What a fantastic easygoing trail! Hikers and walkers who like to be more away from the highway might not rate this one as highly as it can be a bit noisy, but it is off in the forest of Blueberry Hill Park. That said, this is an excellent hike for everyone.

The trail is nice and wide in most spots, and even where it isn't there is still plenty of room to move around. It was a little muddy when I hiked it, and there was a sizable patch of the trail where the ground was quite saturated, but for the most part it didn't require a whole lot of jumping around.

There is so much to see on this trail, from the beautiful wildflowers and wild berries to the local birds and small wildlife. A family of squirrels was gathering walnuts from a nearby tree and storing them in another tree. There are also plenty of spots to see the running water, which is easily crossed by a number of sturdy foot bridges.

I can imagine that once autumn is in full gear that the colors on this trail will be amazing. There were already plenty of red/orange grasses growing on the sides, and lots of red berries and purple flowers along the way. The trail's canopy is rather open as well, and if it was a sunnier day it would have been gorgeous.

This is a pretty quick hike at 1.1 miles, but there is so much to take in and enjoy that you may find yourself stopping more often than not to just look around. There are a couple of decent hills here, but nothing steep. I didn't see any bike tracks in the dirt, so I'm not sure if anyone does use it for biking, but it seems like it would be a brisk and fun ride if you did as there's plenty of room for it. I'll definitely be back to enjoy this one in the future.