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Cleveland, South Carolina Map

Nice shirt easy hike. Good for kids or I experienced. Waterfalls by parking area were better than fall at the back of trail.

2 days ago

Loved the streams. Challenging with stairs. Lots of rocks - several places where trail is stepping from boulder to boulder. Giant rock formations. Amazing trail. The falls are beautiful.

We parked off to the side where we hit a dead end into private property. On the right side of the road was a little trail, we crossed a small opening to reach another small road our GPS must’ve thought we were on. From there the hike was easy peasy. Definitely wear long pants, and maybe sleeves too. The trail was overgrown with some type of poison ivy/oak/sumac.

8 days ago

Highly recommended trail! The trail offers a lot of different scenery and difficulties. The waterfall at the end was so worth the tough hike... my dog and I took a bunch of water breaks:) We went during the week, when the park first opened and there was only 2 other people on the trail.

The falls are GORGEOUS, but I definitely underestimated this hike! A lot more scrambling than I thought there would be. Though trees are marked throughout the hike (in purple), sometimes it was hard to determine which trail to take. I missed the trail going down to the base of the waterfalls (and, believe me, at that point the last thing I wanted to do was more hiking UP haha). If you are wanting to make it to the base - When you first see the big waterfalls through the forest (and your left will clear a little bit so you can see the mountains close by), take the trail on your left going down that look like they are going to the base. I’m assuming if you keep climbing, you get to the top of the falls. My dog, though not the most agile of creatures, is a wonderful hiking buddy but had a hard time scrambling up on some steep parts with me and had slipped on the wet rocks at the base. Though I’m sure some dogs would rock the hike, I would not bring him next time. Most helpful advice I can give - use the recording part of the All Trails app!

This trail was very nice with just enough steep grades to feel like you put in some work without being completely drained when you're finished. In all it took us 2.5 hours and that's including hanging out at the viewing area to see the waterfall for a bit. The only downside is that, to get up close to the waterfall, you have to take some alternate routes. Other than that we loved it!

12 days ago

Did my "first" hike today with my brother. We started out by doing the Jones Gap thinking it was the Rainbow. We then preceded to do the Rainbow after the Jones Gap. What a challenge, however we succeeded and now we are looking forward to doing more. Also had "plenty" of encouragement from fellow hikers as we ascended Rainbows steep climb. Once there the view and cooling mist is awesome.

Really great trail for carrying babies or walking dogs - well traveled! Pretty view of the waterfall at the end and a nice covered patio to stop for lunch and rest.

Somewhat strenuous hike with a couple good views and runs along a river.

Very well marked, the Bill Kimball loop is a little overgrown but passable. My 2 teenage daughters and I went clockwise and it was challenging! Counter clockwise would have been drastically more difficult. Beautiful scenery but no waterfall as advertised. This app says 5.3 miles my gps fitbit said 6.95 miles I'm not sure which is more accurate but it took us 2:30.

Beautiful falls! Definitely a workout. Saw about a dozen people but it was 4th of July. Great hike!

it took my son and I an hour and 8 minutes the hike to the falls. This includes us stopping for water and to catch our breath. There are a lot of steep climbs. There was a deer on the trail that was pretty much tame. That was cool. Got some great pictures of rocks trees and flowers. We recommend this trail.

I would rate this trail as easy, but I guess the length is why it is rated moderate. The trail is well defined and well trafficked. I would rate this higher if the overlook was closer to the falls.

over grown
16 days ago

I took the advice of another reviewer and went clockwise. I am so thankful! I cannot imagine doing it the opposite way. This is not for the faint of heart. This trail challenged me far more than I anticipated. We have recently had a large number of storms, which could be why it was harder too. There were quite a few downed trees, and the path was overgrown and hard to find at times. You cross the creek a good bit. If we’ve recently had a lot of rain, I could see how crossing it could become very tricky in some places. I fell crossing it and hurt my hand, but it was my own fault - Poor judgement on my part. Don’t go later in the afternoon. It’s a heavily shaded trail, and it got dark very quickly. We lost the trail twice, and thankfully had this app to guide us back onto it. We never passed a single other hiker, so it’s great if you don’t want a heavily trafficked trail. Overall, a great trail, but be sure you are physically up for the challenge.

16 days ago

If you’re doing the entire loop, bring adequate water. The observation deck is easy. The suspension bridge is cool, but you can’t see how far up you are. It’s right over a stream, and it’s far enough back from the top of the falls that you can’t see down into the valley. It would be a lot cooler if they put the bride directly on top the the falls. I’ve done this hike twice, and both times there were snakes. One was a rattler. Be careful.

16 days ago

Nice hike, pretty Falls.

18 days ago

Great trail took about 1:45. great view and well marked. *There is very limited parking *

Absolutely beautiful hike all the way through

22 days ago

Beautiful hike today, especially along the river on old Jones turnpike. Neat to imagine all the horse and cart traffic of the late 1800s early 1900s. Saw a wild turkey and then came face to face with a black bear the cold springs trail. The bear didn't want to let me by so I doubled back to the Bill Kimball trail only to run into likely the same bear. With the detours ended up doing a thrilling 12.1 miles! I definitely want to camp off of the gap trail, it looked awesome.

The private owners have closed the property until Aug. 15th so you can't do this trail until after then.

Hiked it this morning .. well deserved “Hard” rating .. You will get a workout

24 days ago

Beautiful trail. Well marked. there were many trees down on the trail, most of which tou could walk around but some required some climbing or crawling. We ascended on Coldspring branch trail. It was steeper than I anticipated but I was happy we went this way once we got to Tom Miller trail. TM trail is very steep. Once you connect back with Jones gap trail it is pretty easy all the way back. If you ascend on Coldspring branch and are filtering water, once you get to the Coldspring connector you may want to shoot down a bit and fill up water because your next realistic opportunity will be when you get to the end of Tom Miller trail. Stayed at site 15 which can accommodate two hammocks (more than that would require some creativity). The site doesn't have great access to the river but you can filter water about 150 yards further down the trail. Wonderful experience. I will be back.

Falls were beautiful. just loved it! Will do it again.

My husband and I and our 8 year old hiked this trail in mid-June. Took Bill Kimball out and Coldspring back. Challenging and fun. Lots of ferns overhead to keep the sun off you. Beautiful rock faces in clearings along the way. No lookout views - this is an interior forest hike. Scrambled in some spots and lots of uphill walking but doable for families used to hiking. Trail is in good condition.

25 days ago

Lots of water. Good tree cover.

excellent quick workout. My kids and I hiked the trail there and back in less than an 1 and a half. The Waterfall is magnificent!! It is definitely up hill but that is great for the buns

Well maintained and easily marked trail. I enjoyed it! Easy and fun hike. Roughly 1.5-2 hours with photo ops and some downtime at the lookout. Dog friendly, but be aware there are a few flights of stairs/up-down areas.

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