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great for many activities. accessable

13 days ago

Walk it, ride it, run it, blade or board it....the EBBP is the best!

Great little trail full of ups and downs and a beautiful view! A messy place after rain though.

Got a little soggy and impassable after a day of heavy rain but it’s marked well and a beautiful trail

Nice, easy walk.

Really nice walk!

17 days ago

My humans took me to do this trail today. The first half of this trail was absolutely beautiful and well marked with white trailblazes. At the peak there are four man-made rock chairs which provide for a wonderful photo opportunity. Once you cross over 165 and approach what would be about the 4 mile mark you intersect with the North South Trail. These trails are marked with blue blazes. The white blazes end and there is no information to provide as to which way one should go to continue on the Mount Tom trail. We followed The blue markers heading south on the north-south trail.. Once you come out to a dirt road there is zero markings left for one to follow unless if you stay on the road (blue markers to left). According to the AllTrails map this is the wrong direction. From this point on regardless of which way you travel there are no markings anywhere. Hence, you really have no idea where you’re going other than if you’re all trails guide is telling you you are on the right path. I would not recommend this hike to anyone without having an AllTrails map. Definitely going to communicate with the Arcadia management team and inform them that the Lack of appropriate markings and information is out right dangerous for novice hikers. Other than that we had an absolutely beautiful hike. Wear shoes that are appropriate for wet muddy conditions.

Lots of flooding but great trail

Dogs running loose again !!!!! The caretakers of this preserve need to stop the people with dogs in these woods. Every time I walk this property there are dogs running around loose and creating stress on the wildlife there . It’s a dam shame !!!!!!

Not my favorite trail. Actually it’s my least favorite. Very overgrown on many paths. Was nice to get my pup outside but I honestly found this place creepy.

No dogs allowed

27 days ago

I've hiked this trail and hunted the area many times. Neat landscape well marked trails, many free running dogs.

Great trail! Nice views and an easy walk, but be careful! The .6 - .7 marker length of the trail is flooded and the trail they diverted around now also leads to a wetland.. just confusing. Took an extra 45 minutes to get back and Had to maneuver the flooded section of the trail, but after that it was easy. Just keep it in mind

Great trail. Went first week of December. Was quiet. Well marked path and very scenic. Wonderful river and has numerous parts that gain elevation. Challenging for young kids. Great trail. No parking lot, but area to pull over into.

An awesome trail.the only reason I did not rate all of them is because there was no parking spot. But I love this trail!

Great hike! Easy to get lost, make sure you have orange on during hunting season. You will walk into a gun club area about 400 acres of hunting grounds. Bring a second car as well, unless you want to hike 20 miles! Oh bring snacks you’ll get hungry!

Very pretty, easy two miles. The waterfall is a small one. From the description you might think it’s going to be a cascade fall, but it’s small and gentle and lovely. It can get very muddy in places, so wear appropriate footwear or plan to go after a spell of dry weather.

A nice walk! Wear orange vests and hats!

This is one of my favorite trails!it was a great loop. nice bridges not much water really good trail.but was very cold.so you should get lots of winter gear on when you go on this trail. but overall loved this trail!

We went out with our 8 and 6 year olds and they loved the trails, however I was frustrated by the lack of markers. There was about an inch of lingering snow from the most recent storm, so the paths were difficult to find.

The parking is very confusing. There are no parking signs at the entrance and the other parking area down the road was blocked off. I talked to some locals there and they said it was fine to park at the entrance and that the sign was only to discourage people. Hmm...

Also, there is a requirement to wear fluorescent orange due to the area being welcome to hunters. Lots of folks out there in bright orange carrying rifles and I didn’t feel safe running around without any bright colors on.

I won’t be going back.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

Great trail. Well maintained and marked. I would have given it a five if I’d run into less people along the trail.

Lots of ups and downs . A bit challenging with leaves covering rocks and stumps. Have your hiking boots on and take it slow in the Fall.

Great hike with family and pet friendly.

Great trail for hiking. Bring a map. Well defined trail but intersects with numerous other trails within Arcadia. Lots of options to make hike as long as you want. Easily can do loop just around Pond, about 1.5 miles total. Great views. Wear your orange during hunting season. Good parking lot.

Do not do this path without the All Trails app or you will get lost. For first part off the road there are hardly any markers so stick close to the stream. Also two water crossings had no bridge across so we had to walk a mile around to a road and then cross a fallen tree to cross another.

from September to February, wearing orange is required. this is a hunting area.

Lots of trail options. Beautiful trees and vantage points to see the ocean and ponds.

It was so nice for me and my dog

Did this hike today with my humans. It was absolutely beautiful. My 20 pound body only needed assistance over one rock scramble. Pretty heavy water flow in the gorge but we managed to get across the log with no problem. Met some really cool canines on the trail. This is a definite must do. We will go back again!

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