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Went hiking here for the first time this weekend and I was definitely not disappointed! The hike itself is relatively easy. We went went left at the fork in the beginning of the trail onto the blue trail and took the AT back down. (I think the opposite way would be a more challenging uphill climb). The trail up to the viewpoint zig zagged up the mountain making it a more gentle, steady incline - but a work out nonetheless. But my Lord... those VIEWS!! When we made it to the top, I was speechless. Gorgeous panoramic views of all the treetops and as usual, pictures don't begin to do it justice. It was super windy and cold that day but we couldn't bring ourselves to climb down! Just wanted to stay and take it all in. It was pretty lightly trafficked. We only saw about 6-8 other hikers. (Another side note, the boulders at the top are sometimes decently spaced a part and can be a little intimidating if you're afraid of heights. But so worth it!)

Parked on Old Forge Road where the Appalachian Trail crosses. Hiked north (uphill) to Chimney Rocks and back south again. It was about 4 miles but we walked around the AT shelter a bit- spring for water and the orange mushrooms everywhere. Cold Spring Road (gravel) has another access point by the Shaffer Rock sign to the Hermitage Cabin and then to Chimney Rock.

Hard to find trail head without reading comments, but great hike once you find your way.

If you follow the blue trail up to the left and then meet up with the Appalachian Trail to get a chimney rocks you get a wonderful water experience. The overall view is fabulous at the end, and then circling back down the Appalachian Trail to the beginning is easy. If you start out going up the Appalachian Trail to the right the climb is very steep

Relaxing hike with multiple overlooks

Very pretty hike! Was rocky and slippery in some places. The area around the hermitage cabin was so pretty with lots of flowing water and little waterfalls.

Gorgeous views. Started from Tumbling Run. The AT route was fairly challenging first thing in the morning, but it was my first section hike.

Started at Old Forge Rd at AT. Followed AT North to Chimney Rocks spur, then further up AT to Swamp Rd crossing.The vista at Chimney Rocks was quite high, with nary a sign of civilization. Lotsa thru-hikers on way to Maine. Overall 5 miles or so. Wonderful breeze from NW cooled us the whole way. Nice fern fens.

Hiked the AT north from Old Forge Rd to the Tumbling Run shelter. Here a blue blazed trail bears slightly left. According to maps, it should also branch to the right of the shelter, but we were unable to locate any blazes beyond the group tent area. As such we continued north on the AT up a moderate incline and at 1.4 miles from our start, a blue blazed trail crosses and to the right is Chimney Rocks. Views are nice. We chose to return by crossing the AT and following the blue blazes back to the shelter. Most of this trail is an old logging or mining road. The southern portion leading to the shelter, parallels Tumbling Run Creek. Round trip distance is 3.6 miles with an elevation gain of 900 ft. Took us 2 hrs round trip.

We had some difficulty finding the trail access, so I hope that this may help others who are unfamiliar with the Chimney Rocks trail. Unfortunately, there is very little signage and we found it to be a bit confusing.

We first tried accessing the loop trail (blue blaze) from Swift Run Rd. but could not figure out the entry/exit point (more on that later). We drove back to the Old Forge picnic area, where another hiker explained where to access the AT at this location: if you are facing the restrooms at the picnic area, to the left and set further back is a small brown building…there is an access point to two trails a few yards behind this small building…take the left trail with the white blazes. You will cross over two roads; the trail continues directly across the first road but when you cross the second road (which I believe is Old Forge Rd.), you will need to go to the right and a short distance down the road to the trail access on your left. (Note: not sure if there is a parking area on Old Forge Rd. near this entry point to the AT but, if so, it would be a good access point…just stay on Old Forge Rd. from the picnic area past Swift Run Rd for a short distance and you should see the AT access on the left). Once across the second road, the trail starts to climb…and the grade continues to get steeper and more rocky. When we reached “the Shelter,” we opted to remain on the AT instead of following the blue blaze loop trail. The AT continued to be steep and rocky –I wouldn’t say that it was overly difficult but it was a bit tiring, especially if you are not used to more strenuous hikes. We persevered and finally made it to Chimney Rocks – the view was great and there was a nice breeze.

Coming back, we opted to follow the blue blazes and selected the right-hand trail. This trail is a much more gradual grade than the AT, switch-backing down and fairly wide with little rock. Think we made our error when we reached the bridge that crosses Tumbling Run…crossing over the bridge and climbing up again, we found ourselves at the Hermitage Cabin. We continued hiking up until we reached the trail turnoff for Shaffer Rocks; following the trail to the left, away from Shaffer rocks, took us out onto Swift Run Rd. So if you are looking to access the blue blaze loop trail from Swift Run Rd., you’ll want to park near the Shaffer Rocks access…there is actually a sign for Shaffer Rocks, so you’ll have no trouble finding it. Would have been helpful had the signage also indicated that this is also where you can access the blue blaze loop for Chimney Rocks. I think if we had not taken the trail across the bridge but stayed straight, we would have continued on the blue blaze loop trail back to “the Shelter” and the AT. We’ll have to try this hike again to see if we can figure it out.

All in all, an enjoyable hike although we did wish that there were a few more directional signs to guide us in the right direction. We hiked this on a weekday and saw only 3 hikers already up at Chimney Rocks and the people who were staying at the Hermitage Cabin.

Pleasant hike with moderate incline. We hiked in and out but you can make a loop. We’ll be back for sure.

It was a perfect January day for a hike here. It is peaceful and well marked. Follow the blue markings.

I enjoyed the diversity this trail offers. I hiked it from Old Forge Picnic Area so it is a slow but steady climb; the first third meandered literally in and out of the stream (it had rained for the past 24 hours) and there were some lovely small water fall areas.The switchbacks on the upper 2/3 of the trail are wide and not rocky, so the climb is not hard. It was incredibly windy and cold at the top (forecasters said there were 40mph gusts today) but much of the rest of the trail was calm and enjoyable.

Great day for a fall hike! I’d love to do this one again!

great hike spent the night on top with my daughter's beautiful sun rise in the morning

A bit difficult to find the trailhead. Keep on the main (dirt) road, I believe it's Swift Run. You'll eventually come to the "parking lot" on the left which is unmarked but hopefully will have some cars parked so you know it's the Trail. We had a better time using AllTrails than Google to find it.

Really neat trail with gradual elevation increase. The vista is worth it. The trail is wide and forgiving, you're not riding a ridge. I took the blue blazes around Heritage Cabin up and back. I planned on taking the full loop, but friends bailed half way through. Used the out & back option.

Absolutely beautiful fall hike and great vista. For newbies better than Sunset Rocks which is at the North end of the forest. I want to come back and do the full loop.

Awesome hike! Uphill but not overwhelming. The view and the rocks at the top are worth the trek. Trail is well marked and we followed the blue trail the whole way.

Very uphill hike but the view is worth it! make sure pack water and good shoes, enjoy!

This is a great hike with a view that is amazing! Plenty of trails you can venture off on to get the blood pumping. I will definitely be back in the fall to see the trees at their peak.

Loved the view from the trail and meeting people who are walking the while Appalachian trail.

great view and a nice trail. I came from the direction of the Fire Tower switching between the fire road and the AT. Did not see anyone until we reached the overlook

Great trail and the view at the overlook is totally worth the hike. Our pups enjoyed it just as much as we did! We want to come back during the fall to take in the view while the leaves are changing!

We also met a couple of thru-hikers at the top of the lookout! Shout out to Hiker Joy and her husband who were on day 109 of their journey!

I prefer to start near tumbling run but this was a good route to get to the climbing rocks

Really nice trail. No parts were too difficult. The view from the peak is amazing! - special note, the south entrance into the park is closed. You are going to want to use the north entrance into the part.

Lovely trail. There were some road closures so we accessed from Swift Run Road and passed the Hermitage cabin. We went up and down the blue trail but would like to try round trip next time.
Gorgeous views.

The trailhead isn't labeled- we found a parking area for 3-4 vehicles. We took the trail to the right, the blue blaze trail, to Chimney Rock and back. The streams by the cabin was gorgeous- a hidden gem which our kids loved. We will be back to do the white blaze trail.

Take the blue blazed trail when you get to the shelter and come back down the Appalachian trail, this makes for a slightly easier hike up. Either will get your heart flowing. Very rocky so watch your step! The view at the top is worth it!

Nice 3 mile hike. View was incredible!

This was a great hike. My daughter who is 9, our 25lb mutt, my husband and I really enjoyed it. We were lucky to park in one of the three spots at the trail head but it looked like there was more available about 1/2 the way we came in. Luckily we spoke to two hikers who knew this trail and were able to give us a few tips. The first is that trail doesn't start out blue. You have to follow the white trail across from the three car parking. There will be a split between blue and the white trail. The blue trail is. the easier of the two but still a uphill workout. If you want a more challenging hike with more rock climbing go white. We took blue and came back down white and we were really happy we did. The view from the top is a great view. We hardly saw any other hikers going up and were surprised to see groups of hikers also enjoying the view. Overall it's a really nice hike not too long but long enough to feel acomplished.

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