12 days ago

We love this trail and have hiked it repeatedly. It's a lovely stream walk through lush foliage. Part of the fun is that the trail crisscrosses Roaring Run repeatedly. Like 25 times. If there has been rain, it may be difficult to remain dry-shod on a couple of the crossings. Take poles or grab a walking stick so you can balance on rocks and logs to cross. Download a map of the Roaring Run Natural Area so you can see the various parking options. Also, you can easily make this a loop by linking up with other trails you will see on the map. The Roaring Run Trail itself is not steep, but it is muddy and rocky in places. If you connect with other trails for a loop, there are some steeper bits as you climb out of the valley where the stream is. Avoid the Painter's Rock Trail out of the valley unless you want some serious hill climbing on a narrow, rocky, rarely used trail. In summer, long pants and insect repellent are strongly advised, as on any woodland trail in PA. If you access the trail from County Line Road, smaller kids can do the first part of this hike, but they will get wet, because why not? When they get tired, turn around and go back. You have to walk in a ways to get to the stream. Maybe half a mile? But then it's a stream walk all the way up the trail until you intersect the Hillside Trail at the head of the valley. Big happy water-loving dogs will be in heaven.