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Good hunting area as well as hiking

14 days ago

Walk it, ride it, run it, blade or board it....the EBBP is the best!

16 days ago

One of my favorites with the pup. Don’t have her leashed, usually come across nice friendly people, many with well behaved dogs as well. The end point at Scarborough is beautiful very instagram worthy. Only thing I’ll say is I find it hard to believe that it’s two miles total, even taking the long loop to the left when you first enter. Very easy walk

18 days ago

My humans took me to do this trail today. The first half of this trail was absolutely beautiful and well marked with white trailblazes. At the peak there are four man-made rock chairs which provide for a wonderful photo opportunity. Once you cross over 165 and approach what would be about the 4 mile mark you intersect with the North South Trail. These trails are marked with blue blazes. The white blazes end and there is no information to provide as to which way one should go to continue on the Mount Tom trail. We followed The blue markers heading south on the north-south trail.. Once you come out to a dirt road there is zero markings left for one to follow unless if you stay on the road (blue markers to left). According to the AllTrails map this is the wrong direction. From this point on regardless of which way you travel there are no markings anywhere. Hence, you really have no idea where you’re going other than if you’re all trails guide is telling you you are on the right path. I would not recommend this hike to anyone without having an AllTrails map. Definitely going to communicate with the Arcadia management team and inform them that the Lack of appropriate markings and information is out right dangerous for novice hikers. Other than that we had an absolutely beautiful hike. Wear shoes that are appropriate for wet muddy conditions.

if you jump in the woods behind the cave there is a ridgline single track that cuts all the way over to the farside of the park and meets up with the walking path.

Great trail for kids to learn about tress and birds and nature did it in a hr

Pretty wet hiking after all the rain we've had lately. Lots of low, wet spots, but an easy walk with nice scenery. Watch out for the prickly vines, though!

This is one of my favorite trails!it was a great loop. nice bridges not much water really good trail.but was very cold.so you should get lots of winter gear on when you go on this trail. but overall loved this trail!

This trail was very fun. I enjoyed it a lot.but the only thing about it that I did not like was there was not a lot of things to look at like not cool rocks there was not that many cool things on the ground.when you go on this trail in the summer there is lots of bugs flying around.when you go to this trail in summer you need to put big spray on.but overall great trail!

Lots of rocks with the leaves down makes it difficult for footing, wet in areas but nice trail against the river

2 months ago

My boys and I checked this place out today. It’s right on the water, has lots of cool rocks to climb, and some interesting relics from when it was an amusement park-neat history! It’s not huge, but was fun to spend a couple of hours in watching the water and climbing rocks. There’s a paved trail that is relatively short, so it’s good for a quick, easy walk, with beautiful views. Pleasantly surprised!

Great trail for hiking. Bring a map. Well defined trail but intersects with numerous other trails within Arcadia. Lots of options to make hike as long as you want. Easily can do loop just around Pond, about 1.5 miles total. Great views. Wear your orange during hunting season. Good parking lot.

Excellent walk with informative history stands small signs telling you what that particular plant is. booths with bug spray. I caution you to use your own bug spray though! you just dont know what's been put into those bottles. I had gone with a friend, they had sprayed themselves, needles to say it was not big spray! lol... a side from that I was a great place. although my friend will never return lol.

Nice,beautiful trail however the white blazes leading to the Falls could be marked better; used the All Trails map to help us with that!!!

It was so nice for me and my dog

2 months ago

LOVED this trail. Wide, well kept trails taken care of by volunteers. Lots of hand made signage explaining trees, the area, some history etc. They offer blaze orange vests during hunting season, 'shovels' to throw dog poop off the trail, so you don't have the pleasure of stepping in it. We walked on a lot of the trails that were not marked as part of this loop, but still marked as trails connected to the 'loop;, and we still only logged 3.9 miles. Maybe I misread the mileage/map. We did hear a couple gun shots and figured it might be the police that have a target range nearby. Nope. We heard this loud noise and thought it was a deer making it's way through the woods, and lo and behold, out comes a hunter and his hunting dog. He was bird hunting and had missed. Made us a little concerned to be walking through the woods others are hunting in. We hunt occasionally but try not to walk where they hunt, as we never know the caliber of the hunter. Overall, an excellent hike. Kudos to those that maintain and make it such an informative trail. Saw my first wintergreen and LOVED the bird houses made out of hollowed out logs along the trail. Ponds were beautiful also.

Be careful during hunting season.

3 months ago

Great place to hike, my family and I love it!

had first date with my girlfriend here. awesome spot.

3 months ago

Nice trail. Rocky. Dogs are allowed with leash. Great view of Jamestown bridge. The beach section (0.25 mile section) was full of shells which was hard on the pups paws. Last mile of trail is narrow, but overall nice trail.

Truck path, no views, no elevation, no challenge, no payoff. Would not recommend to anyone for any reason.

3 months ago

Trail was not clear when we reached the dirt road. I agree that “ easy” rating would be an issue for anyone not in shape for climbing.

Beautiful trails

3 months ago

Nice easy stroll. Beautiful ponds! Narragansett Indian massacre took place here during King Phillip's War.

Nice easy trail great ocean view!!

Great easy walking trails with views of Narragansett Bay.

Lots of fun to run along the bay, and do loops on the paved path. Also some decent trails to play on as well.

Excellent walk but can be crowded. Watch out for bikes. Some think they are road racers. Water views, marshes and birds, including ospreys, make it all worthwhile.

The dirt road is long and very steep with some good size dips in it. Highly recommend taking a Jeep or at least an suv or truck down here unless you park at the top and walk down! Beautiful waterfall!!! Mandatory orange vest or colored shirt. We unfortunately didn’t get to walk the trails today since we didn’t have that color on but did sit by the water which was flowing beautifully this morning.

nice ocean views. short trail. clean outhouse at parking area

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