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Did shelter trial and river trail. I would rate river trail as difficult not moderate. I also heard many gunshots - beginning of sept so makes you wonder. Beautiful hike fun but don’t like the gunshots.

Feel like your in New Hampshire. Buggy in summer months. Forest trail with nice loop.

only 1.5 miles if you stick by pond didnt have full map til return.Wish we had whole map. Nice clear and flat

Lots of ways to do these breakheart area trails. Today we did this loop roughly with a side trip to Alton Jones Whispering Pines campus to fetch our dog Zip, who decided it was more fun to chase deer than pay attention to us!

2 months ago

I did enjoy this trail but it was not clearly marked at beginning so I needed this app to get onto the trail. Also, read the signs when parking, we parked next to parked cars and missed the sign for trailer parking. Got an $89 parking ticket.

This rail was poorly marked, we got lost numerous times and finally left out of frustration

3 months ago

The only (slight) complaint I have is that the signage could be a lot better. Otherwise, had a great time on this trail! There is a little bit of everything - hills, rocks, beautiful pond views, a few mucky spots (my hiking poles came in handy in a couple of places), lots of ferns, some pretty mountain laurel in bloom. I used insect repellent and didn't find it buggy at all, which surprised me on a nice warm day like this. Only explored the blue trail this time, but will come back another day to hike the yellow.

3 months ago

One of the best trails in the area in my opinion. Wonderful cliffs in the middle of the hike. Couple nice views of Beach Pong. Can get a bit buggy in the middle of the summer so bring DEET.

nice woodsy trail. the entire thing was in the shade. bugs were not too bad. there was also a decent amount of rock hopping and some substantial up and down. ill go back.

4 months ago

Great hike! Neat little rock caves along the way and pretty views of the pond.

Inspiring and beautiful. With lots of ways to wander as you will. Only did part - not whole - but will be back. Came in late April and did hear gunshots. Not sure what the hunting is like in the area, but may be good to wear bright colors.

It's a good thing I know the trails from horseback or I would have gotten lost. The trail is not marked and I ended up missing a large section. A lot of downed trees blocking the path but easily gotten around. Will definitely try it again!

Nice area - don’t be afraid to follow the side trails, especially the one along the river just before the bridge.

Perfect for kids. Very easy and lovely.

Cool ride through dirt roads to this private oasis. A dam that creates a little waterfall..a couple bridges that go across streams. Perfect trail to run a couple loops. Wear bright colors, if in hunting season. You're safe, but I feel better doing that. Really pretty foliage in the fall. Serene

nice , easy hike along the river

Very nice trail, mostly in forest with sparse understory. If you walk it counterclockwise, follow first yellow blazes of Breakhart trail, then the white blazes of Shelter trail southwards. At Frosty Hollow pond, take the John Hudson trail northwards to go back to Breakhart pond.

Nice easy hike. Usually pretty quiet. Would give it 5 Stars but lots of people who frequent there don’t pick up their dogs poop.

I would categorize this as an easy Trail not moderate. It's pretty much a bike path. There was a pretty good hike about a half-mile in but it didn't last long. From there on it was a flat, no frills bike path. That, along with the annoying gun range nearby made this a below than average hike. There are many other better options in Rhode Island.

The beginning of this route is great for hikers. Some farm ruins and nice varied terrain. As you round the pond and take the right turn after a small bridge this very much becomes a mountain biking circuit. There are some nice opportunities to stray off the main trail and explore a bit but overall this course is more suited to biking. I rate it a 2 out of 5 based on the trails it competes with in the area.

Easy to get off the trail, not really interesting scenery... for the drive out here wasn't worth it

These trails are easy to get lost on, but you can go through pretty much any type of scenery you wish, just pick a direction.

Monday, July 31, 2017

one of the most forgettable hikes I've ever been on, honestly. I don't understand all the 4 and 5 star reviews. The brook itself was barely a trickle even with all the rain we've had this year. Sure it was peaceful, but very very easy. I knocked it out in less than an hour.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Really sweet trail, not too easy, not too hard. No wildflowers to speak of but a nice stand of milkweed at the start. Use bug spray - lots of tall grasses along the way and some brambles across the trail. Some wet/slippery spots after the rain the other day, and watch out for the broken glass areas on Stony Road at the entrance to each wood trail. But a nice trail. Perfect day for hiking!!

Great! Enjoyed the hike.

Pros: Nice easy trail, sandal friendly, pond & brook, beautiful flowers, very light traffic
Cons: Trails are not well marked and many offshoots with no clear markings, very near gun range, bugs
Overall it was a pleasant hike and we enjoyed wondering off and exploring some of the offshoots, made it a 6.0 mile hike with an elevation gain of 384 ft.

Friday, May 26, 2017

One of the best trails around, in my opinion. My girlfriend and I have been going to Beach Pond for the past 2 years, and never realized that there was a sweet trail right behind us. Embarrassing, I know, but Beach Pond is nice enough just being by the water. We typically save the hiking days for more moderate level trails, but this one was a great surprise.

It is an out-and-back trail, so I does not loop back around by the water like we were hoping, unless you want to cut through private property and link up with N. Shore Rd. Which I'd have to advise against, at least in the summer months..even though that's what we did ;P

We brought our dog, and he was loving life. Throughout the hike there are small creeks, lots of ups and downs, very cool rock structures that look like caves, and a deep valley. There is also a mailbox registry where the 2 trails meet.

Keep Beach Pond Clean! I always see trash there which makes me upset because it's one of my favorite places around here.

A nice loop with some cool things to see. Unfortunately I'm guessing it's near a gun range due to all the gun shots. Can't wait to try some of the other hikes in the Arcadia area.

very nice great views of pond

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Great hike

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