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16 days ago

I had no idea how much elevation gain there was to the waterfalls! I left Jones Gap State Park, and the first 3/4 mile is a pleasant walk on a wooded trail. After that the grade increases sharply for over a 1000 foot gain in elevation in a little more than a mile. There are some steep steps along the way, but the falls were well worth the effort! I stayed there 45 minutes, enjoying the beauty and hydrating for the return. Beautiful falls! It was very warm in July!

An interesting lollipop. Lots of wild flowers. We also had a problem with the unmarked switchback (I think the trail went that way at one time, since I saw a chain by the side of the trail); I piled some downed branches on the incorrect path.

Excellent front-country hike along a ridge to an impressive waterfall viewpoint. Trail is well-graded and well-marked: just follow the red paint blazes to the overlook. Viewpoint is somewhat distant from the waterfall, but it gives a great angle and the waterfall is huge. Parking area can overflow on weekends, so try to plan a weekday hike if possible. The park lists this trail at 4.4 miles long, but the recording used here gives 3.5 miles. My observation more or less splits the difference at 4 miles. Regardless of the exact distance, I had a great hike here.

Enjoyable trail! Beautiful waterfalls.

Beautiful trail and scenery with great vantage points, and a nice view of the falls at the end. This trail is actually 2.2 miles each way, for a 4.4 mile out-and-back.

26 days ago

I liked it. A very nice hike. Not very difficult and nice falls at the end. I hiked it alone and have no desire to do it again unless a friend ask me to go.

1 month ago

Took the red trail and getting to the oveelook was worth it. Next time we'll try the trail with the bridge. The waterfall was beautiful.

Steep on way back up so use energy wisely.

1 month ago

Wow. Lots of beautiful flowers. I found a couple of showy orchids and dwarf irises are in abundance throughout the entire trail. I never found moonshine falls but I did get sidetracked on natureland trust trail. Beware!!! It gets steep and treacherous. If you take a left at the stacked rocks it’s a pink blazed trail that goes up to the base of Caesars Head.
There is also a route to the bottom of raven cliff falls. I will definitely be back to see this as I have walked the dismal trail 2 times and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am looking forward to the trip to the base of the falls.

Great hike. Took us (family of 4 with 2 out of shape parents and 2 in shape teenagers) a little over an hour to reach the falls and about 50 minutes to get down. That included a few breaks to rest, hydrate and/or check out the scenery.

Trails are well maintained with steps in all steep sections.

Falls are beautiful. Worth the effort. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes up there.

Had to wait about an hour to get in the park. We were 7th car in line when we arrived at about 1:00 PM on a Thursday during spring break.

1 month ago

Great day. Followed the orange trail and made a right on the blue trail. Nice little workout and trails were soft overall.

Great trail. It is technical but if you’re a strong hiker you’ll be fine. Having done it both ways I prefer to do it clockwise. This leaves the most technical bit of ROG for the end but you do much of the return claim early in the return rather than the end. Pick your poison. The spur to rainbow falls is worth it if you have time and can stand the additional elevation. A bit about gear, not specific to this trail — consider using hiking poles and trading in your hiking boots for a lightweight trail runner with great tread and grip. Changes like this will make all the difference on a trail like this.

1 month ago

I am 5’0 and some of the steps were taller than I wanted. This is a tough hike (didn’t realize I had a broke foot when I hiked it). Worth every step I took!!!
Spectacular view!

Okay... okay..... The reviews here really threw me off. I was hiking with my friend, we went through jones gap trail and rainbow falls no problem, then we get on rim of the gap trail... The paint job on the rim of the gap trees is terrible. It was responsible for throwing off our group, and the absolute worst pain imaginable in my lower body, literally can't move right now. More yellow markers need to be placed on rim of the gap. I'll never be hiking it again as it's dangerous if you're on mile 20 of the hike and you have no idea where you are. We got out at 8:55PM, it was pitch black. My recommendation: if you attempt this trail after 15 miles and you're not experienced, bring tequila and a notebook to write your will on. Also, Jones Gap is beautiful, Rim of the gap doesn't really offer any views.

I walked this trail from the YMCA camp with a group of kids from my son's school the boys loved it. my fit bit clocked 81 flights of stairs during thjis hike.

Enjoyed the hike with friends. I will definitely return!

1 month ago

Nice easy hike with a few turn offs to some attractions. Misty Cove was a bit weak, but Cascade Falls & Asbury Falls were worth it! Watch out after the cable crossing. Asbury is a red trail, then turns to double pink. Trail at this point wasn’t marked well and no signs. Not sure if I was headed into Caesar Head Parks Dismal trail loop or still on Asbury? Good trail for dogs but may have to find a shallow river crossing for them.

My favorite hike in SC! Starts rocky at the bottom and then it’s somewhat strenuous as you take the Rainbow Falls trail off the Jones Gap Falls trail. Definitely worth it though as the views from the base of the falls are one of a kind. I also climbed to the top around the left edge of the cliff. Views from there are also spectacular, but only attempt if you’re confident in your climbing ability.

spectacular. stunning. fearful. extremely difficult. 12 miles including the connectors. allow 7 hours. easy to get lost or take a tumble. i did both.loved it. quite a challenge.


Beautiful and definitely will go back

2 months ago

Pretty trail. Easy to follow and very well marked. Wish we could see the bottom of the waterfall. Definitely pretty challenging once you are done descending.

Roadside waterfalls, very nice. Be careful, many people have gotten hurt or lost their lives climbing on the falls. There is always a guy parked here selling boiled peanuts!! The trail continues beyond the roadside waterfalls to another upper falls, nice hike, very easy.

great hike in, the trails were well keep at the traffic in and out was light. the waterfall was pretty far away, I plan on doing the dismal section of the falls for better view next time.

Great hike! Falls were pretty far at the viewing area. Overall a very nice trial

Not a good trail for dogs! Could not cross the cable bridge with a dog.

Wonderful short hike. Beautiful falls and stream.

Beautiful, quick, and easy. Care should be taken near Upper Wildcat Falls, many deaths have occurred here due to falls. Nothing all that dangerous in general, it’s just and easily accessible waterfall that looks safe to climb; not a great mix.

3 months ago

The hike was a good quick workout with wide trails that were easily marked. The waterfall lookout point was a bit far away. The photo in the trail cover is NOT from this hike. My dog loved the hike too and there were plenty of views along the way.

Beautiful when the waterfall is frozen.

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