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Did Sam's Point, Ice Caves, Verkeerderkill Falls which takes you through the dwarf pitch pines, and then High Point Trails (don't know why the name of this is just Sam's Point Verkeerderkill--missing the other 2 trails in the map on Alltrails.)

Sam's Point trail is very short and easy. Ice caves is also short. Spent about 20 min there. Low ceilings, low light, some steep stairs.

Really fun caves, I could see my breath in the caves and it felt chilly even when its at least 80F or more out. Strongly recommend a headlamp or flashlight, although there are motion detecting lights installed it's still very dark in the caves--watch where you walk and your head if you're tall. Nice ledges to rest at the end. Lots of horseflies biting me, bring DEET.

Verkeerderkill Falls trail through pitch pines was a fairly easy path made difficult and uncomfortable by the many rocks in the path that can be sharp. Overheard a family with small children having a difficult time who didn't seem so happy that this was described as a 'moderate' trail and they felt it was challenging. Pretty with lots of shade once you get there; couldn't find any spot along the trail that lets you see the whole waterfall; maybe people are taking pictures along the Scenic Path?

The High Point trail was very challenging. This was described by the park to me as 'some scrambles', but it was pretty steep at times, nearly vertical and sometimes requiring some thought as to hand/toe holds so it's more like 'all scrambles'. You will also be very close to the edge of ledges high up. This is not a trail for dogs or children and there is no shade being on a ridge. Bring more water than you think you need and a hat. Heat exhaustion/fainting and high ledges aren't a good mix. Excellent views though! Was eye to eye with a turkey vulture that was coasting on a warm air vent--wild.

Got rattled a lot by timber rattlesnakes though I never saw them, on the Verkeerderkill Falls trail when you go through the blueberry bushes after the pitch pine. Twice, they sounded close but I was just careful to look at the trail in the bushes, move slowly and used trek poles to probe the path/bushes. Other place I got rattled at (but much farther from me) was in the forest path just before the Verkeerderkill path meets the Long Path/High Point trail.

Took the High Point Carriage Road all the way back to visitors lot. Not scenic but easy after more difficult High Point Trail. You get a glimpse of Mataranza through the trees and pass by berry picker shack ruins.

Easy trail to hike. Easily accessible from the road and great parking. Beautiful scenery!

A lot of fun. The waterfall is only a few feet from the road, then you double back and go to the peak at the end of the trail. My 6 year old had a fairly easy time with it.

Beautiful trail! Enjoyed being able to see and hear the creek throughout the hike. The falls and cascades impressive. Moose sighting was a bonus.

6 hours ago

Even though the valley is hot, this trail is very shaded and cool all the way to the saddle. The switch-backs up to the "summit" are more exposed. Be aware of rattlesnakes.. saw only one rattling away at us (consider keeping dogs on leash). The view isn't my favorite, but it does provide a beautiful view of Parleys Canyon. Happy Hiking!

(4 miles round trip)

6 hours ago

I loved this trail. We went up via the Angler Trail and it was sort of steep but not terribly so in my opinion. And the views were amazing right from the start. This trail does pass through a lot of subdevelopment construction and by an electrical substation but once you clear the power lines about 50" into the hike, you leave that all behind. And that being said, the "unnatural" sights along the way weren't a buzz kill. Just know what to expect.
When we go to the end of the Angler Trail, unfortunately we went right when we should have gone left. The map seemed to our party of 5 hikers to point us right so we did... wrong! We should have gone left. Fortunately we did employ the GPS function and it became apparent after a quarter of a mile that we were going down the mountain rather than up. In fact we then ran into another hiker who was also coming down the wrong trail so I don't think it was us being stupid. Someone needs to revamp the map in this app.
Anyways we found our way back to the right trail and it was a short hike to the gorgeous outlook with a log bench perfect for a water and snack break enroute to the summit or a destination in and of itself for those looking for a half day hike (probably an hour and a half to get to it). Then the long slog to treeline but really a pleasant grade with good footing and great views. About 3 hours from the start we hit the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness sign at treeline (even saw a Ptarmigan bird just before this sign!). Then the long crossing of the open grassy meadows to the summit with expansive views in all directions. It took about an hour and 15" to get to the summit from there. There are a couple of false summits so don't get summit fever too early.
The summit was cool and very windy but beautiful. It is marked by a large cairn and you turn right off the Ptarmigan Trail at the sign pointing straight to Ute Mountain. The sign doesn't indicate the right turn to the summit but it's pretty obvious as the large cairn is visible from that sign.
This is a definite repeat! Very enjoyable with pretty wildflowers along the whole route, amazing views, gentle grade and good footing! Enjoy!

Great trail, falls are fantastic

7 hours ago

Easy hike up to the Pinnacle, but the trail up to Coit Mountain poorly marked. Easy to get off trail and lost.

7 hours ago

My kids and I had a lot of fun. They are 3 and 4 years old so it was easy enough but still challenging for young kids. The little creek is beautiful and the views were stunning.

7 hours ago

Easy, short hike with beautiful views of 3 different Mountain Ranges. Be on the look out for the Fairy Town. My only complaint would be the road that leads up to the trail head is rough. Go slow if you value your car!

7 hours ago

We paid the $6 fee and parked at the Albion Basin Campground parking lot to shave some of the miles off since we were hiking with toddlers. This was an easy enough hike for my 3 year old (with a few breaks, of course). The flowers were BEAUTIFUL and in full bloom and we enjoyed the scenery. The switch backs right before you reach the lake were definitely the most difficult part of the hike, but overall it’s easy. There were lots of bugs at the lake, so be sure to bring bug spray.

Wonderful nature walk with added bonus of Robert Frost poems. Take as much time as you need to read the poems and reflect on them. Benches available by some poems. Well marked and maintained trail. Would do this again.

Beautiful hike with excellent payoff of picturesque lake. My non-hiking husband loved it also!

7 hours ago

Hiked this on 7/13. Did an overnight camp at lunch counter. Nothing really to add to the reviews already stated but I did want to let people know that the snow melting at lunch counter did create some running water. We weren’t sure and ended up filling up at Morrison Creek and carrying a lot of unneeded weight up to lunch counter. Check in with Forest Ranger when you get the permit to see how high up the running water is.

Other than that, amazing experience and great views. It was almost 100 degrees in Trout Lake, but still only 20-30F with wind chill on summit so make sure to bring layers.

Beautiful trail. My husband and I started at the trailhead around 10:30am and got back to the car around 3:30. Took about twenty minutes for lunch and stopped a few times to enjoy the surroundings. We went counterclockwise and it worked out great as far as views and once you hit the steep inclines, you’re in the shade. The trail starts deceptively easy and then hits some steep climbs, particularly as you make your way out of the forest. You end on a nice decline, beware of some lose rock in some areas. It gets the heart rate up for sure and the serenity of the park makes the work worth it!!! We hiked on a Wednesday and the park was this side of empty, which for us locals is a nice change!!

off road driving
7 hours ago

It was a fun trail. It was a bit narrow for a full size truck, but still doable. I was disappointed that Hunter Lake was a green field. I would do it again in the spring.

I hiked the full loop in 7/19/18. Really beautiful trail with great views all along the way. It’s long and you definitely need some stamina to get through the whole loop but there were only a few real spots where the incline was dauntingly steep. Definitely bring twice as much water as you might think you need. I’d say I’m a moderate level hiker and I had 3 liters and really wish I’d had more than that. I started with the range and ended with the trail along the beach. Definitely going to be sore tomorrow!! Also, four miles in I did encounter one of the timber rattlesnakes on the trail. It rattled and spooked me but then was on its merry way. Definitely be careful and be on the lookout. First Peak had the best views in my opinion, and once you get to Montcalm Point you’ve done your descent and just walk a trail along the beach all the way back to the start. It’s very beautiful but it feels like a long way. Took me around 6 hours but after the rattlesnake encounter I spent the next three miles a little freaked out and going way slower than I normally would.

7 hours ago

As hikes go, this one isn't great, but I give it an extra bump because I felt like I got a pretty good workout. I got lots of side eye from teenagers sprinting sporadically from turn to turn until the Y because I had a full day pack. Anyway, the trail is super overgrown, which is fine. Despite knowing there would be lots of stinging nettle, I wore shorts (downsides of getting dressed while half asleep). Regardless, I didn't have any issues with the nettle. I think I had a few stings, but nothing that left blisters or even hurt that bad. Decent view of the valley and pretty minimal traffic once you pass the Y if you're looking for seclusion.

8 hours ago

Up hill to lake..lake seemed to be dead ( no fish) pretty but better hikes

Great mountain climb, although rocky and steep the views and vistas are well worth the hike upwards. Nice 360 degree view in the tower looking outwards.

Walked in from parking on McKenzie Pond Rd. Very pleasant, largely flat walk. Bugs were out in force but the trail was pretty dry. Lots of raspberries. Beautiful view of the lake. The fork to the left for the lake at about 1.8 miles in is easier to see coming from this direction.

Went on a Wednesday afternoon and wasn't too crowded. Started at 3 and was back to my car at 6:30. I had my Golden Retriever with me so we stopped a few times for him to cool off in the creek. Would definitely recommend going left at the fork if hiking with a dog, lots of water. Coming back the other way around the loop the trail is completely dry. My dog is a strong swimmer, but crossing the river made me pretty nervous. Current was much stronger and deeper than it appeared. Overall an afternoon well spent!

on Rockport Park

trail running
8 hours ago

In addition to what Joe said. Off the main trails are many single-tracks. They often intersect the main trails in several places. If you go out, be mindful of the orange loop. The orange loop trail intersects in several locations and you can get lost.

Very steep and rocky trail. Uphill all the way and downhill all the way down. Very tiresome. There are stunning panoramic views at the top. Just be ready to work hard to get there. Also, lots of mountain goats along the trail.

Walking through the verdant valley, with wildflowers and the aspens towering was incredible, Multiple environments like meadows, swampy areas, rock faces, groves of aspens, and ultimately, the rocky waterfall made the ups & downs in the second half worth it, although the flies were a bit extreme (don’t stop for more than 30 seconds once you’ve hit halfway, or they start biting!). The falls are beautiful, yet very busy. Are drones going to become the Colorado State Bird?

Pro tip: do not attempt the drive to the trailhead in anything less than an SUV, else your suspension and undercarriage are going to be pushed to their limits. Very, very rocky road for 11 miles from highway to trailhead.

on Cat Rock Loop

8 hours ago

Love bringing my dog here. Great place to meet other friendly dogs and walk the trails, let pup swim in the lake

So beautiful! The most beautiful and the most difficult trail I’ve ever done. It was an all day experience so wear your hiking boots, bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a Camelback of water. SO worth it! The entire trail is beautiful but it’s worth it to keep going until sky pond!
My husband and I are moderately fit but not acclimated to the altitude and it took us 8 hours, we took quite a few breaks to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

Beautiful finish. Lots of roots! Be careful.


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