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Was pretty cold today but we saw a few turtles and birds. Boardwalk the entire way was kinda cool. Really great wetland habitat gotta come back on a warm day.

Excellent place to see the beauty of the Lowcountry

Very nice hike. Look forward to seeing it in the late spring.

15 days ago

I did this hike on Sunday, March 4th, my second time doing this hike, the weather was great! TI really enjoyed this trail. It is an easy hike with a beautiful waterfall. Huge boulders all covered in moss. The waterfalls falls into a gorge. We had just had rain last week so there was plenty of water at the falls. I got some great photos which I have uploaded.
After passing thru the gate you will go hike thru 4 wildlife fields. There are several creek crossings. The first creek crossing there are no rocks so expect to get your shoes wet. All of the other crossings there are rocks or tree limbs for crossing. After the 4th field the trail is in the right corner of the field. The trail is not marked and there are several more tributary of Tamassee Creek along the way. At one tributary the tails goes left and less traveled trail to the right, "be sure to go left and cross the creek". Be sure to stay left of the creek, whenl you get within 300 - 400 feet of the falls, at this point you have to pick your way thru the rocks and boulders to get closer to the falls. Be sure that you are on the left side of Tamassee Creek to get to the falls.

Directions from Travelers Rest, SC -- from SunRift Adventure parking lot, travel on 276 to Hwy 11
Go 44.7 miles from Sunrift until you turn right onto Cheohee Valley Road

from Cleveland SC US Post office you will travel another 34.9 miles
from the Moorefield Memorial Hwy/Hwy 11 intersection you will travel another 19 mile
At Cheohee Valley Road there is a brown sign on the left side of Hwy 11 that says Piedmont Forestry Center, SC Forestry Commission.

Turn right onto Cheohee Valley Road.
Go 2.1 miles and turn left on Tamassee Knob Road
Drive another 0.50 miles and turn right on Jumping Branch Road
Then another 1.5 mile to the second dirt/gravel road, it is not marked but you want FS715A
Go approximately 0.7 miles to a dirt parking area on the right just before a concrete bridge. You will see the gate and fields.
The path immediately goes into the field past the gate.

Have fun!

22 days ago

Excellent loop through a wide variety of habitats, about 2/3 shady forest and 1/3 sunny marshland. Also some interesting rice plantation history here. Trails are well-maintained and easy to follow, though this particular route is not well marked. Make sure you pick up a trail map at the gift shop and know how to read it. Good wildlife viewing; the fish were literally jumping out of the marsh pond on my visit. Winter is best for coming here due to the bugs and sun. Overall, best hike in Charleston County.

Good times !!

This is not a loop!
If it is, the trail is now heavily obscured by downed trees and growth. It looks like the loop was meant to head back north at Secret Falls, but I could not find the trail. I recorded and loaded our trip as Winding Stairs Trail which maybe you can find and compare.
Still, this is a nice trail with three waterfalls, Upper and Lower Miuka, and Secret Falls. You do have to go off trail for the falls and this can be difficult.
3.6 down and 3.6 back up, never too steep unless you're off trail.
You could also start from the bottom at Cheohee Road, or do a shuttle.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful marsh, swamp and forest trails. Very friendly staff. Definitely coming back.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail with plenty of bird watching opportunities. Very enjoyable even with winter temperatures.

If you are looking for wildlife this is the place to go. I walk here often and have seen alligators, snakes, deer, wild hogs, plenty of birds and a bobcat. There are a bunch of trails if you go to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge page that are not listed on here. Watch for snakes in the high grass in the warmer weather.

2 months ago

Enjoyed this trail. Not marked at all. Must use this app to find it. Can easily take a wrong trail at one of the stream crossing. If you stay on the app you will have no problem. Very remote and private. We were the only ones their. The water fall is beautiful. Does require climbing up rocks to get to the falls. Would recommend boots as you do cross several streams. But worth the hike. It’s about an hour each way.

2 months ago

Easy hike. Went during the winter and only saw a few others. Great scenery!

trail running
2 months ago

I love this area. It’s generally always open, inexpensive, and well maintained. There are both shaded and sunny areas and a few different trails to choose. We typically stay away from the forestland trails when it’s in the low fifties or has rained, opted for the sunnier trails.

Did the trail on 12-19-17. I agree with some of the other reviews of the trail that I don't believe it is a "loop" but I could be wrong as we did not go all the way to the bottom. My girlfriend and I were able to get phone coverage and the GPS placed us on the trail up to the last switchback and then the real trail took us away from the trail seen on the alltrails map which led us to turn around and go back as it was getting late in the afternoon. Overall it was a good trail for all experience types, the waterfall a little off the path but accessible enough to get right to it. May do it again to see if the trail actually loops or empties at another point.

4 months ago

Great place. Lots of easy walking. It’s very scenic and good for beginners.

Fun trail to test your land nav knowledge. I may have seen one blue flag during this entire trail. Would recommend for anyone looking for a slight challenge and great nature

great well maintained trail. perfect for taking the kids or a afternoon date. The overall trail is not challenging. it has distance and this is the only possible challenge. They have done a excellent job of maintaining it with the past hurricanes. All and all the hike is enjoyable and low impact.

5 months ago

Nice, easy walk with a great view of Lake Murray, the dam and the Columbia skyline.

Beautiful waterfall at the end. The trail was not long. It is NOT kid friendly!! Just took two 7year olds and a 4 year old and it was too dangerous for them at the end. But if hiking alone this is a really cool hike.

6 months ago

Took us two days of hiking this thing. But so worth it!! DO NOT take the trail with the red or orange tape. You will be lost for miles and spend your whole day looking for the falls in the wrong direction. Be sure to cross the first creek after all four fields, which will be on your left. Stay on that trail. Be sure to keep that creek in site, otherwise you will be going the wrong way. You will start to see little waterfalls and you'll be closer, so keep going!! This app was so helpful in finding the falls and I hope we had found this app earlier, but if you get lost just follow the maps on here!

6 months ago

Simple boardwalk loop. Congaree is nice for a swampy area, (not my favorite scenery) but it had its unique beauties. As of 8/27, there are lots of banana spiders and other little spiders.

6 months ago

great place for adults.

This trail is not in the Ellicott Wilderness. It's about 5 miles or so away from this trail. This is in Sumpter National Forrest.


Beautiful. Quiet.
Saw 3 Whitetail Deer, a Barred Owl, a Blue-tailed Skink and many other interesting flora and fauna.

Though the trail is very obvious once you get out of the fields, it is not well marked with the blue flagging. I'm used to seeing paint blazes on trees.
This is not a high flow fall, but it is very pretty. I got some nice pictures due to my willingness to scramble around the rocks at the base of the fall.

Cost is now $8 per person, even if you only want to hike the trail, and not view the buildings, etc. Removed this one from my list...

mountain biking
8 months ago

Super chill. It's crushed gravel hard/pack and some two-track roads. Very well marked and maintained. Lots of beautiful scenery. We saw a juvenile alligator. Bring bug spray!

Falls are off a side trail about half away down the switchbacks. Could not find the loop back trail. After going past it at least .25 mile, we turned around and went back the way we came. Nice trail but easy to go too far.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Great easy ride.

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