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Loved this trail. Fun and beautiful! Terrain was challenging but very doable.

10 hours ago

Nice trail but iwe followed the map and it was only 2 miles which turned out to be the short cut! If you want 3.8 pick up a state park map for find it online and you will see the difference. I have also heard lots of ticks. Had my two dogs there and hoping none are found on them tonight. I did spray them with a natural repellent first.

11 hours ago

It could be a great trail but it is heavily overgrown and very rocky.

mountain biking
12 hours ago

Camping here for the weekend, very nice trail to walk in and out of the thick with plenty of scenery. Park says no biking on some parts of it. Certain parts of the day it's perfect to rip through it for mountain biker enthusiasts as I did.

14 hours ago

@Greg Michaels and whomever else needs to know: The easiest way to get to the trailhead is to either go to North Park (near Hampton, PA, western trailhead) or Harrison Hills Park (northern most part of Allegheny county, near Freeport, PA, eastern trailhead).

Going from West to East:

Going from West to East though is rather complicated. Basically you start by walking from North Park to Hampton Community Park. A few years back a large part of the trail ended up in a suburban development, despite protests from the community.

Then you walk to Hartwood Acres, following Dorseyville Road and meander along roads and power lines, and eventually end up at Emmerling Park, Rural Ridge area, Indianola, on Rt 910, north of Harmerville, which is near Springdale. You walk from Emmerling to Springdale, and Springdale through New Ken to Harrison Hills Park near Freeport, PA. It's several ups and downs, starting in the mountains of North Park and heading to the river valley near Springdale, then back along the river and eventually along the cliffs that lead to Harrison Hills above Freeport bridge.

Going in reverse you simply start at Harrison Hills and follow the yellow blazes -- though sometimes it is unmarked.

One time I did bridge a gap between Hampton and Hartwood on the Google Maps but it's very hard to find that information today (it seems to be missing). Takes some serious research or go with a group to map it out. It's too bad people didn't find the proper way to protect this trail, some of it has been paved and some of it has been built on.

16 hours ago

On a good day at the top during migration times, raptors swooping everywhere! Rhododendron trail is (or at least was) poorly marked, but my kids found it entertaining to get a litttle lost!

1 day ago

Next part of the trail done. This section was from 501 to Seglock Road. We got to see Cannon Hill. Saw a man on a horse, other hikers and joggers as well. Pretty decent hike. Spring vegetation all over the place!

Enjoyed it- lots of rocks and steps going up. Pretty sure you need to turn around when you get to the lookout- I continued to follow the white blazes, but after 10 minutes remembered it was an out and back. Don’t be like me...

Amazing nature hike! Trails are quite difficult, not quite as hard as Glen Onoko but I definitely recommend this one too!

Breathtaking beautiful. Next time I go back, I will be sure to wear hiking shoes. The trails are quite difficult, so be sure to be prepared for a challenge!

I much prefer this route over the other branches of the trail. Decent uphill experience with a beautiful lake and river that becomes a waterfall during wet days. The view at The Pinnacle is perfect and the cave is worth exploring (and climbing out of) as well.

3 days ago

Great, lots of different trails. but can every one take out what you bring in! My grandson and I collected a bag of garbage on our trail hike. www.carbonfootprint.com

I did the first loop heading counter-clockwise. It's a nice moderate trail with a pretty good climb. But once I got to the gravel road (about 2 miles in) it's much less exciting. I never made it to the second loop.

I did come across a coyote in a clearing, watching me on the gravel trail.

The last mile back to the parking area is along a paved township road, this was a disappointment. But the first part was nice.

cool overlook

Beautiful scenery and good trails with elevation gain/loss.

beautiful trail, good spot to take the kids too.

4 days ago

Great hike with a nice picnic area at the top. Beautiful view of the river and very easy, strollable hike with the dogs. The first turn isn't marked, but other than that, it was a well marked trail

5 days ago

Nice, easy little trail. Took a 2 and 7 year old and they did fine. Only downside is walking the highway bridge at the end, but it was a very small portion. Saw other families with small children, leashed dogs, and a jogger. Cemetery along the way was an interesting stop. Would recommend for beginners, families, or anyone looking for a quiet easy trail.

5 days ago

Perfect warm up trail. Bit muddy when I hiked but the group I was with started at ferncliff, and it was a great trail to stretch the legs on and enjoy the forest scenery.

5 days ago

Muddy but fun. I have nothing bad to say about this trail but it does get a little challenging during parts.

5 days ago

Excellent trail with beautiful scenery. Came from high bridge and hit cucumber falls at the end and it was well worth it. had the gorge trail to ourselves, but the falls themselves were a little crowded since it's a popular spot right next to the road.

Absolutely beautiful hike with loads of scenic spots. the one side of the trail may be harder especially for kids, but is easily passable.

Beautiful trail. Saw a coyote today 4/11/18. Did the loop starting toward the lake. Met another couple that said a little easier in that direction. After the lake has 3 hills. Not well marked in spots. Stay to left at top of first hill. Valley after, small bridge washed out. Hop a few rocks. Another fork after starting down second hill. Stay right. Easy to follow other than that. Enjoy.. We did. Used the app during the hike and it is accurate.

6 days ago

Went on a hot April day, it was very nice because we weren’t under the direct sun and we’re by the water for much of the hike which made it cooler. Lots to see, but would’ve been better if we’d gone when there were leaves on the trees. Everything was a little dead. Otherwise, it was a great 2 hours hike!

flat,scenic and kid friendly

6 days ago

Nice scenery but very heavily trafficked. To many people for me.

This park is truly beautiful. Lots of water features, interesting terrain. My only complaint is that some of these trails are very close to roads. While the roads may not be heavily trafficked, you still don’t feel like you are truly “in nature.” Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed hiking here and would definitely come back again in the summer when the trees are in full bloom. We started at the Worlds End trailhead next to the Park Office, took LT to Pioneer Road, Double Run Nature Trail, took the Link Trail southbound, up to the Loyalsock Canyon Vista where we stopped for lunch and then finished the LT loop back to the start.

6 days ago

This trail tracked as 13.7 miles for us. We had no trouble finding the trail at the beginning but we had some difficulty down by pioneer bridge.... and somehow tracked off course on a trail extension after also some confusion at the Miller Run Rd. Section. Some of the trail blazers are faded and the trails could use a few more signs. If we hadn’t been tracking using this app we would have been lost a couple times. That being said it is a great trail system. Lots of inclines and descents, beautiful scenery, and varied terrain. Will definitely be returning to this one!

I drove 6 hours from Cleveland to hike this and some others in the area and this has become a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend hiking up the orange route which is hiking up the falls. From the parking lots, go down the steps to the first trail sign and make a right, go under the bridge and maybe 100 yards later you'll come to a split. GO LEFT which is hiking up the falls. It's more challenging than hiking the other route but FAR more rewarding. There are places to stop and relax/take photos the whole way up. Wear hiking shoes! If you don't take the orange route up, I feel horrible for you - going down the orange route has to be awful (slippery and much more steep). I'm not a waterfall enthusiast so I was a bit reluctant to "waste" my time on this one but it turned out to be really awesome. The only downside to this one is that it's got a ton of people on it, maybe the most of any "hard" trail I've done to date. WEAR HIKING BOOTS - you'll regret it if you don't. Enjoy!

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