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i like the trail it was hard but it was worth it i plan on going back soon

Completed 7/8/18

This was my second attempt at this trail, the first being a year ago when I moved to PGH. It was definitely easier than before, but the rolling climbs are harder than expected! Total, the out and back took 6.5 hours with a considerable rest stop at the Mill. Our pace was brisk, so make sure you're physically ready to complete this trail. The portion near Eckhart Bridge is really beautiful - save time for photo stops if that's your thing.


We walked the entire length of the trail about back, which was about 15 miles. The foot traffic near the falls was pretty heavy, but along the trail we only ran into a few people. Very much enjoyed the walk.

1 month ago

Beautiful, but technical trail.

Incredible hike! However, heed the descriptions warning. You’ll want to be in pretty good shape to take on this entire trail (especially if you plan on doing an out and back as I did)

Walnut flats was beautiful and a nice reprieve from the constant up and down.

just got back home from trail was very muddy and slippery in some spots small waterfalls along the hells hollow trail are beautiful right now with all the extra water fall hiked for a few hours did wind up off trail ended up scooting down the steep incline to the main creek and followed it back found a snake he was cute nonvenomous I tend to go off trail often looking for hidden adventure was not disappointed lots of waterfalls green plant growth for spring pretty flowers and slippery mossy rocks to climb on would recommend boots water and some experiance for this trail drove over to the other side of the hells hollow trail to the main waterfall wasn't as muddy creek is pretty high waterfall was impressively gushing was disappointed to see they were doing construction on fixing some of the path so it was a bit crowded love this trail though

3 months ago

Do you have a trail you head to when all else fails? This is that trail to me. There are challenging areas, scenery changes, and water. What’s not to love? It also provides some distance. There’s a part of the trail where the woods envelope you and you swear it’s only you and the earth. While there are beautiful areas, my favorite is under the evergreen where the path is littered with needles that match soil. The trees come alive to me, the serenity is real!

3 months ago

Beautiful trail. Walnut Flats was my absolute favorite! It’s like you stepped into a fairytale.

We parked at Eckert bridge in Portersville. When you’re done hiking, it’s quite a walk up the road. We parked the other car at Hells Hollow parking lot, where we started.

This is hands down one of the most beautiful trails I have ever hiked. I've never felt compelled to write a review of a trail until I hiked this trail. This trail may be rated as a "hard" trail, but I didn't find it too terrible difficult besides the beginning of the trail from the mill to Eckerts Bridge where you have to overcome obstacles such as tree roots and rocks. I personally nick-named this trail the "fairy tale trail" because it had such a beautiful, magical feeling to it. The hills were covered in little white, red, and purple flowers, and the base of the trees were covered with moss a little foliage, topped with roots of said trees made it all the more beautiful. Along the trail, we found a ton of Morel mushrooms! this trail was definitely a 10/10 would hike again.

This is an excellent and challenging hike with plenty of twists, dips and ascents to challenge even the experienced hiker. Also, it is well marked and loops back easily; so whether you’re in the mood for a short trip or one that’ll keep you out there longer I recommend it and plan to return soon.

Loved this trail. Fun and beautiful! Terrain was challenging but very doable.

Words can’t describe the beauty of this trail. We hiked from Hell’s Hollow to Alpha Pass - 6 hrs. Very icy and slow going in March. Will do again and go the Kildoo path when the ice melts.

Great hiking trail, very well maintained and beautiful views, always something new to discover. My wife and I hike from Hells Hollow parking lot to McConnell's mills and back. I don't recommend hiking it in the winter, can be very dangerous. Early spring is usually muddy and U have a couple of small run off creeks to cross over.

This is a very strenuous challenge. Along the river was beautiful. Some of the small waterfalls were pretty. We went when the trail was snow covered in the morning & it warmed up to mid 40’s. Parts were extremely muddy & other parts were snow covered with ice underneath & very slick. I’m glad we did it but I would definitely wait for good weather. Lots of scrambling over rocks along the river. Prepare, plan ahead if you do the entire trail. It’s a long haul. I only recorded the second half on the way back from the bridge. Ended up being 12 miles & took us a total of 6 hours & 15 minutes of moving time.

Great hike.. be sure to check out the falls! They are beautiful. This hike has a lot of hills and at some spots the path is alil rocky and a narrow! I will be doing that hike again!

This is a gorgeous trail, and the sight and sound of the Slippery Rock Creek is wonderful. I would agree with the rating of difficult even though the climbing was only moderately hard. The terrain is very rough; you are dealing with constant rocks and roots and in November at least, slippery and muddy spots. I went only 9.5 miles total in and back, but due to bad knees and a herniated disk in my back, I was struggling the last couple of miles! Took me 5 hours to go from the Mill to almost Hell’s Run and back again. Highly recommended for more serious hikers.

I very nice hike. At times it was demanding, with some long climbs! This definitely was a moderate to hard hike for me-just like I like them! Beauty all around and well taken care of. Only got in 8.5 miles, but will do it again soon!!!

Enjoyed the sights and sounds along the trail !

We hiked this trail as an out and back. It's is on the difficult side but not terrible. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It has some elevation changes but they are manageable with the switchbacks built into the trail. This trail is very well maintained. I was very impressed. You can hear slippery rock creek throughout the majority of this trail. This is part of the north country trail.

Beautiful, nice to hear the water. Hiking is strenuous, with rocks and roots and a few rough elevations.

This hike took my wife, 2 dogs, and I just over 5 hours to complete. So excellent views of the river, that are perfect for taking pictures with our pups. Not overly strenuous, but the elevation does come in bunches.

Gorgeous hike along the river. Nice and cool in the gorge. Challenging and well marked trail.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Carried my 18 month old to the falls and then a mile up the main trail(just over 3 miles total). Trail to the falls was pretty easy and GORGEOUS. Especially the end destination. The main trail was much harder for me, a newer hiker with an extra 35lbs on my back :) but I will definitely be back to take the main trail farther than the 1 mile in I went.

Monday, July 10, 2017

We took a trail off of Armstrong road and it was the scariest thing ever but fun! Would not do that specific unofficial trail again though because of the danger. once we got to the Hell waterfall and went along the marked trail we had a blast ! only thing that brought us down was the endless mud but that's nature !

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Perfect way to spend the 4th of July !

Favorite trail in the area so far, took Slippery Rock Gorge to Kildoo up past the mill. Long hike but totally worth it. Will be doing again and again :)

Monday, July 03, 2017

Muddy at times, but a great hike!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Amazing views!! great workout all the way through. take a right off the path down to a gorgeous waterfall and opening to the river about 4miles in. Hells Hallow falls was pretty, too. my dog loved every bit of it and so did I! I'll definitely be back and finish all the way to the Mills. Give yourself the majority of the day as it is an out and back hike.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The trail starts out pretty easy but gets more challenging the farther you go. I did this with my dog and he handled pretty well. Some of the sections are no wider than him and resembles more of a goat path than a trail. I would recommend this trail to anyone who is getting ready to do a overnight backpacking trip. It will definitely get you conditioned for a rigorous hike

Thursday, June 08, 2017

This trail was great and most of all absolutely beautiful! The terrain can get a little rough at times with all the rocks but it's definitely well worth the 15 mile hike. I recommend starting at Alpha Pass too.

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