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Rhode Island Map

This is a very nice, well mapped and marked hike. There are allot of different trails here. I hiked the perimeter. There were several benches to take breaks. I recomend it.

Perfect for kids. Very easy and lovely.

4 days ago

Just finished our second attempt at completing the Warner Trail in one weekend. Starting at Dedham Street in Sharon and following the trail until reaching the shelter in Foxboro state forest. We camped overnight in the forest it was 12 degrees at night and quite cold even with winter sleeping bags and a large fire. Due to the less than ideal nights sleep we woke up groggy and got a late start. (Same thing happened last year) The trip from Sharon to the shelter is 13.3 miles and very pleasant most of the time. Some road walking is tiring but a few in the group enjoyed fried chicken from the DQ in Foxboro just before entering the state forest. The second day is much longer and requires probably 8 hours of hiking time. Due to the late start we made it to burnt swamp road and had to put on head lights. Just past camp Ker-Anna we entered the trail and luckily there was a brand new bridge over the raging river coming out of the dam. We were so sure we would finish in one hour. Then we came to the next big stream crossing and there was no bridge. It was 15 degrees and pitch dark out and decided that trying to cross a frozen log and most likely getting soaking wet just was not worth it when we called for a ride to pick us up at the camp and back tracked.
I love that this trail exists and enjoy walking it and will most likely be a annual trip. It is fairly well marked for most of it. Some tricky spots come up but if I could give one tip to anyone wanting to do this...use the guide book and maps. I think it would be impossible without the book and maps. A lot of the road crossings cut through people's back yards or are up little embankments on the side of the road that you would never see if you were just trying to walk it. Also the shelter in Foxboro is convenient to stay at but is less than half way so the second day ends up being way longer than day one so get up early on day two!!
Visit warnertrail.org for info. Again fun little trail in the heart of suburban Massachusetts that not many people even know exists. Let's keep it alive!

Not well marked. Had nice water sights. Beautiful in winter.

5 days ago

Beautiful trail but my hiking app says it is only 3 miles so a little shorter than anticipated.

I hiked this trail for the 100000000 time today. It never gets old. One thing for sure. Its best when its been dry for a long time. There are allot of small streams that run along the trails, and the trails stay wet for a while. Its just one of those trails that stay wet for a while. Still really nice.

Beautiful little gem in my home state, lots of snow, probably better off with snowshoes until the snow melts and packs. This trail was a series of different trails, so be careful and keep checking your recording if you want to complete this trail, maybe it was harder to follow in snow too. Very well lit trail so I think in the spring, summer and fall this would be much much easier.

nice trail system in the early stages of development still. convenient trail maps along the way and bridges to cross over mud/water. seen deer, owls and other wildlife.

19 days ago

Good wooded trail to connect with main trail

I came in from Carrs Pond rd, near Middle rd. Its kind of marked...lol. Once I arrived at to the pond, I just walked the perimeter. I was a beautiful, wide open trail. Though it not well marked, Its still easy to get around, and was beautiful on a snowy day.

Outstanding path. Very easy, lots to see

Did this hike at the end of December. I loved it. Very peaceful, lots to see, and well marked. A must do!

I walk this trail often. It is well marked and very clean. Map stations are also along the trails. Lots to see. Wear safety colors.

This might be my favorite trail. I love it.

I walk this trail allot and love it. if you dont want to walk on the pebble beach, before you get to the wTer where the benches are, look to your left. there is a small trail that winds through the woods. At the end go rt, and you will be heading to the point. Might see some seals there.

This was my first down and back trail, this is a good one nice inclines and declines. It was a good hike with beautiful views and gets the heart pumping.

25 days ago

It’s important to note that we didn’t do the park trail loop, but rather made our way up to the top of Diamond Hill via the trail on the other side of Diamond Hill Road. It was about 1.5 miles to get from the parking lot to the top and back. There was about 4 inches of new snow on the ground. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. We started out by going straight up the hill via the old ski run and then made our way to the hilltop using the trails. We had our kids with us, one of whom is 6 yrs old, and they all did just fine. We’ll return in the spring to check it out sans snow, too! Definitely our favorite hike in Rhode Island, so far.

Very dog friendly, great trail! Easily marked!

Nice trail! A great workout, rocky terrain with a lot of stones and tree roots; slightly slippery after the recent rain. Beautiful creeks along some of the trails with a mini waterfall. Would love to hike this trail in the spring when there is more wildlife!

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