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3 days ago

Its a beautiful trail and a decent hike, but I couldnt get over the traffic im the background, logging roads, garbage truck went by on a dirt road. All that noise ruined the secluded feel for me.

This isn’t actually a path to walk on it’s just for kayaking...

When was the last time this trail was blazed? Too many unmarked trails. This could be a nice trail.

Awesome trail! Not too many bugs this time of the year and great Lake for the dogs to take a dip!

The loop they show is 1.4 miles but there are many more routes you can take. If you start at the horse stables at boat ramp you can add on another 1.8. I went point to point and two loops around route shown and then some. Landed up with a nice 8 mile hike. Beautifully shaded - great place.

Great trail, I did the red trail, my gps showed it at just about 5 Miles. The trail was very well marked. I’m a novice and this was a perfect trail for me. It challenged me in some spots but was easy enough not to be intimidating. Lots of bugs, but isn’t that expected in the woods? Im looking forward to going back to do the 8 mile loop.

29 days ago

The red trail is beautiful! I would love to return when the ticks aren't as bad.. Found about 25 of them on the dog after the walk.

1 month ago

The trails are typically marked clearly and are kept in good condition. People with dogs should know that many people walk their dogs off leash so just plan accordingly.

Used to go as a kid and it’s so much fun to walk on hills, see beautiful wildlife, great scenery!

Fun hike through varied terrain. Long grass on both sides of the trail meant Long pants and sleeves were needed.

Well maintained. Decent amount of traffic. Great views along the coast.

Please read Lauren’s review-spot on. My parents live in EG, when I’m home, I work out here a lot. Ideal for dogs, children, picnics (grills provided, and parking), beaching, running on cement, trail running, walking, horse back riding, mountain biking (not terribly extreme), reading a book under a shady tree, kayak launching....bathrooms located around park. Safe for solo people, lots of shade to walk and run, mainly bug free (mornings rough in woods on trails in July, stick to cement...very few cars). The loop I normally do from equine center along water and down to carousel and loop back around is probably 4....
Farmers mkt Friday’s from 9-12.
I swim in July here laps as beach as a guard, and is buoyed off. Easy and shallow to lap swim. Check for closings. Rare but happens with torrential rain.

Love the woman who bequeathed this park. There are so many happy people here daily!!!

So much of this once beautiful place has fallen in disrepair. lots of trash around where haunted hill is done as well as along the blue trail to the top. vigorous climbing up if your looking for some leg work!

1 month ago

Great trail. Nice ocean views. Completed a 4 mile route.

This trail was pretty nice but takes so long because it's not marked at all with lots of other mini trails in and around it. l spent most of my time looking at the app and backtracking. Unless you don't mind walking around and not knowing where you're going, you will like it, lol. There are roads all around and throughout but still no clue which way to go.

2 months ago

This was a pleasant walk with my seven-year-old, with a nice breeze off the lake for parts of the hike. We planned to take the red loop, but the signage, which was really clear for the first half, was confusing/missing in places so we ended up on a bit longer hike. A few notes about taking the trail with kids:
1) Hiking boots and bug spray are a must. Even on a dry July day there was a fair amount of mud (although probably not as much as my daughter would have liked. I'd recommend hiking poles, but I always say that.
2) "moderate" is a fair appraisal; it's not very steep anywhere, but the terrain varies a lot in small ways, from rocky to lakeside to beds of pine needles, which makes it better for kids. (My daughter gets bored if the trail is too flat or monotonous or doesn't have things to climb.) There aren't a lot of dangers or areas where kids could easily vanish from sight. But what it also doesn't have is the kind of attractions/landmarks along the way that help keep kids focused (like the way the Mashomoquet loop has Table Rock/the Wolf Den/the Indian Chair for kids to stop at along the loop).
3) We mostly had the trail to ourselves, but there were a lot of campers and swimmers in the park. For parts of the walk you feel like you're walking by a lot of campsites, while other parts are more secluded.
4) Bring a bathing suit for after. My daughter was a little distraught that we couldn't go swimming in the pond after the hike, and if I'd realized there was a pond/beach right at the trailhead I would have brought suits. There's an area for changing/bathrooms at the trailhead.

2 months ago

dogs are ok in the offseason and usually after 5 PM in the summer

Nice trail through the woods, mostly flat and probably doable in sneakers, but I was glad I wore my boots because it's rooty and rocky in areas. Didn't see another soul on the trail on a weekday afternoon. A lot of pretty mossy/ferny areas. As others have said, the trail takes you around ponds and through marshes, so yes, bugspray.

Extremely well marked except for a moment on the orange trail going clockwise near the Pulaski Wildlife Marsh where the map shows it curving around the water over the grassy area, but there are orange markers pointing away from it on another trail as well - I followed the map and it worked out.

trail running
2 months ago

I did the Blue and the Red trails today, my Garmin GPS measured the entire route as 6 miles(I parked at the gate). Some parts a little muddy and rocky, but a great run/hike. Next time I’ll wear bug spray.

2 months ago

I did enjoy this trail but it was not clearly marked at beginning so I needed this app to get onto the trail. Also, read the signs when parking, we parked next to parked cars and missed the sign for trailer parking. Got an $89 parking ticket.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Intermediate to expert level riding. Easy on and off trails. No need to carry anything besides one bottle of water. Food and spare water can be kept in the vehicle for quick breaks and back on the trails. I consider this a great free gym for a short workout. Can’t always go to the very long trails especially after work or busy weekends. I tend to ride on Saturday and Sunday early morning for an hour or two. Then off to start the day doing other things.

Didn’t get to walk the whole trail because of poison ivy, which my husband is highly allergic to. Otherwise, gorgeous views on the rocks, and graffitied fort interesting.

2 months ago

Cut through the woods before the beach if you’re trying to trail run or walk with purpose, I always skip the beach part unless I’m just strolling. The briars get a bit crazy on the back side of the loop but I do enjoy the trail.

if you follow the cliff a little ways, you'll end up at the "Moonrise Kingdom" where Wes Anderson made that movie. it's pretty cool. the folliage has grown a bit since the filming so the bach is a LITTLE different but if you stand to the right a little and squint, you'll see the shot. it's pretty cool. highly recommend.

Lots of parking. Lots of trail options.

Traveling over rocks of various sizes got old pretty quick. Kind of same view over and over - not very interesting. Rodman’s Hollow was much better.

Very nice place to hike, but the trails/paths are NOT marked and there are many. Right from the start, we were continually wondering which way to go. Luckily we had Map My Walk going on the cell phone which helped us find our way back to the very nice parking area at the head of the trail. With some trail markings, this would be an excellent place to hike.

road biking
3 months ago

This is a good Family Trail due to its length and the fact that it is heavily trafficked. The best parking I found was at the trail head in Slater’s Memorial Park, near the baseball field. Nice partial views of the river along the way and only one road crossing. Bonus: Slater Memorial Park, which has an amazing playground, paddle boats to rent, Looff Carousel and much more!

Hiked this loop on 6/13/2018. Although its a nice hike, there is literally 2 miles worth of knee high grass out of 6.3 miles. It could use some traffic to matt it down!

If it wasn’t for the app we would had taken a very different route. The trail wasn’t marked at all. To start it you have to go between private property.

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