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9 days ago

Took my dog one day and went back the next with my mom and our dogs. We enjoyed the fall foliage & the hills! Great trail. Not a fan of all the logging going on. Never saw any hunters, but heard them. Wore orange the 2nd day to be safe.

Hiked deep step. Nice and shady. Well marked. A good time.

Great trail. Has a lot of shade, but they have been logging recently in spots. Still give it 5 star. Will do again.

2 months ago

Took my dogs on this trail a few months ago. Well maintained and shady.

Nice trail! Cooler than the temps in town. Found an iWatch on the trail. If you think it’s yours check the google reviews of the trail for a photo of the watch.

Nice shady trail.

We did deep step trail and it was a rough one. Lots of big ups and downs, and rocky. Was a lot of fun though.

Awesome trail. Was longer than advertised but totally worth it. Would definitely come back and do other trails.

no shade
4 months ago

Endless options with trails varying in length and difficulty. You could literally spend all day there! If you bring dogs, make sure to bring water for them.

4 months ago

Easy single track for walkers, runners and bikes. Today there wasn’t another soul on the trail. I noticed a little debris left on the trail...a freshly broken bicycle chain, a can of Off and oddly, a flosser. I absolutely believe in flossing but I’m sure with my coordination that were I flossing and hiking at the same time, I would have a terrible end. I brought this stuff out.

mountain biking
5 months ago

trail was more technical and difficult than expected lots of ups and downs wines and turns you follow a ravine for a lot of it two big logs I had to carry my bike over but still a great workout

Lower trail he is closed today June 1st due to fire hazard warnings in area The upper trailhead is open Which is a more challenging trail I'll be there today

mountain biking
6 months ago

as of 3 may the trails are open! we did some mountain biking on deep step loop (appx 5 miles) beginners should be wary since I almost went head over handlebars on a root. it was a blast! I'm slow so i did have to walk the bike up some hills, and I'm sore the next day, great exercise!

We hiked the 4 mile Tower Trail and had a wonderful time. A friend and I, who are beginners, hiked this trail with two experienced hikers that stated this was one of the more difficult trails in this area. It was a total workout. The trails themselves were clear and clean. Trails are clearly marked and are shared with mountain bikers that were all courteous of their approaching. This trail is not an easy trail, but is not undoable for a beginner.

mountain biking
8 months ago

9 months ago

lots of hills big and small. quite a few muddy areas but all in all a great hike. will return

mountain biking
10 months ago

Great place to visit very flowey trails Pretty will maintain It is January 2019 right now and think its closed due to weather or the government shutdown not sure exactly We have had a lot of rain in the last month.

Well maintain, Big Rock Loop is a little less than moderate, 3.9 miles fun little hike.

Great 1.5-2 hr hike, foliage had a lot of variations and we didn’t see a single person on the trail with us.

Sun Oct 14 2018

My group and I did The Great Wall Loop, which is about 7.5-8 miles. It is a challenging hike with the up and down hills. Some parts are a little steeper, and you will feel the burn the next day! I recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water. We went when it was muggy outside and about 84 degrees. I went through 2 liters of water and another liter I put my electrolytes in. We took breaks every mile or so - take as many breaks as you need! It’s not a rush!! I really enjoyed that scenery changes a bit, there is this cool part where it’s like a forest, a part that is kind of jungle like, and another part that is more barren. September is also wild flower month so keep your eyes open and look out of the little flowers along the trail!

We did the Brown wave loop. Beautiful hiking!

mountain biking
Fri Aug 17 2018

It's one of my favourites on FATS. Counter clockwise is where it's at!

mountain biking
Sun Jul 22 2018

Woooohoooo Did Deepstep today and there are places that the trail is not so beginner friendly. I would call it a moderate trail

My wife and I went hiking yesterday and because we Did Not know nor understood the map instructions and were not prepared for the trails, we suffered a lot. We wanted to take the smaller trail, but we missed the entrance to it and ended up in the longest one (Red Trail). No water, No cellphone, No flashlight (it was about to get nighttime). Wife had Converse Shoes which are Not good for hiking like that. It could have gone real bad if it wasn’t for two Angels. The two Angels were running the trail we were in and as they passed by, they stopped and asked if were alright since we look awful. They offered sip of their drink and explained that that was the long trial and we still had about 4 miles to end at exit. They recommended to turn back which we did (about 3 miles back). That sip was a lifesaver. When we were close to the exit (about 1/2 mile), here comes the Angels looking out for us with a big nice cold bottle of water. They stayed w us until the exit and explained how the trail system works. I really want to Thank these two Angels. They are French and live in North Augusta. I wish I remember their names, but my brain was not all there. We Bless then with our prayers and thank God for their timing. If you see these or you know of them please send an email to jose.delvallex@yahoo.com. Lesson here, be prepared for these trails and understand how they are set up before you go in.

I've hiked four of the six trails Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Big Rock and Tower. The trails on the South Trail head Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Brown Wave and Skinny Loop are easy to find, and you usually have to share those trails with mountain bikers, which has never been a problem for us. There is a North Trail head, and that's where you can find Big Rock and Tower, their location isn't easy to find. You have to go a mile down Logging Road 661 and you will come to the parking lot( not very big), but that's where both the trailheads can be found. These Trails you usually have to yourself because of their location.

Sat Jun 02 2018

this Trail is perfect for hiking a mountain biking the length of the trail makes it challenging I would not recommend for a beginner hikers but if you've ever hiked the couple long Trails this Trail would be perfect for you lots of opportunity to run into wildlife living and dead LOL

this place is beautiful with a very diverse set of trails. There are a lot of mountain bikers but they share the trails very well. Love It!

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