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Great trail.thin path.lots of mud.but it is a super nice trail to go on sunny days.super nice pond. Pond looks beautiful in sun . Nice bridge over the water.many different ways and trails you can go on. Awesome trail!

15 days ago

The trail listed is 4+ miles but there are many connecting trails which allow you to adjust the length of your hike. Well maintained and marked trails. Wonderful views. Need boots because of some mud, but overall a nice trail year round.

Great little trail full of ups and downs and a beautiful view! A messy place after rain though.

Nice, flat trail. Pretty even with bare trees.

Great hike! Easy to get lost, make sure you have orange on during hunting season. You will walk into a gun club area about 400 acres of hunting grounds. Bring a second car as well, unless you want to hike 20 miles! Oh bring snacks you’ll get hungry!

Very pretty, easy two miles. The waterfall is a small one. From the description you might think it’s going to be a cascade fall, but it’s small and gentle and lovely. It can get very muddy in places, so wear appropriate footwear or plan to go after a spell of dry weather.

Great trail. Well maintained and marked. I would have given it a five if I’d run into less people along the trail.

Lots of ups and downs . A bit challenging with leaves covering rocks and stumps. Have your hiking boots on and take it slow in the Fall.

trail running
2 months ago

Very easy to find trailhead, super easy to find your way, very well marked. A good trail for beginning trail runners, just enough rocks, roots and wet leaves and to make it interesting. No steep or long climbs, just enough to get the blood moving. Pretty wooded area.

from September to February, wearing orange is required. this is a hunting area.

3 months ago

lovely trail. great in snow. done it many times. narrow & hilly. good workout. total trail length including out-and-back is more like 7 miles/about 2.5 hrs. Only drawback is no streams crossing. there's pond at end of green trail. blue trail crosses/overlaps a road for 50 yards. also can do cemetery part of trail not on map, but good. best trail in sk imo.

4 months ago

good trail for me after finding the beginning. No maps at beginning but was clearly marked at each intersection with mileage. This stopped at gravely road no more length markings. Did the loops first then to the overlook had to turnaround due to time and didnt truly know how long it was to the end..all the websites of this trail have different numbers. Small hills each seemed to be followed by a length of flatness changed from sneakers to my hiking shoes about a mile in. Saw a few redheaded woodpeckers which was great so use to seeing the herring or commonly called seagulls living at the beach. I always bring a backpack with supplies in case of injury..who knows when youll be found if injured and cant get to phone...

4 months ago

Excellent trail with very clear markings! As others have said, the scenic view doesn't offer a lot (other than trees... which I have zero problem with) during the summer and early fall before the leaves have fallen.

Short, open, flat and wide trail. Good quick walk with dogs/kids.

Nice afternoon hike. First-time visit. Very rocky and many tree roots/tree’s down throughout the trail. A few steep stairways. OK for large breed dogs (I brought my Golden retriever).

Did shelter trial and river trail. I would rate river trail as difficult not moderate. I also heard many gunshots - beginning of sept so makes you wonder. Beautiful hike fun but don’t like the gunshots.

Nice 2.5 mile hike. A little challenging, but our 3 and 4.5 year olds were able to complete it. Bring bug spray. Will come back in the fall to see the foliage!

short and sweet. needs more parking.

4 months ago

First time I have hiked this trail, and I liked it a lot. I didn't go all the way to the end of the Blue Trail - just a little past the scenic overlook (from which you can't see the ocean or Block Island now in high summer because of foliage!), then doubled back and did all the loops. There are enough hills to make it interesting, and the trails are well marked and maintained. It was sad to see how overgrown and uncared for the cemetery looks, though. I'll come back in late fall or winter when there isn't so much tall grass to wade through so that I can see the gravestones better. Very nice trail overall!

4 months ago

This trail was well marked and maintained. There is enough elevation changes to give a good workout. We hiked a 4 mile loop with a side hike to the overlook. The overlook’s view was mostly blocked by leaves. I believe that it would be a nice view once the leaves fall.
If I lived closer I would hike this trail more often.

5 months ago

The trail was nice and scenic, but it was a bit hilly. Still fun though!

I would definitely recommend going when it’s cooler. I’ll be back to do more of the trails in The colder months. There were just way to many bugs to enjoy it. The trails were good. I would rate it moderate more than easy.

Great hike with the kids!! From the wild blueberry bushes to the fern gully’s and a possible deer sighting. Kids enjoyed very much. Bugs were a little unpleasant but we got through it.

we will never do this trail again!!! be prepared to be covered in ticks!!!!

not a great one

6 months ago

I did the blue trail. Well marked. Some ups and downs, not super strenuous, but more of a workout than most trails I’ve walked in the area. I missed the scenic overlook the first time, the trees in the distance are tall enough to nearly block the view. Would come back in the fall or late fall, it’s probably lovely during peak foliage.

Bug spray during summer, also wouldn’t necessarily call this easy. One of the few trails I’ve walked in RI with any elevation change to note

This rail was poorly marked, we got lost numerous times and finally left out of frustration

6 months ago

It was a great walk though not marked at all. I walked about 5 miles

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