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5 hours ago

Beautiful trail with lots of great vistas at the top. Completed the 30.5 in 44 hours, 2 nights, going north bound. The terrain changes up a lot, from flat, incline, decline, rocky, stream crossings and just about everything in between so it is a great trail to get a bit of everything. There are lots of camping sites on the first half from the southern terminous but on the second half we spotted a lot less and didn't see any in the last 6 miles but we were moving quickly because it was raining so we could have missed something. Also the second half is the most senic if you are going north bound. There was plenty a water along the way. We saw 8 people NoBo on the second day and a group of 3 guys and a dog head SoBo along the trail.
All in all this would be a great trail to take your time. I would have love to do this trail in 3 days instead of rushing through but we had a time limit.

This is a very difficult hike but the views were amazing .This was my longest hike ever and I will do it again . I have no complaints at all .

18 hours ago

Very nice, easy hike. No bugs, no mud, and beautiful views of the lake!

18 hours ago

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. During our trip the trees provided a wonderful canopy from the rain and the hot summer sun for most of it. Great trail with some exciting challenges throughout.

mountain biking
20 hours ago

lots of rocks and switch backs moon lake trail crew doing a great job bringing the trails back to life. Follow moon lake trail crew on Instagram for updates.

Camped at Blue Rocks campground which has two separate trails which connect to this trail loop. My kids were pissed at me for dragging them along but talk about their hike with great pride and for great reason. Some of the stretches of boulder climbing had my wife telling them to "Be careful" every few minutes. The view from Pulpit rock is great but I thought the Pinnacle was one of the great views one can see hiking in Pennsylvania. Next time I am leaving them home so I can camp overnight in the state gamelands with my wife but I am definitely bringing the bear repellent.

22 hours ago

Did this trail on a weekday in September and only saw a handful of people on it. Steady decline that didn't require too much hard pedaling and numerous places to take a break along with taking some incredible photos. I parked in Jim Thorpe and had someone drop me off at the White Haven trailhead , which worked to perfection. Looking forward to coming back.

road biking
22 hours ago

Best urban ride in southeastern Pennsylvania. Free parking on Sedgley street at Kelly drive. Sculptures scattered through the Fairmont park part of the trail give great spots for a water break and a photo. Heavy traffic on the trail up to the Falls bridge, after which It thins out until Manayunk. A strech of street riding until the canal path comes into play ,then a safe auto free ride until Phoenixville. Connecting trails along the entire SRT make this trail the main artery this side of Pa.

A very nice set of trails, but a lot of poop to dodge. Wear old shoes.

just completed this trail for the first time in many years. I wanted to see the changes over the last 15 years. much of the trail is the same with the exception of two severe blowdowns which have occurred in the last few years. From what I was told there was a teenage girl who tragically lost her life during one of the storms. The trail is still quite and a great place to clear your head of all the day to day stress. I saw many deer for the two days I was on the minister and north country trails and many bear footprints as well.
This trail is heavily used at times in the summer months but you probably will not see many people.

I love this trail. It is a peaceful place and a great trail.

Nice scenic walk with beautiful waterfalls along the trails. It is a little congested but was an enjoyable walk. A lot of great photo opportunities.

Made it from the Pretzel Hut to Eagles Rock. Nice hike. Saw wildlife along the way.

Great advice, thank you Jim Walla! I walked the Yellow and some grey trails with my wife and kids (9 & 7) - the sections across the fields are hot in the sun, but large amounts of the Yellow trail are in the forest.
It’s not the most exciting hiking (no changes in elevation, or peak to climb to) but some nice scenery and wildlife. There are two stream crossings to do on the Yellow trail, if you’re careful where you put your feet you’ll be fine, but my kids managed to get wet! All the trails are VERY well marked, and easy to navigate- no need to follow someone else’s recording on AllTrails. Kids were able to navigate fine with the paper map we picked up at the parking lot.
The Nature Playground is a lot of fun for elementary schoolers! My two mustered up enough energy for 30 mins playing even after 2hrs walking!

1 day ago

Nice to get lost among the tall hemlocks for a while. I read reviews before I went, especially about climbing over downed trees, but there were a lot more and they were more difficult than I expected. We did counter clockwise to go up the mountain on the switchbacks. It was a climb but manageable. The decent gets pretty steep and you have to watch your step with so many twigs on the ground it’s easy to lose your footing. Watch for the plane crash at the top, still several pieces of wreckage you will notice on the right. Decent trail but nothing too amazing to make me feel like I need to do it again.

Trail lightly traveled and some areas overgrown. Nice steady incline to peak of the mountain. Turn around is dense. Some nice views at the bottom with a spring and open areas.

Great little area in a place you wouldn’t expect. There are several trails for all different levels and the Monocacy Hill trail itself is a lot more challenging than you’d expect.

Beautiful waterfalls, very easy hike. great for beginners and great scenic views. sucks you have to cough up 15 for it though...

on 6 to 10 Trail

1 day ago

Awesome trail!

Very nice trail, and easy to moderate hike. The orange loop was only 1.7 miles as indicated by the map at the site. The trail was well maintained, got into some deep woods, even seeing a wood thrush on her nest not far from the trail. Only downsides were you could hear a shooting range nearby, and consistent highway sounds, if that's the sort of thing that bothers you. At mid morning on a Saturday we ran into several people, but the trail was by no means crowded. Google maps first took us to a residential street as a place to park (talked to a resident who said that gets annoying), but there's a convenient parking lot at the end of Alpine street.

My family of five, (6-12yr) trekked this trail and had a blast! Views were worth the steep hike to the top.

Love it! Great for kids and has a beautiful stream

love the trail

2 days ago

I hiked this in one day with my friend, who already mentioned that that was a terrible idea. It took about 20 hours with few rests. One of the biggest factors that made it difficult was that this trail is NOT 38 miles as listed here. We measured it out at 46-48ish on our GPS devices, which is even less doable as a day hike than the 38 would've been. It's a nice enough trail with only a few tough parts, so overnight would probably be more enjoyable than our hellish day hike.

2 days ago

Nice walk through the woods. Easy trail.

Took the trail with my dog have been there several times.Not the trail with pond.About a month ago. Huge Skeeters dive bombing my head. We got deep into woods and surprised a Coyote scared the crap outta me. I scared him off with stick but it followed us all the way out to parking lot. If you go be careful may have pups.The pine forest is cool. Saw alot of unusual tree breaks and bends. May be a Squatch area. Enjoy

Surprising clean and well maintained for a train that doesn’t get tons of people. Flat, more of a bike trail than hike. Very nice views.

2 days ago

Nice, but not fantastic

Great trail overall. The bugs were pretty bad, and I forgot spray. The trail was well maintained and marked.

This trail hardly qualifies as a "hike" in my book but it is still a beautiful place to visit. Great for kids. A little upstream from the main fall is a small fall with a swimming hole. My kids could have splashed in it for hours. The only real downside in my opinion that it is too developed for my preference. It is a bit crowded.

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