Spechty Kopf

33 reviews
2 months ago

I get lost easily, and the reviews made me a little nervous about tackling this one. I can see how it would be easy to get turned around, particularly at the transition points. I didn’t have a problem, though, and if you keep your head up and your map open you should be good. The blazes are when you’re on the trails themselves, but there are quite a few downed trees that block the path.

It was very much worth visiting. There were two good uphill scrambles and one tricky steep downhill, if you’re going counterclockwise. No sweeping vistas, but wonderful foliage in spring. The trail was also completely deserted; I only saw one person on the AT section, and I started at 10am on a Saturday. The quietness meant I saw way more fauna than usual, including a red-spotted newt, deer, a porcupine, chipmunks, and a wide range of birds. If you’re a moss nerd, too, there was a great variety of that as well.

The wire bridge was a lot of fun. It’s two steel cables strung across the river, one to hold and one to walk on. Look up and down the river and you should spot it. There are also trees you could cross on if you’re not feeling up to it!