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on Shafer Trail

off road driving
8 hours ago

Super awesome. Super easy too (when dry). Plenty of cyclists do this. Saw a honda civic driving it, although i could hear their indercarriage neing hit by 3” rocks.

Beautiful scenery. Best to go in the Fall highly recommended

I LOVE WICHITA MOUNTAINS. I have been twice now (about a 6 hr drive) and would go again and again and again. Mount Scott is always worth the drive to the top for a chance to get some great shots and admire the park. No trails but you can park and walk around and find your own little spot.

TOTALLY WORTH IT. Being a dog mom it is so important that my “kids” come with me on every road trip. Most National Parks are not dog friendly which is a huge bummer. However, this trail is 12 frickin’ miles long and it’s views are truly breathtaking. It’s a paved trail which makes it easy to cover lots of ground in a short amount of time. We got up close and personal with at least 8 elk on our 7 mile hike. We were on the trail by 8:30 on a Tuesday and basically spent the whole first half of the hike by ourselves, which was such a peaceful vibe. To get to the trail we had to park in the campground across the street from the Wiki/Kuibab Point Trail. There you will come to a lookout and look for the only paved trail across from the mule stables. We drove 22 hrs from Kansas to see it and I don’t regret the drive at all.

I have been to this trail for the past two weekends and its so much fun. I follow the river north, most of it is sand and NO difficult parts to get throw except towards the end. I drive a 6" lifted full size truck with 4x4. For the most part i drive in 2WD no problems, only a couple of times i had to use my 4WD. Towards the end of the accessible trail there is a little stream and a couple puddles that are fun to go throw, just caution on the last one cause it is a good 12"+ deep...

One of my favorites. I have been many times. I do the trail down to Machine and then I go to the wildflower loop and take it to lower Busby falls which few people really get to see. Lots of dead-fall and trail finding but the payoff is awesome. You can come back the way you came or climb up on the right side making your way up to the bridge that is at the top of Busby. If you go that way it is steep and tricky in spots. It is especially tricky when you get to the large rock slab that is taking up a large chunk of the area you need to be. I climbed up the side and over the top of it. Just go slow and you should be fine.

Crowded but beautiful with tide pools down by the beach.

Beautiful country. Many hiking and camping opportunities. Great history museum in Alamos with the Nuclear site. NIce drive through the area or can stay for days.

Visited the Quarry and camped at the campground with family.

Nice side trip when at dinosaur.

Great drive. Varied landscape. Leads to many hike opportunities. Did in my many trips to Salt Lake. Each year I would new routes off of the interstate.

Great drive through the mountains. Was driving to Custer's Cemetery/monument Many hikes in the area.

Beautiful country. Did on way back from Salt Lake to home. Did the little bighorn NP.

Views were beautiful! Will definitely do again! Lots of different trails to explore.

off road driving
3 days ago

Before I go into my little story about coffee pot road, I'll start by saying the pictures posted DO NOT do this trail justice. Yes, it is a very easy smooth trail with no big obstacles and any skill level could drive it (weather permitting! You'll see why!), but it still goes pretty damn high up the side of the mountains with not much room between you and the almost strait drop down the side! The views are so gorgeous! From the photos posted, I thought this trail was gonna be flat and at the bottom of a valley, not high in the mountain tops! So glad what we got was not what I expected. So, my little story now. My aunt and I decided to drive up Coffee Pot Road on our way to Glenwood Springs. I'm used to driving my Jeep Wrangler JKU but I flew to Colorado instead of driving this time. I figured coffee pot road would be fine for her Nissan Murano (cuz the trail is rated easy, and she does have 4WD). And it was, until we got up to the plateaued top and the snow suddenly went from compacted and hard, to soft and fluffy. We instantly sank down at least whole foot, if not more, in the snow and were stuck for almost 2 hours. Seriously, we were driving along just fine, slow of course cuz of snow, when we very suddenly SANK. We were so deep the muffler was laying in the snow and you couldn't see through to the other side no matter where you looked under her car! Ha! We were able to dig ourselves, but be careful if you go up in the winter and you don't have something with bigger tires and a higher clearance! Luckily we got stuck at the top where, like previously mentioned, it plateaus off and it was more like being in a huge field and not the side of the mountain. My jeep would've been fine LOL!! It could've been a bad situation, since we hadn't seen any other ppl for over 2hrs, but it was such a blast for us adventurous gals! We were so proud we didn't have to call for help! Can't wait to drive this (and other trails!!) in my own vehicle! Check out my recording if you want to see where we got stuck!! It's not the very end of my recording, but it's the spot that is the furthest out we went, which is close to where I stopped recording.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Check out this YouTube video:

off road driving
3 days ago

Easy, but very rocky (bumpy) trail with spectacular views of the red rock formations and Sedona valley. Great trail to stop and climb the rock formations along the way. Bring lunch/snacks to take in the view from Schnebly Hill Vista.

off road driving
3 days ago

good beginner trail for off roading. didnt see as much ‘ghost town’ as i was hoping

Easy trail out and back via a 4WD in the loop portion. 2WD would be ok if higher clearance vehicle. Family sedan would be too low for some rocky portions. Nice to get away from the crowds!


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