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Great Rails 2 Trails bike path. Traveling north from Tandem Bike Shop approx 10miles, it intersects with the Panhandle Trail (goes west to Weirton,east to Walkers Mill). For a 30 mile round trip, visit (and by visit I mean have a beer) the craft brewery at Oakdale on the Panhandle and then return to Tandem trailhead. The northern terminus is near Greater Pitt AP. Going south, after 7-8 miles the trail blends with car traffic until the Yough River where it links up with the Great Allegheny Passage trail to D.C. Thats 150 Miles boys and girls!

Great bike trail, boring hiking path. Plus, it can get sporty b/c cyclists sometimes like to ride very close to pedestrians and many don’t use bells or other warning signals.