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mountain biking
28 days ago

So I rode the American Standard which is an extension of this trail system.
The last two miles had large rocks which made it virtually impassable for a biker or hiker.

Someone did ruin it for hikers and bikers and should be taken outside and canned in public.

I live in PA and pay taxes and have the same rights to this land as whoever the jack ass was who did this.... AND, I have a fishing license which allows me on this land.

Shame on Jim Thorpe for allowing this.
It's an absolute disgrace. Negligent, with malice, and intent.

Human beings can just be bad people.

Yes, I'm pissed.

What can be done here to seek retribution or at least piece of mind that they did a terrible thing.

OHHH! I'm sorry, how long is hunting season????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!