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Very pretty there’s a good amount of stairs wasn’t expecting that it’s worth going to the top of the lookout tower gives a nice view of the area beautiful Brooks parking is across the street from the post office then you walk up this large hill to your left my dog loved it

great for many activities. accessable

Great little trail full of ups and downs and a beautiful view! A messy place after rain though.

One of the best in Rhode Island. Can be challenging at times but amazing view of Providence at the summit!

Really nice walk!

Lots of flooding but great trail

Great trail! Nice views and an easy walk, but be careful! The .6 - .7 marker length of the trail is flooded and the trail they diverted around now also leads to a wetland.. just confusing. Took an extra 45 minutes to get back and Had to maneuver the flooded section of the trail, but after that it was easy. Just keep it in mind

I began the trail at dawn and did not see a soul until near completion of the loop. Some areas of the track are boggy or under water/ice but generally the trail is in good condition and well maintained, and the hike is still thoroughly enjoyable even this late in the year.

Great hike! Easy to get lost, make sure you have orange on during hunting season. You will walk into a gun club area about 400 acres of hunting grounds. Bring a second car as well, unless you want to hike 20 miles! Oh bring snacks you’ll get hungry!

Very pretty, easy two miles. The waterfall is a small one. From the description you might think it’s going to be a cascade fall, but it’s small and gentle and lovely. It can get very muddy in places, so wear appropriate footwear or plan to go after a spell of dry weather.

We went out with our 8 and 6 year olds and they loved the trails, however I was frustrated by the lack of markers. There was about an inch of lingering snow from the most recent storm, so the paths were difficult to find.

Lots of rocks with the leaves down makes it difficult for footing, wet in areas but nice trail against the river

Great trail. Well maintained and marked. I would have given it a five if I’d run into less people along the trail.

Lots of ups and downs . A bit challenging with leaves covering rocks and stumps. Have your hiking boots on and take it slow in the Fall.

Great hike with family and pet friendly.

Nice,beautiful trail however the white blazes leading to the Falls could be marked better; used the All Trails map to help us with that!!!

Do not do this path without the All Trails app or you will get lost. For first part off the road there are hardly any markers so stick close to the stream. Also two water crossings had no bridge across so we had to walk a mile around to a road and then cross a fallen tree to cross another.

Did this hike today with my humans. It was absolutely beautiful. My 20 pound body only needed assistance over one rock scramble. Pretty heavy water flow in the gorge but we managed to get across the log with no problem. Met some really cool canines on the trail. This is a definite must do. We will go back again!

Gorgeous trails. Saying that, nothing is marked and you could easily get lost. Follow the GPS trail on AllTrails. I would not recommend this trail for small children.

had first date with my girlfriend here. awesome spot.

Great trail, did the trail a day after heavy rains...really slippery and we needed to improvise river crossings but the waterfalls were reallllyyyyy pretty.

This loop was more of an Easy Hike than Moderate personally, lots of VERY easy terrain, there were no gains or descents that required even paying attention to footing, the grade transitions were all smooth and easily navigated with not even an adjustment in walking speed required. Yes the terrain can be rocky and there are a number of roots to contend with, but neither of these were problematic at all. Rocks and roots were all less than maybe 6 inches tall at max for the most part, no scrambling, didn't even need trekking poles. We got lapped by a trailrunner a few times, and we saw children, elderly and clearly novice hikers having zero issues with the terrain itself.

Trail markings at some of the junctions and diversions were a little lacking and did require consultuing the map, but in 4.4+ miles, the 4 or 5 times this was required wasn't that much of a big deal.

All main / mapped trails were open. Only a very small handful of offshoot and unnamed trail loops were closed for habitat recovery as of 09/23/2018.

Would have been a 5 star "Easy" hike if it weren't for the few issues with trail markers not being placed at all the junctions/diversions.

The dirt road is long and very steep with some good size dips in it. Highly recommend taking a Jeep or at least an suv or truck down here unless you park at the top and walk down! Beautiful waterfall!!! Mandatory orange vest or colored shirt. We unfortunately didn’t get to walk the trails today since we didn’t have that color on but did sit by the water which was flowing beautifully this morning.

4 months ago

The only thing that was not closed for restoration was the WWII memorial but it was very nice. Trails are well marked, though we did get turned around a few times. The terrain gets to be very rocky with lots of tree roots which can start to get annoying but otherwise, it’s decent.

An amazing place to hike during all seasons. A bit let down today however, the waterfall was bone dry. The trails were gorgeous as always. Completely kid friendly also. We had five children with us, ages 9 to 13.

One of my favorite hikes, I prefer the trails further out away from the lake, more of a hike lots of climbing , all the way around top of the ridges

Nice afternoon hike. First-time visit. Very rocky and many tree roots/tree’s down throughout the trail. A few steep stairways. OK for large breed dogs (I brought my Golden retriever).

Nice 2.5 mile hike. A little challenging, but our 3 and 4.5 year olds were able to complete it. Bring bug spray. Will come back in the fall to see the foliage!

It was a well maintained path with plenty and of wild critters. Our dog had a great time too.

Great place for a nice walk, wouldn’t suggest if you don’t want bugs in ur face lol but It was nice. Walked here with my dad, and he liked it as well. I would come back!

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