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road biking
20 hours ago

A great paved trail for walking/running, biking, skating, and horseback riding. The trail runs along beautiful rivers, meadows, forests, and passed great little downtowns. The trail is relatively flat on the portion I biked- from Snohomish to north of Lake Stevens. There were also 2 or 3 stops with facilities (restrooms, water fountains). It was a great ride and I plan to be back often.

on Poison Creek Trail

20 hours ago

Great path for a Sunday afternoon stroll on the backside of town. My girls (teenagers) really enjoyed the trickling stream with red algae, murals and sculptures and “sound garden.” And we ended up stopping at the park for a pickup game of sand volleyball. Runs parallel to Deer Valley Dr. so there can be a fair amount of traffic noise. Most other patrons were polite but some skaters, bikers whiz by without calling out.

A great trail. All concrete. Great for bicycling and other activities. Not much traffic. It goes both in town and out of town. We visited the Stuhr pioneer prairie museum on the way.

Excellent bike ride, just foot traffic and bikes. Which is nice because I hate to ride amongst traffic. Beautiful views of lake, and mountains in the distance. Peaceful with pull-offs to enjoy the view.
Went on a Monday afternoon and it was super chill. Do it!

Love to ride it, great scenery and easy going.

The trail runs along a creek and is flat, mostly shaded, well maintained, not too much traffic, with good parking, portapotties and a picnic shelter on the Frankfort side.

mountain biking
1 day ago

such a nice level trail perfect for biking with my children! love it so beautiful

walked the tunnel early in the morning with my son and two dogs, not to much traffic in the tunnel until we came back. it's a nice walk, remember a jacket and a good flashlight or headlamp. the tunnel is really dark. there was a nice place to sit and relax or have a snack before continuing the hike to twin falls.

Smooth ride, very straight and level for the most part. hooks up with legacy trail for a little while in Farmington, then splits apart in Centerville. Scenery varies from city, to suburbs, to ranches and farms and back again. lots of streets to cross which slows you down a bit. very well kept!

mountain biking
1 day ago

We had a great time on this bike ride. My 2.5 year old son, my husband, and myself (7 months pregnant) did about 1.5 miles of it before we turned around due to rain. We weren’t sure how to find it though and where to park. We asked a local and they just built a new bridge from the transit center parking to the trail. So park at the transit center and you’re set!

road biking
2 days ago

An incredible country trail through farmland and woods. Short trail for biking yet well worth the ride out and back. Plenty of parking at both ends. Easily accessible .

The trail was scenic and well maintained. it's ideal for families, folks who want an easy stroll in the woods, and a non-technical cycle. I trail ran it and would classify it as easy, not moderate. the trail is pretty good to run along with a couple steep bits at the turning point. I think m it'd be a fun trail to cross country ski later in the year.

Overcast-ed day and I got an earlier start. Each time I bike the B&A I am always trying to park in different locations. Today, I parked at Sawmill Creek Park and boy was the place crowded. The section running behind the Park is a bit ruff in spots. I was disappointed in seeing all the trash along the B&A thru the Glen Burnie town area near old Harundale Shopping Center. I turned around before I got to Marley Station Mall. I parked in that spot yesterday and biked South. I continue to bike different sections to learn the complete trail. It's a safety factor for me because I am a senior and keep the weather in mind. " Safety First "

very nice a peaceful,meeting other people too and very well kept winter and summer might want to think on putting watering stations every miles benches more miles joe pawlak and maybe the ones with thin tires common curtisy like say coming on the left like everyone else little more of park rangers and police on bike paramedics?

road biking
2 days ago

like riding my bike on these trails wildlife meeting other people excercise

Beautiful easy hike or bike along the river. This Rail Trail also connects to a shorter Harbor Walk trail which has excellent views while you walk right through Front Street Shipyard, an active shipyard.

Started in Draper and ran the Clayton Lake bridge and back, total 10 miles. Great views, flat and well maintained.

Best place to ride a bike. I love it

off road driving
2 days ago

The road was mainly a dirt road, there wasn’t a lot that was very moderate about it at all except when you turn off the main path and go exploring on the side paths. The views were alright, but I will say there were some slightly challenging obstacles along some of the side trails. There is one in particular that is a dead end and you can see a weather station set up at the top. Pretty cool!

The tunnel is 2.3 miles of dark, cold and dripping. It was crazy crowded with hiker/walkers, bikers of all types. I rate it easy as long as you can walk 5 miles. Be careful, some little kids were not paying attention an nearly go hit in the dark. Some others had no light or it died. So have a back up. Light jacket in summer while in tunnel is a good idea. If you park at the Hyat lot at east tunnel entrance you need a discovery pass. There is day pass envelopes there and rest rooms. I am

Nice easy and flat.

Today was a iffy day out. Thought for sure it was going to rain. I waited until the evening for the temps to cool down. If you don't wear cotton you will cool down just fine as long as you are moving. I started at Marley Station Mall this time and rode to the Ranger Station at W. Earleigh Heights Rd. This section was much easier for this old senior. I didn't even have to hike with my bike. No Problem with the terrain in this section for a single speed road cruiser.

road biking
3 days ago

Had a blast on the trail today with my wife, very easy ridding. Many spots are in the open sun so wear sunscreen like we didn’t XD

Very easy level wide trail.

My husband and I appreciate that portions of this trail look and exist as the land would have been a hundred plus years ago. The authenticity achieved by preserving nature and keeping all native plants makes it kind of a unique experience. We enjoyed seeing some wild flowers and going through some forestland..We also liked feeling the early pioneer spirit and seeing what they would have when they first got to Nebraska/the Mid-West. It helped that we visited the museum and watched the patriotic and informative video first. I'd recommend this trail!

This is a pretty nice trail. Nothing spectacular, but it’s a good time.

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