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The hike was pretty nice with a lot of neat features: Creek, ski slopes, chair lifts, mountain bike trail, ropes course, etc. The loop has three distinct parts as well: paved biking trail along the water, access roads for the ski resort, mountain biking trails.

The reason I gave a 3 star review instead of a higher rating is that none of the trails are marked well and there are a lot of unmarked side trails so you need to rely on GPS and a map to figure out where you are. I'd much rather put my phone away as soon as I find a trail head rather than pull it out every time I come to a split.

As a side note I went clockwise around the loop which brings you up a pretty intense mountain biking trail (with bridges, banked turns, and drop offs). Fortunately as I was hiking with 4 and 2 year old children no one came down but I could imagine a biker flying down the trail and taking us out at any point.