Muncy Valley

15 reviews

All in all a good hike. Some amazing falls without the crowds of Rickets Glenn. We did an over night from Saturday to Sunday and only saw two other groups the whole time.

The gps took us to a parking spot on Grassy Hollow road, which left us about a mile short of the actual trail head. We walked to the start of the trail head on Jemerson City rd, and hiked about 4 miles to the water falls (Twin Falls, and another one, not sure if that’s Big Falls or Lewis). The trail is very lightly traveled and not well marked, but, it was dry and not rocky so that was a plus.

After we got to the falls (which were beautiful), we camped. The next morning we ended up making a loop instead of walking back. We walked on Grassy Hollow rd back to the car, so it actually worked out better that way.