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Nice hike, clearly marked trail. Went with some snow on the trail and was able to get around without issue.

1 day ago

Beautiful as ever but a bit icy. Would recommend crampons.

Not safe for dogs yet. Falls are gushing and icy. Make sure to wear hiking boots, the trail is very rocky and can be slippery at times. Requires some maneuvering.

Not for the faint of heart! Absolutely beautiful in the winter with the icicles! If you’re looking for an easier option than the rock scramble: at the wooden sign at the bottom of the trail go up to the right. You can get to the upper falls and then go back down the same way. I don’t recommend going down the steep rocks.

on Dales Ridge Trail

2 days ago

nice trail with a stream, fields, woods and all the beauty that goes with it ..

2 days ago

Nice bike trail with a good restaurant, Rusty Rail, before you go back.. Beautiful scenery, very easy trail for biking..

conditions were perfect. the cold created spectacular views. Best time of year to enjoy this trail without the crowds. don't forget to explore the old train tunnel post hike

there were some parts of the trail that got the cardio going. It branches off a lot but from what I can tell the app keeps you on track and it's well marked. you can venture off the branches to extend your hike to northern pets of the park. I saw Mountain bikes when I was on it.

3 days ago

Very nice trail, well marked. joins up with be at Allegheny passage, take that and wander around the fern trails. Not very strenuous and Cucumber Falls is amazing

nature trips
3 days ago


popular trail, flat, easy, clean and safe. Roads close buy 25mph speed limit.

Great hike, A dusting of snow at the base and 1-2" on the shady side of the top. Upper 20s and mostly sunny. We did the loop counter clockwise without taking the spur to the lean to. 3.9 miles according to the GPS. We only saw one other pair with their dog. Numerous animal tracks in the snow. We might not have needed them but we used micro spikes on the way down and it made more secure footing.

3 days ago

Easy/moderate depending on the weather. Great views of rural PA

Worth the ride.

Stopped on a winter day. Trail short but very icy. The waterfall tumbles over and under the huge rocks. Probably hard to see in mid summer.

Clean easy walk.

Did this today with a light dusting of snow on the ground. A little more slippery near the falls/tubs, but able to navigate. Lengthened the hike to 4 miles along the yellow trail by crossing the train tracks and following down falls. Was able to go along the tornado path from this past summer to see many downed trees...very crazy to see. Have done this hike in the summer, but was very enjoyable in the winter. Trail well marked and quiet.

4 days ago

Great trail to take a dog on.

4 days ago

This trail is beautiful in the winter! The nice, flat trail makes for an easy walk in the snow with various ponds and streams along to enjoy. We crossed the road at the end of the trail when you reach the other game lands parking lot because we wanted to see Springfield Falls. We weren't sure if we were allowed to keep going because it looks like somewhat of a continuation of the trail but goes right behind people's houses, but we saw someone out sled riding with his kids and he greeted us and asked if we'd hiked this trail before, so it must be fine. Unfortunately, the trail leads to a gated small bridge over a creek that you aren't able to cross (the man I mentioned previously told us it's apparently unsafe) and the creek was fairly deep, so we couldn't continue to the falls. There may be a way to keep going along it or a shallower spot to cross, but we were just ready to turn around. In the warmer months that wouldn't be a problem regardless. A very enjoyable and scenic trail.

This is a two part review.
The first part of the trail was from Flat Rock to Waggoners Gap. The trail was rugged and extremely rocky with numerous hills to ascend. Hiked this section on May 4,2018. A gallon of water was not nearly enough to carry, even with the fullest effort to conserve. Hiked all day and only made it about 14 miles before running out of light. With that being noted, we abandoned all hope to proceed and ended the journey at Waggoners Gap.
Just returned from the second leg of the journey (January 12,2019), which began where we left off at Waggoners Gap. This section of the trail was rocky, however, not nearly as the first trek. This section of the trail was MUCH easier, with numerous ascents and descents, though the trail seemed well “manicured “. During this trip, we hiked a continuous 15 miles, following the Tuscarora Trail into the AT at Miller’s Gap. As stated previously, this section of the Tuscarora Trail was ridiculously easier than the first section, and I feel somewhat upset about it. In all, we began this leg at 0545 and ended at 1600, well before running out of light.
In conclusion, the first leg from Flat Rock to Waggoner’s Gap is sheer, unforgiving Hell, while the second leg from Waggoner’s Gap to Miller’s Gap is more like walking a well maintained powderpuff trail.

4 days ago

One of my favorite places in Bucks County. Was lucky enough to grow up a few minutes from here and it's still one of my go to spots when I want to get out in nature!

Nice trail, fairly easy, beautiful park. hiked this a lot when I was growing up there.

Nice short trail, some elevation changes but an easy trail. you can extend it longer by taking different trails along it

I liked this trail. Use the app, couple tricky parts. Hunting is allowed in the park and it recommended to have some orange on you. This is not a flat trail so there will be some burn. The Bridge is out at the end by the cave but easily crossable during low water times.

great hike.. will definitely do again.

We did the trails at this park yesterday (in January a few hours before snowfall). It was a great hike, nice variation in terrain. The mud was frozen in tiny stalagmite icicles in places and it was very cool to see. We did the red trail coupled with the blue trail which combined made it a 1.6 mile loop. You can also add in the white and yellow trails to make it closer to 2 miles (maybe even a smidge over). We will definitely be coming back!

5 days ago

Great trails for hiking and running. Scenic, a number of benches and picnic tables throughout for a lunch break. Spend 2-3 hours for a 4-5 mile hike. Plenty of parking. Some steep terrain. I don’t recommend tennis shoes off the paved road.

I love Hawk Mountain. nice views, variety of difficulty, good photographing opportunities.

not really a hike, more like a walk. paved ways, lots of traffic noise. better than nothing?

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