trail that made my legs itch so bad. Kept washing my legs in creek. Climb boulders to get to base of falls. A really fun hike.

2 months ago

If you hike this trail I would suggest wearing pants and boots, you cross about 6 creeks (yes tennis shoes will get wet) and towards the end near the waterfall it is VERY grown up with plants that make your legs itch and trees have fallen you have to climb over! The waterfall was WELL worth it but be careful to not get lost on the trail, use this app and it will lead you straight there. When you get to a creek towards the end, you can follow down the side of the bank to get to the waterfall. Much easier than going through a small part in the woods climbing over trees and over grown plants. There is not much elevation to this trail so if you feel like you have started to increase drastically in elevation, you are going the wrong way. We loved it and would definitely do it again, but with pants and boots on next time!

Great Trail!

A great piece of history. I wish they had more of the story and narrative. The boat ride is a bit pricey for me.

be careful. trail not marked well and several times the path goes through the creek.

Lots of variety. One of the better trails in the area. Several connecting trails for different inner and outer loop options.

3 months ago

It was a great hiking trail once we figured out where to begin. Really had to follow the map from here to see where to go in the beginning. You had to walk through some fields that were grown up pretty high to get to the trails but once you were on the trail, it was easy to follow. Wear boots because you have to cross a lot of creeks and climb up pretty steep rocks at the end. The waterfall at the end was absolutely beautiful!

3 months ago

I loved this trail & hope to return soon. It was easy to follow once I figured out where to begin: the closed road branching off the parking area where the bridge is. I wore waders & shorts & now have legs covered in poison ivy bumps - really wish I had on pants. I saw a momma bear & her cub's tracks. the falls were beyond breathtaking - I felt like I was in another world. I will post pictures.

3 months ago

Loved this trail! Lots and lots of trees down and kind of confusing to follow due to their not being any guidance besides the app! Wear rain boots! You go through maybe 4 or 5 creeks!

nature trips
3 months ago

In addition to the periphery trail shown on the All Trails map, there are several interior trails at the park. They’re all level, easy hikes.

I found the Swamp Sanctuary trail particularly scenic with its birds, butterflies, and alligators. Purple irises abound. Sound fills the air. And if you come at the right time, there is little to no problem with bugs. I certainly didn’t have to deal with mosquitos and the like.

The park is definitely worth the small $2/person entry fee. I’ll definitely visit again when I go back to Charleston.

Enjoyed this trail had 2 bridges over the swamp area and a look out over the lake .

3 months ago

I love walking here so much diversity and its the nicest flat hike in the state. Great way to get someone started hiking to bring them here.

Had a wonderful time. Trail is easy to follow, was able to see a lot of wild life and my kids enjoyed it. Will be coming back.

great hike abundance of wildlife

Lots of birds (and a gator) at Ibis and Starr ponds...

4 months ago

I absolutely loved this trail. The lead up to the waterfall was awesome. It needs a little maintenance though. Rocks definitely need to be placed in the crossings between the fields. I took both parents,who are 70, and I have to say, my mom did not like crossing the fallen logs. The waterfall was beautiful and I really enjoyed climbing the moss covered rocks to get pictures. I will definitely do this hike again and explore a little more. This is one of my favorite waterfalls so far and I’ve been to a lot of falls!!! ♥️♥️♥️

5 months ago

Was pretty cold today but we saw a few turtles and birds. Boardwalk the entire way was kinda cool. Really great wetland habitat gotta come back on a warm day.

Excellent place to see the beauty of the Lowcountry

Very nice hike. Look forward to seeing it in the late spring.

5 months ago

I did this hike on Sunday, March 4th, my second time doing this hike, the weather was great! TI really enjoyed this trail. It is an easy hike with a beautiful waterfall. Huge boulders all covered in moss. The waterfalls falls into a gorge. We had just had rain last week so there was plenty of water at the falls. I got some great photos which I have uploaded.
After passing thru the gate you will go hike thru 4 wildlife fields. There are several creek crossings. The first creek crossing there are no rocks so expect to get your shoes wet. All of the other crossings there are rocks or tree limbs for crossing. After the 4th field the trail is in the right corner of the field. The trail is not marked and there are several more tributary of Tamassee Creek along the way. At one tributary the tails goes left and less traveled trail to the right, "be sure to go left and cross the creek". Be sure to stay left of the creek, whenl you get within 300 - 400 feet of the falls, at this point you have to pick your way thru the rocks and boulders to get closer to the falls. Be sure that you are on the left side of Tamassee Creek to get to the falls.

Directions from Travelers Rest, SC -- from SunRift Adventure parking lot, travel on 276 to Hwy 11
Go 44.7 miles from Sunrift until you turn right onto Cheohee Valley Road

from Cleveland SC US Post office you will travel another 34.9 miles
from the Moorefield Memorial Hwy/Hwy 11 intersection you will travel another 19 mile
At Cheohee Valley Road there is a brown sign on the left side of Hwy 11 that says Piedmont Forestry Center, SC Forestry Commission.

Turn right onto Cheohee Valley Road.
Go 2.1 miles and turn left on Tamassee Knob Road
Drive another 0.50 miles and turn right on Jumping Branch Road
Then another 1.5 mile to the second dirt/gravel road, it is not marked but you want FS715A
Go approximately 0.7 miles to a dirt parking area on the right just before a concrete bridge. You will see the gate and fields.
The path immediately goes into the field past the gate.

Have fun!

5 months ago

Excellent loop through a wide variety of habitats, about 2/3 shady forest and 1/3 sunny marshland. Also some interesting rice plantation history here. Trails are well-maintained and easy to follow, though this particular route is not well marked. Make sure you pick up a trail map at the gift shop and know how to read it. Good wildlife viewing; the fish were literally jumping out of the marsh pond on my visit. Winter is best for coming here due to the bugs and sun. Overall, best hike in Charleston County.

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