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11 days ago

Awesome area to snow shoe, cross country ski, or walk along the trail!

Super fun! I got a little lost (definitely my fault not the trail markers) but a great run. I’ll be back!

Not my favorite trail. Actually it’s my least favorite. Very overgrown on many paths. Was nice to get my pup outside but I honestly found this place creepy.


Well maintained. Good parking lot. Well marked trail. Scenic. Running water / water views / great rocks / multiple nice water crossings

The parking is very confusing. There are no parking signs at the entrance and the other parking area down the road was blocked off. I talked to some locals there and they said it was fine to park at the entrance and that the sign was only to discourage people. Hmm...

Also, there is a requirement to wear fluorescent orange due to the area being welcome to hunters. Lots of folks out there in bright orange carrying rifles and I didn’t feel safe running around without any bright colors on.

I won’t be going back.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

Nice walk close to home. Great place to with the family or the dogs. Lots to explore.

Lincoln woods is a gem of a place one can feel a deep woods experience even though a major highway is always less than 2 miles away .

Awesome.. easy trail.. great for walking, jogging, dogs

3 months ago

Nice, nearby escape from the city. I take my dog here for occasional morning walks around the largest loop -- pretty woods and a nice mellow walk that's never very busy.

A perfect cloudy October day! Beautiful!

Loved this for a walk with the dogs. The trail is nice, a little rocky in places, but beautiful from every direction. There are places where a stream and light waterfalls can be heard amongst a rich, deciduous landscape. A one-hour walk. No complaints.

I have rode here several times ,with out gps easy to get lost or looped back far from parking spot but never really lost most trails come out to main rd or run across other people.

great trail. big pond

When was the last time this trail was blazed? Too many unmarked trails. This could be a nice trail.

4 months ago

The trails are typically marked clearly and are kept in good condition. People with dogs should know that many people walk their dogs off leash so just plan accordingly.

This trail was pretty nice but takes so long because it's not marked at all with lots of other mini trails in and around it. l spent most of my time looking at the app and backtracking. Unless you don't mind walking around and not knowing where you're going, you will like it, lol. There are roads all around and throughout but still no clue which way to go.

very peaceful, calm hike.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Intermediate to expert level riding. Easy on and off trails. No need to carry anything besides one bottle of water. Food and spare water can be kept in the vehicle for quick breaks and back on the trails. I consider this a great free gym for a short workout. Can’t always go to the very long trails especially after work or busy weekends. I tend to ride on Saturday and Sunday early morning for an hour or two. Then off to start the day doing other things.

Disappointing this morning. I tried to take my kids here and the trails are very overgrown. We had to turn around part way through the blue loop.

7 months ago

Did the smaller of the trails and it was a good hike. My husband and I did the trail around the pond. Beautiful scenes, saw the waterfall, and got a decent sweat out of it.

Nice trail. Like the yellow route.

7 months ago

It’s alright. Tons of bug, nice views, good for beginners it was a nice hike overall.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Nice ride

There’s a loop that goes around the whole park but you’ll be walking on the road through the park, still surrounded by trees and offers beautiful views of the lake. There are also trails through the woods that are more true to hiking, also offering great views of the lake. Some of those trials still cut through the road briefly depending on the trial you take, but are mostly through the woods. Wonderful options for all seasons however less parking is available in the off-season. The sunset hiking trials and whole park in general offers great views around sunset. The foliage in autumn is also worth a visit. You can also rent a picnic area for a couple dollars and hang out, if you want to make a day out of it. Easy trials, kid and dog friendly. The road trails get pretty busy in nice weather but the dirt paths are less populated.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Great mountain biking. There are trails shared between hikers and mt bikers, so look out for one another. There are narrow trails that are for mountains only. I dont know about other bikers but Im flying and would never have time to stop if a hiker. sooo please please please, if you are hiking stay off the mountain bike trails so no one gets hurt. Also mountain bikers, keep a look out for dear. Had a close call not too long ago.

great place to ride. some easy trails but then there is much more challenging trails. The only thing tho, trails are not marked at all. I enjoy adventures so I dont really care about getting lost. Just ride smart and ride safe.

Great trail for walking your dog!

9 months ago

We definitely got lost as this trail isn’t marked great— many side trails with no markers or blazes to tell where to go. We honestly made our own trail when we could hear the highway and walked from the on ramp back our car. Otherwise it’s a great park with a lot of trails to offer— just navigate better than we did!

10 months ago

A little wet and a few trees down but much better than I had anticipated considering the storm.

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