Mill Run

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My 5 year old and I did the red loop on 7/82018. I was going to do a completely different trail but at the last minute figured we could get on it early and just take our time. About 1/2 way thru the trail just kind of disappeared. Being that I had my mini me in tow, I really wasn't paying attention to the numbered posts more that I was just following the arrows. Totally my mistake. I ended up using one of the maps that I grabbed at the the trail head and a compass and ended up back up, after maneuvering thru some tricking terrain, in the middle of "a" trail. Unfortunately, it was the black trail. This time I paid attention to the numbers and realized i where I was in the loop and and headed back to link back up to the red trail. Once I was back on the trail it was smooth sailing from there. We were out there for about 6-7 hours (stopping at the rivers, big rocks and anything else a 5 year old wants to stop for) and only saw a grand total of 5 people and a dog. 1 was a runner, 2 + the dog lived near by, and a man and his son were doing some fishing. All in all, this is not for kids (the description doesn't say kid-friendly) and is off the beaten path. The markings could have been better (in lieu of some official signs, there were pink ribbons tied to the trees...when they stopped is when we ended in no mans land) but for a more experienced hiker this was pretty good. Just a few streams but no major waterfalls/rivers. If nothing else from this reviews, like others said, grab a map or else it will be some tough sledding.