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14 days ago

Completed the 28.8 miles just before Labor Day Weekend. Didn’t see a human being for the entire time while on the trail! Started hiking on a Wednesday at 3pm clockwise about 12 miles to the Pleasant Stream campsite before the stream crossing. I arrived to the stream with enough light to get water but had to set up camp in the dark. The next morning I crossed the stream barefoot and started hiking around 10:30 am. Hiked the ~10-11 miles to Rock Run/Yellow Run and found a lovely campsite on the other side of Yellow Run. Spent the evening by the rivers and pools and made an epic campfire in the firepit. On Friday morning, I left my campsite around 11am and arrived back to my car around 2:30pm. Got out of the woods just before the heavy rains that hit the area. It was my first time backpacking solo ever and my first time backpacking in a long, long time. Wet trails and Lots of mosquitos. Wish I’d worn a long sleeve shirt the entire time. They really got me. I was also pretty cautious with making my presence known to avoid bears and cautiously approaching rocks. No rattle sightings. Overall a great reentry into backpacking in perfect solitude! It was quite the mental and physical test I was hoping for!