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We hiked a little more than 4 miles in and found a nice lunch spot on the river. You will hike for a good 2 mile before the trail is beside the creek. We saw a couple deer and only passed three other hikers. Great day to be among the changing Aspen leaves.

This trail would be great for a local person just looking for exercise, rather than a tourist looking to experience the views and scenery that the area is known for. The trail is relatively flat but the All Trails distance description from the parking area they mention to Ilium is actually longer - about 6.5 miles round trip. There is quite a bit of road noise and limited views of the waterfalls without taking a detour off the main trail. A portion of the hike is along the rivers edge but there the trail is running through private land so you can’t actually get to the water. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you’re looking for a hike in this area. And yes, signs posted everywhere - “no dogs”.

Big hike

The falls are definitely worth it but take the time to enjoy the rest of the hike as well. Very large and visual pictographs, exceptional rock formations and clusters of plant life not often seen in the desert. It is a busy trail but late in the day it was very manageable.

9 lakes on the trail. make sure to go to lakes above upper mohawk, favorite of the all

favorite lake hike in Colorado

awesome! tough in the winter in March. lots of ice and snow. can't wait to do in summer again.

awesome trail. along ariver for most of it. great in winter too!

love running on this trail. very few people and just technical enough to keep you on your toes.

7 hours ago

Exekent For Hiking And Bike

8 hours ago

Beautiful trail

Beautiful trail and well maintained!

I would give 5 stars if not the fact that most of the time is partially not accesible. Pretty views on the river but also a lot of mosquitoes...

Trails were scarcely marked, hard to follow a single trail without getting lost. But gorgeous, serene walk with fruit scattered on the path creating a sweet aroma

9 hours ago

Great views, very child friendly. The only con was that people were smoking cigarettes throughout the trail. I thought Ohio was a “smoke-free” state, judging by the visitors here it’s not. Plus they should set up more recycling bins; the trash was overloaded with plastic.

Nice relaxing walk, hiking trails are paved.

11 hours ago

nice vistas

It was a pretty trail through the woods. The trail was moss covered on the second half after the view from the bluff. In late summer you can't see much from the bluff. The knats were terrible along with the spiderwebs. There were many deer and squirrels along the trail. In all, very enjoyable.

When the beavers build their damns part of the trail is not accessible. Awesome trail otherwise.

een prachtige wandeling. geweldige vergezichten. wel veel klimmen maar het is het zeker waard.

This hike was pretty disappointing once you get to the end, I probably should have read more reviews before we went. You get little glimpses of the beautiful lake. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not a fan of hiking to see a Dam and power lines. The trail was nice though and we did see some little snakes. By the trailhead you can go swimming in the lake and it is beautiful (better than my hiking views

I loved this trail and the beautiful lake! It is very rocky so make sure you wear hiking boots with ankle support because it would be very easy to twist an ankle. I saw a lot of dogs on the trail, and the bigger dogs seemed to love it but saw some smaller dogs that were really struggling. It also might be a good idea to bring booties for your pups If they have sensitive paws due to the rocks.

Beautiful trail! Easy to follow. Some hard elevation gains but worth every moment.

Nice flats to run and walk. City is trying hard to revitalize the park and you can see it with the landscaping. Nice scenic view to take your mind of running.

Second time on this trail. Tried some new paths... I should learn by now. Here’s the actual road map... start on right side of water from parking lot. Cross at old piece of bridge ( rebar sticking out of concrete). Left side of water is bamboo forest.. easy hiking and totally cool. After big rock in bamboo move to creek bed and boulder and old dry creek bed. Cross back to right when convenient. This is where work begins but no way around it. Fallen trees and rocks and bouldering. Stay to creek. Then left side after first falls. Mostly bouldering from here. Follow right branch of creek. Easy if you don’t commit too heavily to one path. Stay to stream when in doubt. We loved it so much we did it 2x in week. Best hike ever- Troy and Janis!

I have enjoyed these hiking trails a lot so far. I think the map is off as regards the number of trails and the full distance of you connected, and walked through several of the trails. lately the has been excess debre, but nothing terrible. only issue with the app is would like the map more up to date. as the are other trails available, not just the high road and primaries.

I was a little skeptical because it was such a popular trail and I was thinking it.kight be a let down... and I proven wrong. it's a great walk/hike with absolutely gorgeous scenery. you're only hurting yourself of you don't go!

Trail very narrow in many spot. I did go shortly after the hurricane, and trail was marked far. However in several place it should not have been. It is very secluded, never seen a single person. Part of the trail could definitely use some TLC. Could definitely use some more trail markers, quite a few times I guessed about where the trail was. If you are not a fan of spider or spider webs I suggest you don't go on this trail or find yourself a stick of some sort to knock them down before you even start.

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