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13 hours ago

Loved this hike and plan to do again. Great exercise and beautiful views, about an hour round trip

We didn’t have as much time as we would have liked, but we will definitely be back. This trail has lots of gnarly rocks on either side, which I enjoy. There was a little scrambling to be done in the way to Goat Rock especially, but nothing too bad. You can see across Monterey Bay from the top of Goat Rock!

Hiked this monster yesterday and this trail got my attention BIG TIME. After reading all the previous reviews we (a crew of three hiking ladies) were quite apprehensive...were we ready...will we make it? etc.
We felt prepared. We even bought ourselves trekking poles which, by the way, saved our bacon and I highly recommend for this trail.

The trail starts off being somewhat tame raising our confidence. In fact, it only gets really gnarly about 1/3 mile from the summit. At this point the trail basically disappears but there are green posts indicating the direction and sorta showing you which bolder you have to scramble over or which boulders you need to somehow squeeze between. Well we made it to the top but that last part was not fun. If and when I ever hike this again, I will pass on this last part of the trail and go check out the south face which is supposed to be just like the one in Yosemite (but smaller).

The way back was almost worst. Since we were tired (6 miles already”) it just seems tough. Every time we came upon yet another uphill portion of the hike, we would think “this must be the last one...” but NO. Even though we made better time going back (4 hours in but we were taking our time, and 3.5 back but we were worried about getting locked into the parking lot) it is just as hard.

So here are some recommendations:
1. Do not go on a hot day.
2. Take more water than you think you will need.
3. Trekking poles really help a lot.
4. Give yourself plenty of time.


Definitely a kick in my booty but lots of fun and laughs.

Nice Hike. No shade and lots of rocks. Picnic tables at peak. Lizards and birds sighting.

its a very nice hike!! I'd say it's rated hard only because of it not being an actual trail but a lot of boulders to cross over which is really fun. I brought my dogs and they loved being off the leash frolicking around!

1 day ago

This hike definitely had accurate reviews.. definitely challenging. I went on a day when it had not rained and it is extremely muddy at the beginning, then goes to dry and crumbly up on the ridge, so the hike is slippery pretty much the entire time. Be sure to wear shoes with some good grip. The views were absolutely amazing and time to hike was about 5-6 hours. Helpful to use this map as there are a couple trails that could lead you in the wrong direction. Overall, definitely unforgettable!

I really enjoyed this hike. I went for the first time last weekend. Fairly challenging and I would highly recommend it. I didn’t run into too many people on the trail, so it offers nice moments of solitude.

1 day ago

Beautiful little look out. The parking lot is right at the base of this thing. Not hard at all. Sunrises up there are stunning!

GREAT hike and such a payoff at the top!

Camelback kick my butt but it was so worth it!

Hiked on 1/18. Guanella pass rd closed at silver lake trailhead. Nice uphill all the way to the lakes- bring your skis or a sled to ride the all the way back down to the parking lot!!

Great hike went with a few friends. The trail once you get to the bottom of the waterfall is fun with rocks to climb. Water was flowing on all 3 falls. If you a first timer like myself the hike back up hurts but overall great hike . Definitely go with friends.

Awesome trail! Difficult but rewarding 100%! Excellent vistas awarded at the top!

Amazing views!!

This was a pretty good hike. absolutely beautiful. Lots & lots of hills....the scenery is so beautiful!

If hiking was a course in high school, every other SD hike I've done would be a quiz and El Cajon Mountain would be the final exam.

If you've hiked all over SD, then you'll understand the comparisons below:

1) you get the ups and downs that you find at Mount Gower.

2) the scrambling at the last half mile to the summit is like Lawson Peak and Gower except it's marked WAY better (there are green sticks indicating the "correct" path).

3) the steepness is like Mount Mcginty, but you'll get teased as there are several descents in between the inclines.

4) make sure you have shoes with great traction. the terrain is dry and sandy/gravel-y in a lot of the steep spots.

5) take a lot of water/snacks/Gatorade. this hike doesn't have a ton of shade and you'll be on this mountain for at least 4 hours if not longer.

overall, the hike is mostly a long dirt/ rocky trail that has enough ups and downs to not be boring. the scrambling at the very end was the best part. the end of the trail takes you to the "face" of the mountain.

wouldn't recommend this hike for beginners. i would recommend you start this hike no later than 7 am in cool weather. If you go before dawn, there are spiders around the bushes that might get in your face in the first part of the hike with the switchbacks so just be aware.

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

1 day ago

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