Monday, August 03, 2015

Moderately challenging but achievable. Poorly marked trail but if you pay attention you will find your way. We accessed the trail from Otter Gap Lane just passed Savage Cabin. You will pass 1 cabin, then a wooden bridge. This lane will bring you to another cabin, stay to the left of the cabin. The trail starts behind the cabin. Take Lingle Valley Trail. You will cross many streams the larger one is Lingle Valley Creek very beautiful. You will eventually climb a steep hill, about 45 degrees with about 100 ft elevation gain. Your final climb will be about another 200 ft elevation gain. Good cardio before you emerge on Chestnut Spring Trail. Take Chestnut until you hit Brush Ridge Trail. There were still remaining blueberries on Brush Ridge. You will start your descent from here. Brush Ridge will take you back to Otter Gap Trail. This is one wet trail with lots of water probably from all the rain. You will get to a very rocky area. Just remember to keep the creek on your right side. Otter Gap will bring you back where you started. This would be 5.4 miles.