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7 hours ago

It's a nice hike without a lot of hills. There are a few body's of water and I see tons of deer and coyotes. I don't know what that other person is talking about on pavement. There is no pavement.

trail running
12 hours ago

To be fair, I wasn’t able to actually run the trail, so the score is for the views alone. And minus points for not being able to actually run it. The guard posted near the parking said there was filming going on ahead, and that SWAT was doing drills as well. But the views were amazing...There’s a lot of new construction going on just north of the 118. I didn’t see anywhere to pull off on the side of the road and park either, like the reviews state.
And parking is $5.
Would like to return and explore the area. Just have to remember my 5 bucks.

One of my favorite hikes

Went on a Saturday, started around 8:30am and finished just before 11am. Great trail, some really beautiful scenery. Trails are well kept and only a couple rocky spots, mostly on the Los Santos loop. For a Saturday there wasn't very many people. Not counting the Vernal Pool area (which was completely dried up) I saw only about 6 or 7 people the whole time on the trail. Even though it is rated moderate, it's a great beginners trail.

Love the Pudd! Go here religiously. So beautiful and peaceful. One time I saw a dude taking pics of some hot slut on a sports car. It was my favorite random thing that ever happened there! Lol

Great trail. There is shade if you go at the right time- until you hit the switchbacks. Take your time getting to the top, worth it! The view is rad and getting down the hill is easy. Since its a fireroad and fairly populated, it's safe to do solo. Watch for snakes though. I do this hike all the time, alone, with friends. takes about 2 hours enjoy! =)

Trailhead was easy to find. The first .5 mile a flat walk walk, then it starts climbing a fairly step grade. It was a good work out, but I’d couldn’t see much. Did I mention it poured on me from mile marker 1.5 to the top and all the way back. I’d still give it four stars.

The bike path was in terrible shape due to sand. The worst condition for a long time. I had to get off of the beach bike trail and take the highway.

Beautiful day spent in solitude. Went counterclockwise starting at 11am, and ran into 3 people coming the other way. Finished around 530. Stopped halfway for a 30 minute break.

Loved the changing scenery on this hike. Went from rolling hills, to a dry riverbed, up and over the trail to Peralta.

Hiked in late April, and thought I could get away with 2.5 to 3L of water. Ran out about 2 hours before the end of the trail, making it a real adventure! I would bring 4L for this hike in the future. That first taste of cold water from the gas station was refreshing to say the least.

Would absolutely come back to this location and try it clockwise next time.

This is my “go to” trail. I know it by heart. A good 2.5 mike workout. Great for running when it’s not too crowded.

We didn't finish more than 1 mile because my kids were starting to get tired. Hike was nice, and the scenery was beautiful, but there was way to much horse poop. We had to really watch where we stepped. There was a great breeze and the mile we did was easy for my kids ages 19, 6 and 4.

We didn't finish more than 1 mile because my kids were starting to get tired. Hike was nice, and the scenery was beautiful, but there was way to much horse poop. We had to really watch where we stepped. There was a great breeze and the mile we did was easy for my kids ages 19, 6 and 4.

1 day ago

We saw lots of wildlife including gopher tortoise, alligator and many birds, take lots of water, it was hot!

Easy easy!! Great for kids with a nice view at the end. Go before all the gnats come out!

Hiked almost 2miles of this trail on 4/17/18. Beautiful trail! Great views (and spots for pictures)! Easy to find with the directions provided. It really is like being on another planet - walking on all the lava rocks! Make sure to wear proper footwear; there can be sharp rocks at times. Take extra water and sunscreen (even if there are a few clouds out, the sun WILL burn you!)

I wish we would’ve had more time to finish the hike. I will definitely return to finish!

off road driving
1 day ago

Absolutely beautiful!! Took 5 RZRs thru this on a Saturday. Took 3 to 4 hours. One of the best! Creek was not too full and it was evening when we came out at the Hwy. Gets pretty rough during the last 2 to 3 miles. Take your time and stack a few rocks. Maybe a winch as there are some large ledges you have to climb towards the end.

Nice and easy. Thankfully not too hot yet.

1 day ago

Nice and easy. This trail can be continued around the backside and you can complete a loop. Used to be that you could go down the back and connect to the trails heading west and come out near Glendora Country Club. Now, most of the area on the backside of the hill is being leveled for more luxury homes. Super!

Very beautiful! a hidden treasure of a park in the middle of farmland. I would consider some of these trails as HARD due to how steep sections are, definitely had to crawl with all fours because it was that rocky and steep. Got pretty winded too.

trail running
1 day ago

A beautiful neighborhood park that offers volleyball, soccer, Trail and paved running. A small dog park, frisbee golf, a small lake for fishing and large pavilion. Very family oriented but lots of open space for individuals needing some alone time as well.

1 day ago

Nice loop trail that has access point to the water. Saw some deer and a creepy abandoned building as well.

Great easy hike. I only did 5 miles but it was pleasant and the paved trail is well maintained and wide. Great way to spend time out doors.

I went there today and it was so peaceful! Super easy. There are some nice areas to go off the paved path and relax by the water.

on Hermann Park Trail

trail running
1 day ago

this trail is great for running. there are slight hills and perfect gravel for running. when it starts to rain, everything cools down and the trees partially protect you. i personally like the marvin taylor trails. 5 stars!!!

mountain biking
1 day ago

my dad and i were biking part of this trail. i slowed down to stop, because i wasnt a very advanced mountain biker (one of my wheels got caught on a tree root.) as i was about get back on i saw rustling in the bushes. then, a fairly large coral snake (and i am absolutely sure it wasnt a king snake) slithered out. i told my dad to not go over and poke it because, as some of you guys may know, coral snakes are extremely venemous. this is why i may hesitate to allow younger children or off leash dogs to go on this trail. otherwise, 5 stars!!!

1 day ago

I hiked the trail towards the back. And was totally deserted. Wonderful. When you walk 1 mile down a ancient cabbage palm lined Road, you come to the Florida Trail. Maybe not like the real Florida trail, but I believe it’s a side shoot that they volunteer and maintain. You can go to the left and it says it’s a 3 mile loop back to the trailhead. I did not do that. I went to the right. And you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Next time I’ll walk even further there is a Bee island it sounded interesting. It was not super hot. And they’re actually no bugs. Yay

Beautiful hike. I did not go to the mountain area due to Turkey hunting season but will definitely try next time. You can also go boating in this area. All the sailboats where a pleasure to watch.

A great low-intensity walk. The paved trail leads right to fish lake. Not much shade along the way, bring water and sunglasses for sure.

Awesome trail with great views and wild life encounters. Off leash dogs allowed.
Will come back.

Perfect trail for dogs. Easy hike with nice forrest views. Spots of snow and sometimes muddy trail - not enough to bother me though.

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