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2 months ago

"Bog and Boulder Trail" according to the sign at the trailhead and that about sums it up. As far as challenges the trail was great but be forewarned this is a bog / swamp and part of the trail is boulders. See pics for detail.

Pros: elevation and grade fairly level. The challenge comes navigating through or around large waterlogged areas. Water will spill over the top of hiking boots into the boot or else through the boot itself unless you have knee high waders. Some areas have a boardwalk but most are up to the hiker to wade through or else find a way around. Another plus was abundant water sources along the way. Entering the trail we headed left doing the 4.5 mile to the campsite and there were some good water sources along the way and at the campsite. The campsite was nice, lots of spots to pitch tent, loved the sound of the flowing river and slight waterfall effect, foliage was beautiful and abundant mushrooms of all sorts of colors.

Cons: graffiti on the trees at about the 8 mile mark made following the trail nearly impossible had it not been for All Trails, gps and pre-dowloaded map. Water sources for the second part of the loop were scarce and available sources had brown foam. The swing bridge was out so the second campsite and the campsite on the island are inaccessible unless you're brave enough to cross the river which was flowing pretty swiftly. This is a bog and boulder trail so it will definitely take a toll on your feet regardless of footwear.

We cut across Crumb Road to avoid the lowest elevation and ended at Verla Drive.

It was a great weekend and awesome challenge but not inclined to return.