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Pennsylvania Map

on Darkwater OHV Trail

ohv/off road driving
10 hours ago

11 hours ago

This is Misleading, this isn’t a trail at all, merely a portion of an old railroad grade while the remaining portion of it is off trail. The person who made this “trail” has done it once, and they didn’t even know where to go, they brought a group of ten people and had to be shown where to go by an explorer they luckily ran into in the parking lot.

17 hours ago

Easy, quick loop in the woods. No sights other than forest and some old cabins, but would be good for trail running too. Trails on this loop are a bit wider than many of the others in the park. You do get somewhat close to local residences around the east side of the loop, but are good enough distance away (more noticeable in the winter).

17 hours ago

17 hours ago

This review encompasses a few of the trails that sprout off of the Turtle Trail. On the park’s map, the Turtle Trail shows 3.6 miles but the signs show 4 miles and this app shows 8ish so who knows! We started on Turtle to the fire tower offshoot then returned on Ridge trail. We also hit a bit of Horseshoe. Our recording is all over the place. This area is incredible. There was a few inches of snow on the ground and more coming down as we hiked. The trail, even covered with snow, was easy to follow- and blazes and signs are abundant. We will definitely return and explore this area more.

I had missed out on the northern part of this loop, but the rest was decent forest trail with some mild rockiness in spots. You do hike right in between local residences around Chestnut Hill Rd area, but the properties are spaced enough so it doesn't feel so much like you are walking in their backyard. In the summer, probably wouldn't be so much a problem with the tree coverage. There is a stretch where you are walking right on the road, but isn't for too long and is usually a nice change from the forest setting anyway. All of the trails in Coventry Woods Park are easy and in great shape with good blazes and signage at all the intersecting points. Most intersection of trails I noticed have benches as well.

17 hours ago

This trail probably has a little more variety than the other trails in the park, but is still very easy and only mildly rock in some spots. There is a pavilion with a fireplace early on that is across from a pond and then there is some short walks across field (all on southeast part of loop). All the rest is pretty much like the rest of the trails in the park. Nothing too scenic other than the trees and would be good for trail running. There is a small pull-off area on the road where the starting point for this route is marked, but was surrounded with a lot of No Trespassing signs. I ended up backtracking down the road a little where there is a more official Rock Run trail lot.

18 hours ago

Would rate this as easy. Is possibly a tiny bit rockier than some of the other trails in the park, but nothing really. Simple walk in the woods with a small stream crossing at the beginning.

over grown
18 hours ago

20 hours ago


This hike is such a great combination of high knob vista, pine forrest, steep trail, moss, rock formations, and babbling streams, it’s hard to top. Great hike on a snowy day.

I nice easy to moderate 10mile out and back trail to Mt Minsi overlook. Several great Vista views at the old Radio tower and at the two power line breaks. About 1 1/2 miles of unpaved access trail leads you to the Minsi overlook but nice views looking south with no leaves on the trees. The View if Mt Tamany from the Minsi overlook is beautiful. With binoculars you can see hikers on the look out of Mt Tamany. One small rock scramble in the middle of the hike. Would be ok for kids if they can handle the length, saw 5 other hikers on trail.

We started at the parking lot trailhead Donut Hole/Long Fork.. going up a long gradual uphill, plateau at the top is a forest road, and then there is a long steeper downhill using the Long Fork. We used the road to walk back to the car. A lot of coyote tracks! Scenic trail with a brook and a lot of Hemlock. If checking off lists is your thing, this checks off Hyner State Park, Bucktail State Park Natural Area, Sproul State Forest.. and a section of the Donut Hole Trail!

Nice hike. Trail was well maintained and there are some nice views and rocks to climb at the top. Trail conditions and weather were great.

Maybe the best quick 2 mile hike at Ridley. Only trick is parking by parking area E which is very small and tight (room for 5 cars max). The hike itself is really right along the creek for the most part and truly peaceful. My kids love it but the trail is tighter and has more roots/rocks than other spots in Ridley.

The app doesn’t have the wilderness trail documented on here. But I love this place, always a good hike despite being freezing!

Nice short hike from mile 70 to 68. Moderate uphill. View at the top.

1 day ago

We started at the parking lot trailhead going up a long gradual uphill, plateau at the top is a forest road, and then there is a long steeper downhill. We used the road to walk back to the car. A lot of coyote tracks! Scenic trail with a brook and a lot of Hemlock. If checking off lists is your thing, this checks off Hyner State Park, Bucktail State Park Natural Area, Sproul State Forest.. and a section of the Donut Hole Trail!

1 day ago

Without real winter weather this year all of the streams are running very high— looks more like April than January. The map shows a combination of the Morrison and Rimrock trails.

1 day ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. I started at a different point than most others start just so I didn't have to walk on the road. Didn't see another soul the whole time. rock scramble was more challenging than I expected but definitely not the worst I've done. Overall, a fun day hike!


1 day ago

did this combined with meadow run trail to add miles..a center point and must see at ohioplye..nice trails easy to follow

did this over a month ago when doing bear run trail..they shared trails..we came up on this at the end of 12 mile bear run black trail..nice view

1 day ago

did this about a month ago..nice clear trails at times rocky..nice view at the rock

2 days ago

did this a couple weeks ago..started at the straight point in..about a mile in we were having trouble finding an easy spot to cross crick..once we did we decided to climb straight up the mountain to the left..lot of jaggers but was a great workout..once at top we checked the app and another trail also ran across the whole top of that mountain peak and came back to the one we started so we took that which added some miles..had to check at times the app bc this also shares with other trails and intersections but wasn’t an issue..we clocked 12 miles total in this park that day taking the outer most portions

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