Photos of Cruz Bay Trails

Cruz Bay

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14 days ago

Gorgeous views from parts of the trail! Also, it wasn’t a huge deal for us but the second half or so of the trail was a bit overgrown.

Note that as of 1/3/19 the Caneel Hill Resort was still closed and no access was allowed, so if you’re looking to hike and then hit that beach area just adjust your post-hike plans accordingly. Luckily the hike (if you’re doing just one way and not RT) ends at a road where taxis are passing by (we got one in less than 5 min) and can take you to nearby Trunk Bay (approx 5-8 min taxi ride from the trail), Cinnamon Bay or wherever else you need to go.

Bonus: super easy to get to after getting off the ferry in Cruz Bay. Approx 5 min walk from ferry dock to the start of the trail.